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Well pumps and wells serve to supply water with a small number of foreign inclusions. For irrigation from a natural reservoir, swinging flooded cellars and collectors requires a pump for dirty water. Such devices have a special design or protection of the working element from abrasive wear - an installed filter on the intake branch pipe.

Types of devices for moving drains and drains

Pumps are selected depending on the nature of the slurry and the particle size. All types of pumps are divided into surface, submersible and universal.

All pumps to build muddy and dirty water are called drainage pumps. Apparatus can be submersible and surface. They are also called mud pumps.

But if the mud pump pumps fluid, more like a porridge, it is called slurry. If the pump is supplied with a chopper, it is called fecal.

Raskachka liquid with an increased amount of suspended matter is conducted by different devices:

  • cleaning from the bottom sediments of wells and wells, drying of the silted chambers is performed by vibrating or screw pumps;
  • swing water from ponds, swimming pools, after flooding the cellars can drainage pumps for dirty water;
  • The liquid with a lot of different fractions is swinged by slurry and faecal pumps.
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Use of garden pumps

Most of all summer residents have to use equipment for watering plants. In the presence of an open reservoir, the water intake is conducted by a surface pump for dirty water. Typically, low-power centrifugal pumps with one wheel are used. Such a device is capable of pumping muddy water containing a suspension of not more than 1 cm in cross section.

The pump can be installed on the platform and lowered onto the water surface. At the same time, the lifting height can not exceed 5 m, and the working time is limited and is associated with the danger of engine overheating. Advantage of the device only in simple maintenance and low price of the pump for dirty water.

The disadvantages of a surface pump are a lot:

  • noisy work;
  • short service life;
  • a canopy against accidental water ingress is required;
  • It is impossible to swing water at minus air temperatures;
  • The device in a plastic case quickly fails.

However, for summer use in the country, surface pumps are often installed.

Using submersible pumps for dirty water

Using apparatus with a sealed enclosure allows you to lift more turbid water from a depth exceeding 5 meters. Fingers up to 5 cm in diameter will slip through the camera. Water cooling increases pump running time without overheating.

Pumps with a lower water intake can completely drain the container. At the same time, the built-in thermal protection will save the engine overheating. But such pumps do not work, plunging into the bottom sediments.


If a dirty water pump with an upper fence, a dry-running system with a float switch, a thermal protection of the electromagnet winding is selected, the build-up is automatic. Vibratory submersible pumps are often used to clean the bottom of wells, swing pools and ponds.

Optimum, after working for 2 hours, stop the pump for 20 minutes.

If the submersible pump for dirty water is equipped with a chopper, then it belongs to the faecal class. Such pumps can swing septic tanks, installed in VOCs. A fecal pump installed in a mud pond will supply an organic fertilizer in the form of a bottom biological mass for irrigation. Such a pump will work on troubled water. It is considered to be a universal apparatus.

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Advantages of the universal pump:

  • power;
  • strength;
  • long service life.

When choosing a pump for dirty water, only the high cost of the faecal can be an obstacle. So the drainage pump Djileks costs 2 times cheaper than Dzhelex Fekalnik.

As a submersible pump for a well, a single-channel centrifugal pump is often used. In factories for feeding slurry into storage tanks, screw pumps are used. To raise silt deposits from the bottom of the well, lower the vibrating pump with a lower fence. In each case, choose the most suitable system.

Types of slurry pumps

When draining a pit, a submersible slurry pump is used, capable of lifting stones of 12-15 cm interspersed with moist soil. Such devices use a particularly strong single-channel wheel and a stirrer with cutting edges. Preliminary loosening of bottom sediments, passing them through a filtering net is the task of an additional node.

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Classification of mud pumps by extraction type

How, after all, to choose the most suitable equipment for use in specific conditions? It is important that the working chamber is not clogged with garbage. We classify the equipment by its ability to pump large fractions:

  • submersible pump not more than 35 mm;
  • The drainage device will cope with stones up to 50 mm;
  • The fecal pump will pass the fraction up to 80 mm;
  • The slurry pump pumps stones 145 mm.

Based on the working conditions, it is necessary to select pumps for dirty water from the above categories in terms of pressure, capacity and productivity.

Examples of various drainage pumps

Submersible pumps The dwarf represents a centrifugal unit with a squirrel-cage asynchronous motor. They can swing the suspension up to 10% with particles up to 5 mm. There are 50 models of pumps:

  • household;
  • for municipal services;
  • for irrigation and drainage systems.

Patriot F 400 Chinese-made pumps under the US license are of low cost, they raise dirt up to 35 mm, from a depth of up to 5 meters. A small device weighs 5 kg, costs about 3 thousand rubles.

About 10 thousand rubles worth a submersible pump for dirty water of the famous manufacturer Grundfos. Full automation of the process. But the size of inclusions should not exceed 10 mm. The productivity of the device is 12 m3 / h, extraction from a depth of up to 10 m.

From a multitude of pumps, it is necessary to choose a device that ensures pumping under certain conditions.

How to distinguish a pump for dirty water from a drainage - video

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