Refrigerators Hotpoint-Ariston: reviews, Top 10 best models, the advantages and disadvantages

In modern home appliances stores a wide range of refrigeration units, manufactured by Russian and foreign manufacturers. One of the most popular representatives of the domestic segment is a refrigerator "Hotpoint-Ariston".

The products of this brand has long deserved the attention of buyers thanks to the impressive design and the optimal combination of high quality and cost budget.

The content of the article:

  • Features technology brand Hotpoint-Ariston
    • Typical pros and cons of refrigerators
    • The marking of refrigeration units
  • Popular model line
    • Roomy model HBM series
    • HF units with No Frost system
    • Series refrigerators E4D (Quadrio)
    • Recessed model BCB series
    • HBT series of modern technology
    • Top Mount model in the line BD
  • Top 10 brand of refrigerators
    • №1 - the original design of Hotpoint-Ariston HF9201BRO
    • №2 - bulky Hotpoint-Ariston HBM1181.3
    • №3 - available Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W
    • №4 - built Hotpoint-Ariston BD2422
    • №5 - stylish Hotpoint-Ariston HFP5200W
    • №6 - roomy Hotpoint-Ariston B20A1FVC
    • №7 - compact Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI
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    • №8 - minibar Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ1632
    • №9 - dimensional Hotpoint-Ariston SXBD920F
    • №10 - reliable Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W
  • Subtleties of selecting a suitable model
    • Important characteristics of the aggregates
    • Additional functions
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Features technology brand Hotpoint-Ariston

Known to many Russians mark appeared in 2007 through the merger of two large companies. The assets of the Italian company Ariston, created in 1930, were attached to the capacity of the American manufacturer Hotpoint Electric Heating, entered the market in 1911.

Currently under the trademark Hotpoint-Ariston produces a wide spectrum of large home appliances. It dishwashers and washing machines, electric and gas cooker, oven and microwave, extractor and coffee machines.

Typical pros and cons of refrigerators

Great fame and refrigerators are the brand. In our country, they are consistently among the top ten most popular products, and in the segment of mid-market occupy one of the first lines.

Characteristic features proprietary technology is ergonomic internal device, economical use of electricity, the use of wear-resistant materials and high-quality components.

Refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston in the interior

A variety of units Hotpoint-Ariston, having different size, color and design, allow you to easily choose the appropriate model for the kitchens, furnished in different styles

Noteworthy and spectacular appearance of refrigerators, the design of which is developing the famous Japanese master of Makio Hasuike and his team.

Among the typical products of this brand deficiencies users include high noise levels, although some models operate almost silently.

In addition, the manufacturer gives a guarantee relatively short for such a complex type of home appliances - a total of 12 months.

The marking of refrigeration units

Before we proceed to review the most popular series and models, we will talk about the features of the brand's product labeling.

Articles most "age" options developed before 2008, start with a letter M or B.

The average generation of refrigerators, issued in the period 2008-2011, the abbreviation begins with R or H. However, this rule does not apply to the last developed a line.

Among the company's innovations can call units with serial designations HBM, BCZ, HBD.

The last letter in the name of the model may indicate product color: X in this case denotes a metallic, B - Black, SB - silver-black.

Hotpoint-Ariston in black

Model Hotpoint-Ariston HF 9201 B RO. As is evident from the marking, the letter "B" indicates the black body, which corresponds to reality

Popular model line

The manufacturer offers a wide range of products, which differs a variety of technical features and design. Consider the basic series of refrigerators of this mark.

Roomy model HBM series

This line includes a sufficiently large model of dual chamber units, the total amount of which exceeds 300 liters.

Capacity situated below the freezer may reach 85 liters. For separation on shelf sections are used, made of high-strength glass.

Refrigerator HBM series

HBM model - the perfect choice for family use. Modifications refrigerator included in this series are different capacity, reliability, cost budget

Conventional equipment includes three or four compartment walls and green, may additionally also be attached to the container stand and meat products for eggs.

Provided manual defrost freezer and drip - the main compartment. While storing the products in the event of power outages of 13-15 hours.

HF units with No Frost system

Series combines the modern models with No Frost, which minimizes forced defrost the refrigerator.

The device creates the optimal conditions for product freshness flawless for 7-9 days, which is achieved by maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity.

Cooling units are also equipped with a host of additional features aimed at ease of use. These include anti-microbial coating, superzamorozka, availability of various devices.

