Did not work refrigerator Liebher

If you do not have a Liebherr refrigerator, do not despair - you need to look for the cause of the breakdown. Modern technology can display an error code on the display, but if there is not one, we will help you to understand the malfunction.

Manufacturers of Liebher refrigerators have created an expensive and reliable home technology, which goes through strict quality control, but only when included in our network begins to fail. Consider why this happens.

Typical problems with the Liebher refrigerator

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical problems with the Liebher refrigerator
    • 1.1The fridge does not work a refrigerator
    • 1.2The fridge does not work freezer
    • 1.3The refrigerator works loudly at switching on

Typical problems with the Liebher refrigerator

The more technologies and electronics are introduced into household equipment, the more sensitive it is to network problems. Incorrect installation and operation contribute to the work of CJ "Liebher". Let's see what kind of crashes are most often reported by users.

The fridge does not work a refrigerator

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The compressor hums, but there is no cold in the camera? We need to take action. Due to overloads, the freezer can also fail, leading to costly repairs. The main problem is the storage of products, because with a defective refrigerator they quickly deteriorate.

The fridge does not work a refrigerator

What you need to check first:

  1. Is the camera door closed properly. Due to a crowded compartment, closing the door can interfere with something. Move aside pans and sailings.
    Check the door seal. If it does not fit well on the body, it must be replaced or tidied up. Hot water will help straighten the rubber, restore its shape. Pour the seal around the perimeter of the kettle, straighten out immediately.
  2. Check the temperature in the camera. When the room is hot, the maximum temperature is set in the refrigerator, the compressor does not cope with the load. Reduce the reading - stop at division,.
  3. Inspect the fan if you have a No Frost cooling system. When the fan does not work and ice forms on its blades, it is necessary to unfreeze the refrigerator immediately. In No Frost, the fan is responsible for distributing cold air through the chamber.

The fridge does not work a refrigerator

Defrosting did not help restart the machinery? So it's a malfunction. Define the failure can be by external signs:

  • After defrosting the camera, the fan did not start working. Check its motor - it may have burnt out and needs replacement.
  • In addition, that the fan blades do not rotate, the snow on the walls of the compartment. The wall, behind which the evaporator is located, has hardest frozen. Evaporator heater defective, defrost in refrigerator does not turn on. Therefore, snow and ice accumulate on the walls.
  • The freezing chamber is very cold, the walls are covered with ice. The motor compressor works without rest. The signs indicate problems with the temperature regulator in the freezer, so cold air is not injected into the refrigerator department.
  • Refrigerant leakage may be accompanied by a swelling of the wall. If leakage occurs through the steel circuit, rust stains on the housing will be visible. If the wall is mechanically damaged, it is also possible for the gas to escape. The specialist will help to eliminate leaks and refuel the system with Freon.

The fridge does not work a refrigerator

  • Breakage of thermostat or air sensor of the refrigerating compartment. Therefore, the board does not receive a temperature increase signal, so cooling does not turn on. Need replacements.

Take a good look at your fridge. Perhaps, these signs will help you find the problem.

The fridge does not work freezer

Since we do not look at the freezer in the freezer, we can immediately not notice a malfunction. However, if the blocks of the chamber were blocked by ice blocks, and a puddle of water gathered near the CW, one should be alert.

Check the tightness of the door seal immediately. If it passes warm air, then the system will compensate for the temperature rise. When the compressor is turned off, the snow will begin to melt.

The fridge does not work freezer

It also happens that the freezer does not work at all. Then pay attention to the signs of a breakdown:

  • The freezer motor runs for a few seconds and switches off. The compressor is faulty. As a result of the excess load, the motor parts wear out quickly, so you will need to replace the device.
  • The engine operates normally, but after a shutdown it does not start long. This indicates a problem with the air sensor or the temperature controller. The electronic module does not receive information about the temperature in the chamber, so it does not give a command for cooling.
  • If the switching valve is jammed, the freezer will not cool the food, because the capacity for normal freezing is not enough. Need to replace the valve.
  • If the gas leakage becomes less, it is therefore not enough for the normal operation of the system. It will be necessary to eliminate the leak and fill the system with freon.
  • If the control module fails, there may not be additional features. The camera may not work, the light and the bulbs on the panel do not light. Probably, the failure occurred due to a short circuit, which damaged the elements of the board or its wiring. The wizard will perform diagnostics, replacement or flashing the module.

Did not work refrigerator Liebher

To accurately determine the causes of the problem, some external signs are few. It is necessary to conduct a full diagnostic of the technique.

The refrigerator works loudly at switching on

Loud work of the refrigerator not only hinders the user, but also can damage the technology. If you are convinced that the noise values ​​exceed the norm, start searching and fixing the problem.

  1. Correct installation. When the case warps, the engine is subjected to an additional load, which causes it to work with double force and noise. Set the XO on the level, adjust the position of the legs. The technique should not stand close to the wall, battery or other furniture.
  2. Transport bolts. If you just brought and installed the equipment, you might have forgotten to remove the bolts that fix the motor's position. Remove them necessarily, otherwise it will lead to wear parts.The refrigerator works loudly at switching on
  3. Arrangement of dishes. Probably rattling the dishes on the shelves, when the two containers touch. Change the location of the pots.
  4. The freezing of snow and ice on the walls of the compartment leads to a doubled operation of the motor. If the intention occurs on one wall, an imbalance of the housing occurs. For this reason, the refrigerator can hum and jump when turned on. It is necessary to conduct a complete defrosting of the equipment within 10 hours.
  5. Loose engine mounts. Since the shock absorbers serve to absorb vibrations, with the loosening of their fastenings, the rumble and rattling of the compressor are badly muffled. Need to tighten the fasteners.The refrigerator works loudly at switching on

For more serious reasons, there are problems with the motor-compressor and fan noise. The latter can become covered with snow, which leads to grinding during the rotation of the blades.

Watch the video on the topic:


Be attentive to your technique, and it will thank you for a long time. You just need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations, carry out preventive defrosts, wash shelves and compartments. The protection of the electronic part is equally important - connect the refrigerator only to grounded outlets so that it does not break.

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