Your sink will never be clogged by installing a food scrap shredder

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The food shredder for the sink is a modern kitchen equipment that is installed in the sink drain system and provides crushing of large fractions of food waste to a state in which they, without hindrance without sticking together, go further into the sewage system and through it enter a sewage pit or country cottage septic tank. These devices are mounted under the sink instead of the siphon and connected to the sewer system.

How to use a household waste shredder?

The device operates from electricity and is switched on by means of a special button simultaneously with the opening of the tap, water from which will wash off dirt and food particles from plates, bowls, pots, pans, pans, cans, other dishes and containers. Along with the water flow, large solid fractions enter the shredder for the shell, where they are rubbed into the smallest particles and washed away by water move further into the sewage system.

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Why do we need household waste shredders?

Choose large solid elements (bones, paper, twigs, husks, scales, parts of the carapace of cancer) during washing dishes, containers, other containers and objects is not difficult, but this process takes a long time, which, as is known in modern man, is always in obrez. After completing this procedure, our collection falls into the trash.

But if you do not do this, the particles stick together, fastened with fats, malt and accumulate in the siphon or drain system, reducing their throughput up to full clogging. After this, the sink needs cleaning, which also takes time and effort.

The accumulation of waste under the influence of ubiquitous bacteria begins to decay and decompose, emitting fetid odors into the environment.

All problems are solved with the help of the proposed household waste chopper for the kitchen. This compact device fits seamlessly into any kitchen or dining room interior. It does not take up much space, so it is guaranteed to fit even under a small sink.

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There are types of products:

  1. Equipped with a continuous loading system. They work in this way - first the chopper is turned on, after which the working medium gets into it.
  2. With dosed loading. The working chamber is filled with waste, after which the shredder starts working directly.

The principle of the food shredder for the shell

Food waste falls into this device directly, immediately from the sink. In it, as a result of friction against the ribbed walls of the chamber, which rotates around its axis at a high frequency, turn into tiny particles. The water coming from the sink flushes them into the sewer system.

Advantages of grinding devices:

  • easy installation, maintenance and care;
  • excellent ergonomics, compactness, small size;
  • noiselessness;
  • self-cleaning system;
  • versatility, providing the possibility of combining the device with any of the currently existing types of washers;
  • operational safety;
  • practicality;
  • environmental friendliness.

All this provides the food shredder for the sink demand and high popularity among users.

And they are guaranteed to be safe in operation? We can firmly answer that, yes. Instruments are manufactured in full compliance with the standards set by the state in the production of electrical equipment. The special pneumatic switch provides the possibility of safe switching on / off of the device. The working chamber does not contain sharp corners and blades, the grinding process is provided due to high speed of rotation. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.

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How to install a shredder for kitchen in a sink?

Installation rules:

  1. We overlap the water supply to the faucets.
  2. We detach the sink from the drainage system leading to the sewer.
  3. We install a rubber gasket on the flange.
  4. We connect the device to the sink, after which we make its connection.
  5. We connect one end of the pipe with a chopper, the other to the sewer.
  6. Connect the plug to the cord and plug it into the socket with grounding. You can draw a separate cable line and connect the wire to the sockets directly.
  7. We check the device for operability and correct functioning. We place in the sink pollution, start the device and turn on the water or, conversely, depending on its type.

Video about the device of a shredder of household waste in the kitchen

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