Chainsaw calm and her victorious procession around the world

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Opened his own production company Andreas Steele, who soon offered the world a new product. The first Chainsaw chain saw The weight weighed 48 kg, but behind it was a line of buyers from the USA, Germany and other countries. Today, STIHLAG Holding has manufacturing facilities in technically developed countries. In 2006, based on the component parts of the parent company, an assembly site was opened in China. All remote production facilities operate under the control of the holding's representatives.

Why Stihl chainsaws are popular

The developers of the tool created the mechanism as understandable to the user. Each improvement is aimed at creating conditions for easy operation of the instrument. All models have operating instructions, which give exhaustive information about the device and the rules of using the instrument. Following the guidelines, you can safely and safely operate the Chain saws.

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The use of recommended chains and additives will prolong the trouble-free operation of the chainsaw. Chains are only produced in Switzerland. Oil of special composition dissolves resinous deposits.

Of no small importance is the clear demarcation of models by the nature of the works:

  • amateur;
  • semi-professional;
  • professional.

The class characterizes the model:

  • by power:
  • saw mechanism;
  • options for comfortable work.

First of all, improvements concern professional models, later they are introduced into everything.

Tracking the demand, the company develops all new models with intermediate indicators within the class, in order to satisfy the consumer as much as possible. So it was noticed that the chainsaw Stil MC 180 does not always suit summer residents. The developed MS 170 is lighter, has less power and retail price of about 7000 rubles. Conversely, the MC 180 BE class is higher, it has additional functions. It was this model that took the gap between amateur and semi-professional instruments. The price of the Stihl MS 180 C BE chainsaw is higher than others in its segment.

It is important that the specialists of the company have access to all the available tools. Warranty and subsequent repairs are carried out quickly, using branded components. At the same time in the field, replace the nodes, carry out maintenance can be guided by the instruction manual for the Chainsaw Chain saw. All models have warranty coupons. The absence of this indicates a counterfeit product.

The company is the world leader in the number of products. Its representative offices are located in 165 countries around the world in buildings with a distinctive logo.

Quality products, careful support and consideration of the interests of the consumer, for many years leave the campaign on the leading positions in sales. Choosing a Stihl chainsaw must be guided by the nature of its use.

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Criteria for selecting an instrument

Amateur chainsaws Calm have engine power up to 2 kW. The device is designed to work no more than 45 minutes a day, producing during this time, a tank of fuel. Suitable for cutting small branches from soft and medium wood, cutting and forming trees. Only chains with a low profile are used on the tool. Such saw nodes are less dangerous in operation, but productivity is lost. In addition, the chain pitch is 25 inches or 3/8, as often indicated in the passport. The length of the tire can be 35 or 40 cm, depending on the engine power. In the saw should be:

  • device for reducing vibration;
  • protection of a return stroke;
  • availability of soft start system.

Semi-professional tools have a lot of power. The 40-45 cm saw bar is equipped with a high profile saw with a pitch of 404 inches. The saw can work for several hours a day, but without overheating and with interruptions to cooling. The chain saw Stihl is purchased for the chores connected with construction and repair. It is heavier in weight, but will saw a log with a diameter of up to 40 cm. However, if such a product is offered at a price lower than the factory price, which is more than 1, 00 rubles, it is unlikely that it will be pleased with a long service life.

Professional saws can work for 12 hours a day. The heating system helps to perform an easy start in winter conditions.

The fabric is long, adjustable and makes the cut at the right angle. Solid wood species, frozen wood in winter conditions, dirty in summer do not affect productivity. The chain of special execution is dull with difficulty, it is sharpened with the use of a Bulgarian. Chainsaw Stihl MC 660 is an example of this class of equipment.

Description of the popular models

Knowing the basic requirements for the tool, choosing the right model from the chainsaw line is easy. The quality of all tools is under the guarantee of the manufacturer. And even if in the passport there is a country the manufacturer, previously unknown, it is necessary to know that the company Expands production and serial number can verify the authenticity of the brand on the site manufacturer.


