Error F18 in the washing machine Indesit

What should I do if F18 is displayed on the display of the Indesit washing machine? It shows a malfunction of the processor.

On the electromechanical model, the "Spin" - "Quick wash" indicator or the "Additional rinse" - "Delay wash" indicator can light up. At the same time the styaralka does not respond to commands.

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What does F18 mean?

If the error code F18 is displayed on the AGS Indesit, this indicates a processor error: the communication between the control board controller and the motor is broken. Therefore, the washing machine Indesit gives an error F 18 on the scoreboard and does not start washing.

What can be done?

First of all, find out what is the cause of the breakdown. For this:

  • Check the connection of the machine to the network.
  • Inspect the cable and the connection plug. If there are any defects, they need to be corrected.
  • See if the hatch cover is securely closed. Perhaps, due to loose fixation, washing does not start.
  • To reset the error, reload the SMA Indesit, disconnect it completely from the network for 20 minutes. Then turn on and check the operation.

What should I do if the action fails and F18 error lights up again? How to fix the breakdown, read on.


The next thing to check is the control board. For what reasons does the card fail?

  • Breakage of the resistor.
  • Burnout of flip-flops and capacitors.
  • Fuse failure.
  • Sharp voltage surges lead to burnout of the contacts or the combustion of the board itself. If during the washing process the user pulls the plug from the outlet, it leads to similar consequences.

Solve the problem and remove the error F18 in the machine Indesit will help to replace the control module. Before repair, check the module with an auto-test. How to use it, indicated in the instructions to the machine Indesit.

How to troubleshoot and replace:

  1. Remove the front panel of the styrler.
  2. Disconnect all fasteners and wires.
  3. Loosen the fixing screws, if any.
  4. Take out the module, inspect it at the time of defects.
  5. You can check the contacts of the card by the tester (for details on checking in the articles on the topic).
  6. Install the new control unit, and carefully tighten the screws.

After installation, check your AGR for operability.

Now you know what the error F18, which is shown on the display washing machine Indesit. With the replacement of the unit you can manage on your own, but if the board needs repair, it is better to contact the master.

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