Does not turn on the refrigerator

If you do not turn on the refrigerator, then it's hardly a malfunction - most likely, it's a breakdown. Compressor is not audible, the products spoil, and the cells are warm? The problem is obvious. In this publication, we will understand why the refrigerator for a long time or not at all does not turn on - you will find solutions for refrigerators of different brands: Atlant, Indesit, Bosch, etc.

Content of the material:

  • 1What to check if the equipment did not turn on
  • 2LG refrigerator does not turn on
  • 3Why does not the "Indesit" refrigerator turn on
  • 4The Atlant refrigerator is not included: the reasons
  • 5Problems of the brand "Stinol"
  • 6Failures in the work of Bosch models
  • 7Why Samsung does not start the refrigerator: what to do
  • 8The refrigerator does not start: for all brands

What to check if the equipment did not turn on

First, make sure there is light inside the refrigerator. If you have a new technology of the latest model, the light is on, and the cold is not produced, check the installation. If the refrigerator cabinet is installed unevenly, the tightness of the door can be lost and warm air enters from the outside. Models on electronic control do not allow the motor to start, so that it does not lose its performance. Failure can be accompanied by the appearance of an error code on the electronic scoreboard.

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If there is no light in the chamber, and even in the oldest refrigerator, you need to check the electrical equipment - cable, sockets and plugs. If the electrical part is in order, and the refrigerator clicks, but does not turn on, then a breakdown has occurred. It is necessary to turn off the equipment before finding out the reasons.

There are also frequent cases when the technique stops working after a power outage - it does not even hum. This is quite possible if you connected a refrigeration equipment without a voltage regulator.

When the operating mode is broken after defrosting, remember if you tried to break the ice with a knife - you can accidentally damage the evaporator, and the technique will stop working because of the leak of freon.

Next, we will consider possible failures, in which the refrigerator of a brand tries to join, but without success.

LG refrigerator does not turn on

Many LJ models work based on the current principle of dry freezing - No Frost. In these refrigerators there are no visible traces of refrigeration - there is no ice or snow "fur coat". Unfortunately, these technological models are more prone to breakdowns than their mechanical counterparts. LG refrigerator may not turn on for the following reasons:

  1. The electronic control unit is broken. This is just as important an assembly of a system as a motor. If the module fails, the technician will not turn on. To restore the workability of the part, it must be flushed. In extreme cases, you need to replace the module.
  2. The motor-compressor is out of order or has lost its performance. The reasons are natural deterioration of the unit, a power surge in the network, a violation of the rules of operation, etc. In this case It will require a major overhaul of the refrigerator, including the reinstallation of the compressor, the replacement of the filter drier and refueling refrigerant.
  3. The temperature sensors are out of order. If the sensor gives an incorrect signal to the electronic unit, the motor will not start, so the device will not turn on.

Why does not the "Indesit" refrigerator turn on

Despite the fact that refrigeration equipment brand "Indesit" is characterized by modern technical characteristics, it is peculiar to break. The reasons for the fact that the refrigerator does not freeze or does not work at all, can be several:

  • leakage of freon due to corrosion of the steel circuit or spoilage of the evaporator;
  • compressor failure;
  • malfunctions in the operation of sensors (broken thermostat);
  • wear of the seal on the doors;
  • decompression of the motor - replacement of a detail is necessary.

If the capillary is clogged in the refrigerator "Indesit" with "No Frost" (or in the usual one), blowing of the tubes, partial or complete replacement of the capillary is required.

The Atlant refrigerator is not included: the reasons

It does not matter which Atlant refrigerator you have - a two-chamber or a conventional one, if it does not turn on, it could happen for the following reasons:

  1. The failure of the starting protective relay. This part is connected to the temperature controller, which sends a signal to the relay so that it starts or turns off the motor. If PZR is broken, then the technology will not turn on. Requires replacement of a broken component.
  2. Compressor failure. If it is broken, the equipment will not work. It is necessary to replace the motor, the drying filter and make the refueling - to carry out major repair work.
  3. If the Atlant refrigerator does not turn on, but the light is on, the failure could touch the temperature sensors or the control board. It is necessary to replace the sensors or restore the efficiency of the electronic module.

