Hydraulic wood splitters for any budget

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The wood splitter is a hydraulic or wood splitter, a means of automating the preparation of firewood. Most often, a hydraulic splitter is called a "mechanical cleaver". And many models have been created by the hands of home masters and skilled engineers.

Application and operating principle

Wood-cutters, mechanical and hydraulic, are used in private farms, or in small woodworking workshops. In any place, the machines perform mechanical bucking, as well as the split of wood of different breeds.

Hand tools for splitting and bucking are very often broken, and it requires skill, effort and time. Machines and installations of a different, non-hydraulic type are often broken due to an uneven load.

Wood splitters, made at the factory or with their own hands, do not gain popularity due to advertising. The fact is that in any device of this type of load, reaching 10 tons, are fed gradually, with increasing power. That saves both the engine and the oil pump from overloads and breakages.

Wood splitters

The market of construction equipment offers several dozens of models of hydraulic wood splitters in the price category from 10 to 200 thousand rubles. It is important to know that the price depends on:

  • weight;
  • power;
  • efforts;
  • engine type;
  • maximum for the length of the log;
  • voltage (models with an electric motor).
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Power supplies for the engine are divided into 2 categories.

Electric motor.This energy converter has an effect on the pump.And the electric motor is used in the most primitive, household machines. Serving such models is very simple, and you can use it in the same garage or shed, given the environmental safety. Collected with their own hands or in the shop, the models with electric motors are easiest to prepare for work, they are even allowed to be carried manually. The main disadvantage is that they do not function without electricity.

Gas engine.It is installed on powerful models, which can be transported to the place of harvesting firewood. The wood splitter on gasoline, as a rule, is heavier, more expensive and more powerful. But it is also more functional due to its mobility and greater power.

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Wood splitters homemade

Most often used for domestic needs in preparation for the heating season. And the level of engineering thought of a rural worker can be encouraged to create household and professional equipment.

In this case, with the household everything is clear, but a professional machine tool can work in a line. Simply put, still have the function of feeding, trimming, unloading.


Anyone wishing to create their own similar facilities for facilitating work can be found in the network with drawings, diagrams and video instructions. An example of a good hydraulic splitter, assembled by yourself, will serve this video:

What is included in the construction of a hydraulic splitter?

A hydraulic splitter, created by hand, must consist of certain parts. Parts are better in importance, but start from:

  • frame;
  • the cylinder stop;
  • wedge-shaped blade (or blades);
  • pump;
  • a liquid pressure distributor;
  • oil tank;
  • motor or motor.

And how to collect their own hands?

The simplest way to collect a working wood splitter starts with welding the frame, which you need to fasten on the platform. The lower part of the platform is equipped with a car jack (at least).

In the upper part of the frame, a connector is necessarily calculated. It is needed for chok ing a different diameter and different length.

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Splitter in the photo is created by own hands, but it is calculated already on industrial volume. In it, a more complex design, which necessarily consists of a hydraulic jack on a bed of stationary (non-transferring) type. The creation of this installation requires a metalwork skill, calculation of safety precautions. Let, at first glance, the unit is not complicated, but the operator's work with a careless attitude will sooner or later lead to an accident.

Due to time and resource saving, wedge-shaped knives with 4-8 blades were created. The fact is that the standard knife divides the chuck into 2 parts, and this model processes one log at any log.

A hydraulic splitter, made by hand, at higher capacities (drive from a tractor, gasoline engine) should be equipped with a wedge blade with 4 blades, at least.

Wood splitter hydraulic industrial with log lifting - video

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