Hotpoint-Ariston series NF

Refrigeration equipment NF series allows the owner not to spend personal time for defrosting. No Frost system prevents the formation of frost in chambers

Series refrigerators E4D (Quadrio)

In this impressive lineup includes three- and four-model French DoorWhich has large dimensions.

The name "Quadrio"Alluding to the fact that these variants have four doors. Two of them were thrown open the main compartment of the unit, and the two chambers are located on the bottom of the freezer located.

Model of Quadrio series

Devices in the series stand out Quadrio luxurious design. They are characterized by high technical data and many useful options

The models include a high efficiency class A +. Thus for defrosting both main and freezer is used an improved version of the "know-Frost" systems - Full No Frost.

Home appliances in this series is also provided with a host of additional functions. Among them is the power saving mode, the rapid cooling and freezing option, humidity sensors installed in containers for vegetables.

The kit also includes many useful accessories and devices: a form of ice, Bottle holders, to clean the air filter.

Recessed model BCB series

The line combines the embedded dual-chamber refrigerators with bottom freezer placement.

Despite the compact width and a depth of 54 and 55 centimeters, aggregates sufficiently capacious. This is achieved thanks to the high altitude and the efficient use of space.

refrigerator model from the BCB series

In various models that it includes a series of BCB, may be present popular extras "superfriz" temperature indicator, Supercooling

Defrost the main compartment is made drip, the freezer - either manually or using the No Frost system. Included in the range of models belong to the energy efficiency class A.

HBT series of modern technology

This is one of the most popular lines of "Hotpoint-Ariston". Refrigerators have large dimensions, high volume, high efficiency class A.

Freezer, which may exceed the capacity of 100 liters, placed at the bottom of the device.

Special compartment for storing ice

Bay ice allows at any time to get cubes of frozen water, commonly used in cocktails. But generating device equipped with ice only a few models of refrigerators

In the models, a system Full No Frost for thawing and freezing of the main compartments, antibacterial coating zone preserve freshness, superzamorozki function, temperature display and other additional functions.

Particular attention is paid to the development of ergonomic arrangement of shelves, which are supplemented by containers and trays for different types of product. All components are easy to get out of the bay, making it easy care and cleaning.

Top Mount model in the line BD

The series includes recessed model class A +, A and B, a design feature which is the upper accommodation freezer.

Fridge with top freezer placement

The line "Hotpoint-Ariston" also includes models providing top accommodation freezer compartment

Convenient and sufficient roomy refrigerators have a 55-centimeter wide and 54-cm depth. Provided mechanical control, defrost drip main compartment and manual defrost freezer.

Top 10 brand of refrigerators

We offer you a rating that has been compiled on the basis of user feedback and customer-service workers.

№1 - the original design of Hotpoint-Ariston HF9201BRO

Model refrigerator Hotpoint-Ariston HF9201BRO features peculiar appearance. Convenient door handles have wide the entire length of the cameras, making it easy to open the compartment.

This refrigerator with a system "know Frost». The volume is 322 liters model for the main compartment and the freezer for 75 liters.

There is also a freshness zone mode accelerated cooling and freezing, as well as energy saving mode option.

Much attention is paid to food safety. Content unit processes the stream of cold air circulated by fans.

In addition, also provided an ozonizer, destroying rot, mold, micro-organisms. For a better safety of greens and vegetables in a special compartment provided for the regulation of the humidity level.

The only disadvantage of its users, is the high price that starts from 45 thousand rubles.

№2 - bulky Hotpoint-Ariston HBM1181.3

Under standard size 60x67x185 cm cm this model has decent freezing compartment, whose volume is 75 l. Total capacity at the same time - 303 l.

The dual-chamber unit has a high capacity: freezer capable of freezing foods kg to 1 ° per day. There are some useful features like superzamorozka and fresh area.

The interior space is arranged ergonomically four strong glass shelves, the height of which can be adjusted; on the inside of the door is secured multiple holders. The presence of an antibacterial coating. The model is able to maintain the cold for 13 hours.

Among the disadvantages of manual defrost pattern was observed, no ice generator, difficulty in Repositioning the door.

№3 - available Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W

Easy to operate two-chamber unit volume of 298 liters (60x64x184 cm). Equipped with a No Frost system in full - for the refrigerator and freezer sections. When power failure is able to keep the cold for 13 hours.

