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"Eat, drink, rejoice Russian soul" - this phrase reminds of an ancient tradition to gather and have fun. In many regions, tincture on cranberries is very popular. It is prepared from fresh or frozen berries. In the role of an alcohol base, moonshine, vodka or alcohol appears.

The berry itself contains a huge amount of minerals, a number of vitamins and astringents. It is interesting that with any heat treatment, the fruits retain their value. A tincture on cranberries is a real medicine. After all, its juice gives the liquid an exquisite aroma, softness and a specific taste. There are many popular options for making this intoxicating meal at home. Each of them has its own peculiarity, depending on the constituent components.

Cranberry ripens in early autumn, but berries can remain on the branches and during the first frost. In doing so, they retain the entire set of useful elements.

Basic rules for making intoxicating beverages

To get tincture on a cranberry of good quality, you should pay attention to the appearance of berries. They must be fully ripened, without visible damage and purulent spots.Even frozen fruits will do, as they change the internal structure of the pulp. As a result, the product is better to start the juice.

Before preparing the tincture of cranberries, experts advise to freeze the berries in the freezer for about 24 hours.

Before using the best recipe for moonshine on cranberries, prepare the necessary tools:

  • wooden throng (can be made of stainless steel);
  • container for berry;
  • gauze filter for straining the juice;
  • banks;
  • beautiful bottles.
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When everything is ready and you know the recipe how to insist on moonshine on cranberries, you can safely get down to business. First, they sort through the fruits, discarding the rotten and beaten ones. Then carefully wash in several waters and spread on the kitchen surface to dry out. Next, a needle pierce each berry at several points, for the rapid exit of the juice.Thanks to this operation, the drink will be much more transparent with a bright shade. If you just suppress the fruit, the liquid will be slightly unclear.

Most often this healing drug is stored for about 16 months, so do not delay his tasting for a long time.

Traditional treat - moonshine on cranberries

Delicious and aromatic tincture is obtained from the moonshine, which is purified from various fusel oils and impurities. For this, a double distillation of the product is necessary. On the fortress, it should not be more than 45 degrees.

For the preparation of moonshine tincture on cranberries will require such components:

  • purified from impurities moonshine (2 liters);
  • cranberry (400 grams);
  • granulated sugar (300 g);
  • water (1 glass).

Work order:

  1. Berries are thoroughly washed in several waters. Puncture with a shil peel or simply chop. Spread out in a clean jar (3 liters), cover with sugar and mix.
  2. The capacity is covered with gauze and keep 3 days warm. Then, the samogon is poured into the bowl to completely cover the berries. Then wait for the first signs of fermentation.
  3. When the process is started, add the remaining part of the flammable liquid. The contents of the jar are mixed well, after which they are covered with a dense lid. Insist moonshine on cranberries for about 2 weeks.
  4. At the end of the scheduled period, the liquid that formed was poured into a clean container and sent to the refrigerator. The remaining fruit is again filled with moonshine and allowed to stand for 2 weeks.
  5. On the appointed day, a new liquid is filtered and mixed with the one stored in the refrigerator. The resulting product is poured into a jar or bottles.

If on this recipe moonshine on a cranberry turned out slightly clouded, it is filtered several times through a clean gauze.

Strong drink for alcohol

Often, lovers of tinctures prefer to harmoniously combine berries and various herbal supplements. For example, the root of the cinquefoil eruptive (kalgan) stimulates the biliary tract. Therefore, putting it in a drink, you can get a useful drug.To prepare for alcohol tincture on cranberries will need a simple set of products:

  • cranberry (approximately 800 g);
  • alcohol (250 g);
  • crushed root of cinnamon (1 teaspoon);
  • boiled water (250 g);
  • sugar (350 g).
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Experienced cooks make a strong drink like this:

  1. Berries of cranberries are ground until a homogeneous mush. Add the root of the cotton seed, mix well.
  2. The mixture is spread in a clean jar and poured with alcohol. Tightly close the lid and keep it warm (preferably without light).
  3. In the boiled water put sugar and cook until completely dissolved. When it cools, pour into a jar of berries. Insist 7 days in warmth and darkness.
  4. When this period is over, tincture is filtered through 4 layers of gauze to get a clear liquid.
  5. The finished drug is poured into cans or beautiful bottles. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

To give the drink a bright color, experts add a little lemon juice.

Lovers of alcoholic beverages should know that without a balanced approach, you can get into a trap. According to experts, the lethal dose of alcohol for a person is: a liter bottle of vodka, draining in a short time, 4 liters of wine and 10 liters of beer. Therefore, remember the fundamental truth: "Do not look at the wine, how it sparkles in the bowl. In the end it will sting like a viper. " Reasonable approach to alcoholic beverages leads to fun and joy of the heart. It's good when they strengthen friendships, rather than destroy family relationships.

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Russian vodka scarlet color

Connoisseurs of quality alcoholic beverages are unlikely to refuse a refined red wine. It is easily prepared at home using a recipe for tincture of cranberries on vodka. First, let's look at the list of ingredients:

  • good quality vodka (, l);
  • berries of fresh or frozen cranberries (250 g);
  • sugar (one and a half cups);
  • boiled water (2 tablespoons).

List of main actions:

  1. Ripe berries are carefully inspected, choosing only good quality. Wash in a wide container, changing several times water. Dry, then pierce each fruit with a needle.
  2. Fruits are poured into a jar, filled with vodka, covered with a lid. After that, the container is turned in different directions and put in a dark, but warm place for 14 days.
  3. When the appointed time has elapsed, the resulting liquid is poured into the bottle, straining through the gauze filter.
  4. To a little sweeten the drink, prepare the syrup. For this, sugar is thrown into the boiling water, it is stirred until it is completely dissolved. When it cools down, pour into a flammable liquid and gently mix.
  5. Close the jar with a tight lid, send it to the refrigerator and wait for the right moment for a pleasant meal.

Prepared on vodka tincture on cranberries, served as a great treat to the festive table. In addition, the scarlet drink is used as a medicine for the prevention of certain diseases.If you drink it moderately and on the case, you can get not only pleasant sensations, but also to strengthen health.

Some cooks in the tincture add a little liquid honey to increase the sweetness.

Video recipe for tincture of cranberries from the chef

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