Problems of the brand "Stinol"

If the Stinol refrigerator does not turn on, the following reasons are possible:

  1. Failure of automation of the refrigerator. As a rule, this is expressed in the fact that there is no cold in the chamber, but there is light, and the motor does not start. If the model with two compressors, the second motor can become very hot. The cause of the breakdown can serve as a thermostat, or a starting protective relay. Also, the Frost Auto Frozen System (if available) could fail.
  2. When in a model with two motors without No Frost there is no heat in the refrigerating chamber, the problem can be in the failure of the temperature controller or the start relay. But the more likely cause is the failure of the freezer compressor.
  3. In the refrigerator "Stinol" with two compressors and the No Frost system in the freezer is too warm. Unfold the equipment and carefully check the temperature of the motors: if they both overheated, the malfunction occurred in the compressor working on the freezer. If one motor is cold, then the failure should be sought in the auto-defrost system of the freezer compartment. To determine exactly what caused the failure, you need accurate diagnosis.
  4. If you have a "Stinol" with only one motor, there are no lights in its chambers, and the compressor does not turn on or starts and immediately turns off and at the same time heats up, then it broke. Major repairs will be required with engine replacement and refueling.
  5. "Stinol" with one motor works constantly without switching-off, in an icebox the optimum temperature, and in the second chamber warmly or ice - most likely, there was a leak of freon.
  6. The refrigerator does not turn on, there is water under the boxes for fruits and vegetables. This situation indicates a clogged condensate drainage system. It is necessary to clean the drainage hole with a baby syringe, a wire, a cotton swab, a cocktail straw or other suitable device. Act neatly or consult a specialist.
  7. A large layer of ice or snow builds up on the walls of the freezer compartment, and the refrigerator does not turn on. Perhaps, the rubber band-seal on the freezer door was worn out. Need a rubber replacement.

Failures in the work of Bosch models

If the refrigerator is not categorically started, then in this may be to blame for three reasons:

  1. The plug, socket or network cable of the equipment is damaged. If there is no light in the camera of your Bosch model, then there is no contact with the mains. Inspect the cord at the time of damage - it may be transmitted or torn. Also check the outlet and plug. Repair of the electrician is simple for any home craftsman - you can easily cope without the help of a master.
  2. The temperature regulator is broken if there is light in the camera, but the technology still does not start. The regulator manages the motor-compressor, determining whether to turn it on or off. If the thermostat does not give signals, then the cooling cycle does not start.
  3. The motor stopped working. If the compressor turns on and then "extinguishes and this is accompanied by a click of the PZR, then there is a problem in the engine that needs to be changed.

Why Samsung does not start the refrigerator: what to do

If your "Samsung Nou Frost" (or usual) does not start for a long time, this is a good reason for concern. In general, the refrigeration equipment of this brand is out of order for the following reasons:

  • breakage of the power cord;
  • oxidation of contacts;
  • failure in the operation of the temperature regulator;
  • failure of PZR (starting protective relay);
  • decompression and loss of motor power.

The refrigerator does not start: for all brands

Practitioners say that the reasons that the technology refuses to work may be mass: both broken sensors, and more serious malfunctions - down to breakage of the compressor or electronics. To narrow down the range of possible breakdowns, see the general table of signs and causes of malfunctions.

Symptoms of a malfunction Causes of breakdown, your actions
The light is on, but the compressor is silent. There may be clicks from the rear of the refrigerator - the motor tries to turn on, but does not start. The motor is blown. The cracks produce a starting protective relay (PZR), the function of which is to start and stop the compressor. Typically, the engine turns off immediately or a couple of seconds after starting. It is necessary to replace the compressor.
In the model with electromechanical control there is light, but the operation of the motor is stopped. Clicks can be heard. Most likely, a thermostat (temperature regulator) has failed, which determines the temperature in the chamber. The control system does not receive signals that there is a lack of cold in the chambers, therefore the motor operation is blocked. Solving the problem in replacing the thermostat.
The electronic model does not work the motor, but there is light in the camera. The air temperature sensor of the main chamber is broken. Like the thermostat, it does not report to the control system on high temperature performance, which causes the compressor to stand idle. The sensor needs to be replaced.
The motor does not work, there is no light in the chamber. Failure in the operation of PZR. This broken part must be dismantled and replaced with a new one.
The refrigerator does not start. The light is on or off. Control board failure. Sensor signals are not read, which causes the compressor to malfunction and does not turn on. The electronic card requires firmware or full replacement.

If you have the equipment of the brand "Nord "Liebher "Electrolux" or another brand, be guided by this table, repair the technique yourself or call the master, and everything will be in order.

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