The buyer should be wary of the low price of the Shtil chainsaw, the lack of instructions in Russian and the guarantee coupon.

The following are the signs of the authenticity of the product:

  • the individual serial number under the silencer coincides with the main marking;
  • on the silencer the manufacturer's number and country of manufacture are indicated;
  • Only Stihl tires are used.
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The most famous amateur model

Chainsaw Stihl MC 180 14 represents an amateur high-end instrument.

The handle attached to the three rubber blocks does not transmit vibration to the hands. However, the frame stands close to the saw mechanism, and this needs to be adapted. The saw will last for a long time under the conditions of use and maintenance prescribed in the instructions. Of great importance is the use of quality fuel and oil for the chain. Only the company's composition guarantees long-term operation of the oil pump and protection of the cloth from sticking of resin.


  • power - 1.5 kW;
  • length of the tire - 35 cm, 14 inches;
  • capacity of the fuel tank - 5 l;
  • a tank under oil 45 l;
  • total weight without chain and consumables, kg;
  • guide rail, lubrication - Ematic;
  • saw chain - Oilomatic;
  • chain brake - Quick Stop.

The Stihl MC 180 14 chainsaw is equipped with a cold start lever, an adjustable oil pump, an air filter, and a control lever. Fastening of the tire is reliable, for 4 rivets.

Chainsaw submits to women's hands

Investigating the market, the manufacturer found the demand for saws of lower power. The electronic ignition system provides an easy start. Particular attention was paid to ergonomics. At power, kW, the chain saw Stihl 170 is efficient, has a tire of 35 cm and is stable in operation. It has a weight, kg, but easy start-up and special compactness have made it a popular tool in car travel and in summer residents.

Tool for advanced users

The company continues to expand the line of amateur instruments. A more equipped mechanism incorporated the latest developments of professional models. Chain saw Stihl MC C BE has a 14-inch saw blade Picco Duro. The weight of the saw without canopies and fuel is, kg. Engine power, kW. The above model makes the following options:

  • light start system;
  • a new system for reducing vibration on the hands;
  • single-lever sawing control system;
  • automatic chain brake;
  • wear-resistant chain;
  • regulator of the carburetor operation regardless of the filter capacity within certain limits.
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We select a saw for building of the house and summer residence

The difference between a semi-professional tool is not only in power, but also the ability to work for a long time. If an amateur instrument does not work more than 45 minutes a day, the middle class can withstand heavy loads. He logs logs up to 30 cm in girth, and is comfortable in working at height.

The chain saw Stihl MC 211 is slightly heavier than the MC 180, but its cost is much higher. Therefore, to buy 211 model is worth, if you need to cut logs and planned construction. For ordinary work, the amateur version of saws is more convenient. Tool power, kW, there is an electronic ignition system.

Chainsaw Stihl MC 250 is referred to the middle class of tools. Weigh the unit without a saw canopy and fuel, kg, has a power of 2, 3 kW. In addition to the usual options specific to brand equipment, the faultless reliable tool is equipped with:

  • heated carburetor;
  • winter and summer mode for the engine;
  • improved, anti-vibration protection for hands.

Professional new-generation chainsaw

The newest development of a professional tool - chainsaw Stihl MC 660. The purpose of the tool is not only to dump centenary trees. The saw has special nozzles for cutting knots, directed to the pile, cutting logs into whips.

All previously listed options in this unit are present. The saw is equipped with a decompression valve in the engine start system. There is a chain inertial brake to protect the hands.


  • engine power kW;
  • weight kg;
  • length of the tire - 63 cm;
  • a fuel tank 25 l;
  • capacity for oil - 5 l;
  • The brake is free of inertia.

Manufacturers have provided for the operation of equipment in the temperature range from -40 to +40 degrees in different climatic zones.

Safety when working with STIHL chainsaw - video

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