The unit has a nice design, separate boxes for storage of vegetables / fruit; in a freezer set to three separate compartments. The advantages include the glass shelves of the refrigerator, which makes it convenient to use.

Of the minuses Hotpoint-Ariston HF4180W model can be called embarrassing boxes on the door, in which manages to put not all the bottles. As well as noise during operation, which irritates some owners.

№4 - built Hotpoint-Ariston BD2422

Modest built model, with the top position of the freezer. The unit has a height of 144.6 cm, useful volume of 226 liters, 42 of them in the freezer.

There are three shelves made of metal lattice. Freezer consists of two parts separated by a horizontal partition.

Despite the manual defrost and a minimum of extra features, fridge deserves attention due to affordable price and high efficiency, corresponding to the class A +.

№5 - stylish Hotpoint-Ariston HFP5200W

Dual-chamber model with an elegant design and function No Frost. The capacity of the freezer located at the bottom of 75 liters, and the refrigerator compartment - 249 liters.

There are electronically controlled via the touch screen, which is located on the door. The model also has the option superzamorozki and equipped with signaling of an open door.

This refrigerator is equipped with an antibacterial coating, through which the air purification occurs by microorganisms within the chamber and odors.

Among the drawbacks may be mentioned sensitive coating on which scratches are easily formed, difficult to reinstall the door system as well as background noise during operation.

№6 - roomy Hotpoint-Ariston B20A1FVC

Hotpoint-Ariston B20A1FVC - dimensional model is embedded refrigerator total volume of 300 liters with 63-liter freezer compartment located below.

The unit is electronically controlled using a character display on the personal front, as well as the protection of children. To defrost the main chamber drip system is provided for the freezer operates No Frost.

The main compartment has five shelves and the vegetable / fruit. It has a function of supercooling and superzamorozki. There is a possibility pereveshivaniya door.

Due to the high performance and comfort in use, the model entered in the top 5 of the most interesting new products built-in refrigerator in the past year.

№7 - compact Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI

Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AAI - a recessed refrigerator Class A +. The model has an unusual configuration of the height of the unit is only 83.5 cm, which allows to set it under the table top.

The compartments are formed as drawers, wherein the freezer is not provided.

The unit Hotpoint-Ariston BDR190AA differs spectacular appearance and excellent performance, but requires the additional purchase of the freezer

The disadvantages are the lack of refrigerator handles and front facade, you need to buy separately. In addition, users point to a difficult job drawers extension mechanism, as well as a lack of height of the latter.

№8 - minibar Hotpoint-Ariston BTSZ1632

Small single-door refrigerator with energy efficiency class A +. It has a capacity of 102 liters, 19 liters of which is given under the freezing compartment.

There are drip thawing of the main chamber, which space is divided into two parts by means of a lattice shelf and manual defrost freezer.

On Reversible door are three pockets - two large and one small, which makes it possible to use the space efficiently.

The disadvantages are the lack of additional features and relatively high cost for such a modest functionality.

№9 - dimensional Hotpoint-Ariston SXBD920F

The large model side by side with the parameters 90,2x75x176 cm and a capacity of 537 liters, of which 192 belongs to the freezer.

The refrigerator compartment is provided sliding box for vegetables / fruits, a dedicated fresh area, three shelves of tempered glass. The entire width of the door is equipped with five pockets, three of which can be adjusted.

Freezer has five divisions, two of them with sliding boxes. On door installed three pockets of different depths.

Models Hotpoint-Ariston Side-by-Side are available in different colors: in addition to the traditional white modifications in the model used a spectacular silver color.

Refrigerator class A + electronically controlled has functions superzamorozki, supercooling and energy saving. To defrost the freezer and main compartment provided No Frost system.

The advantages include the mode of "Vacation", the notification sound from the open door, ice machine, protection of children.

№10 - reliable Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W

Hotpoint-Ariston HF4200W - is the most popular model among customers. Impressive 2 meter kostruktsii with a total capacity 324 liters when the freezer 75 l.

The refrigerator has an electromechanical control and LED lighting. The dual-chamber unit is equipped with blowing cold air of products from different directions, allowing the contents to cool rapidly the main compartment.

Also provides for the possibility Repositioning the door, although some users complain about the complexity of the operation.

Among cons model users surveyed attributed the power cord is not long enough, as well as the relatively weak capacity of the compressor.

Subtleties of selecting a suitable model

Since refrigeration units working around the clock, it is important to purchase a detailed study of the characteristics claimed by the manufacturer. And then compare them with the real needs of his family. Especially if the funds for the purchase are limited and do not want to overpay.

Important characteristics of the aggregates

A wide range of refrigerators produced by the brand Hotpoint-Ariston, allows everyone to choose a model that meets all the necessary requirements. To do this, pay attention to the following factors:

  • and volume dimensions of the unit;
  • energy efficiency and climatic factors;
  • defrosting system;
  • number of compressors and a variation thereof;
  • additional functions;
  • battery life;
  • method of administration;
  • design and dimensions.

In the line of the company presented a variety of models. Compact refrigerators are well suited for a small family or as a fallback for the home / cottage.

Large units, including side-by-side, are designed primarily for many families, but their fans will appreciate and frozen products for the future dacha.

Inverter compressor for a refrigerator

On the refrigerator work is also influenced by the amount and type of compressors. Best quality have inverter model, but they are more sensitive to voltage surges

Separately, you can select built-in models, widely represented in the catalog Hotpoint-Ariston. When such an excellent capacity refrigerator is small in size, if desired, they can be placed even under the sink.

Class model of energy efficiency is determined by the ratio of the real electricity consumption to standard indicators.

As a rule, Hotpoint-Ariston fridges belong to classes B, A and A +, which are characterized by economy:

  • A + corresponds to 30-40%;
  • A corresponds to 40-55%;
  • B It corresponds to 55-75%.

For small models, this difference may be significant.

Table climate classes

When choosing a refrigeration unit of the brand Hotpoint-Ariston also need to pay attention to the climate class to which the model

Residents of cold or too hot regions should also take into account climate classAs well as the special conditions for better use of special modifications.

Although in some embodiments, is still used manual defrost, considered a more perfect system no FrostWhich eliminates the mistress of defrosting the freezer.

refrigerator management It may be electromechanical and electronic:

  • Electromechanical method involves adjustment via thermostat that allows you to install only the approximate temperature. At the same time, this option is simple and reliable. He recommended that in homes where there are power surges.
  • Electronic way to accurately adjust the temperature and humidity, but is very sensitive to incorrect operation of the power supply. In addition, the units are equipped with automatic devices, are much more expensive.

If you stay in areas with an unstable supply of electric current is worth paying attention to battery life. For models' Hotpoint-Ariston "it is usually 11-18 hours.

An important factor is also product designWhich includes not only the appearance and color models, but also the placement of shelves and pockets on the door.

A convenient feature is the Repositioning the door opportunity on the other side. This feature can be useful during the installation of home appliances to another place.

Safety glass shelves

The advantage of shelves are made of tempered glass This is a fairly durable material, and its transparent surface allows you to quickly find the products that are on it

The brand product range includes different models, providing accommodation at the bottom of the freezer as the (Bottom Mount) And top (Top Mount). Presented as embedded options, large-scale refrigerators Side-by-SideAs well as the modification of the original model French Door.

Additional functions

Additional options provide a lot of comfort features when using refrigeration units. Among the most popular are:

  1. Superzamorozku, Allows you to quickly reduce the temperature in the freezer. This allows you to freeze food in a short time, so that they are optimally stored vitamins, taste and presentation
  2. air ozonator. The device is capable of generating triatomic oxygen molecules that kill bacteria, mold and other harmful organisms, as well as eliminate unpleasant odors.
  3. antibacterialMade of special material, hinders the development of microorganisms on the surface, whereby products resist damage for a long time.
  4. freshness zone. A dedicated compartment of the refrigerator, where the temperature is maintained zero. Ideal for the preservation of the quality, not freezing their products.

Many have noted the usefulness of filters for air purification and odor absorption, providing convenience when using the main compartment of the refrigerator.

The model can be equipped with, and other functions, for example, display an open door or child protection.

Zone of freshness in the refrigerator

freshness zone allows long store different types of food at optimum temperature and humidity. Advanced models may have two such areas: dry - for meat and fish, as well as the wet - for greens, fruits, vegetables

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

The video provides a detailed overview of the popular brand models of refrigerators Hotpoint-Ariston, and give general advice on choosing this important kind of household appliances.

What you need to know before you start choosing the optimal refrigerator:

All refrigerators Hotpoint-Ariston brand characterized by high performance, reliability, long life, a luxurious design. To not make the wrong choice, you should pay attention to the features of different series and specific models of home appliances.

Clearly stating the need for a requirement, you can get the perfect option with a minimum of means.

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