How to outweigh the refrigerator door: step by step instructions and recommendations

In most cases, the question of how to outweigh the door of the refrigerator, there when you need a kitchen remodeling and equipment must be moved to a new location.

If the refrigerator situation does not allow the door to open properly, there is a need in the Changing over her in the opposite direction for greater convenience.

The content of the article:

  • When you need door Repositioning?
  • The list of necessary tools
  • The gradual process of changing the position of the door
    • Step 1 - dismantle the upper door
    • Step 2 - it removes the lower door
    • Step 3 - move hinges on the opposite side
  • Nuances door with display pereveshivaniya
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

When you need door Repositioning?

Sometimes such a need appears when someone of the owners is a lefty, and he wants everyone in the kitchen set as desired.

Also, this is done when the refrigerator door is closed is bad because of the fact that the wear of the rubber seal on the handle side. In this case, the door is attached to the casing is loose, and the unit loses its tightness.

replacement seal

Sometimes you have to change the whole seal, but in most cases it would be better simply fold outweigh the refrigerator, because it does not require any financial costs

Check it is not difficult - enough to cover the refrigerator, the door clutching a sheet of plain paper, and then pull the paper.

If it slips out easily, then the gap between the housing and the seal is large enough. This means that the integrity is broken, and you should either change the whole seal around the perimeter, or outweigh the door.

In some models of refrigerators this can be done easily, because there are already provided holes for handles and hinges on the opposite side of the door.

Before embarking on this work, we recommend you make sure you have spare data holes in your refrigerator.

If you do not find yourself outweigh the refrigerator door you do not succeed - Factory construction of the device it is not provided, do not even try!

The openings on the refrigerator door

Of course, some of the owners themselves can drill the necessary holes, if they do not, but it's better use the professional services of the master, especially if your refrigerator is equipped with a display or sensor opening

Some stores include service pereveshivaniya door in the warranty package, so it is more expedient to apply to their service center.

If the warranty period has expired your refrigerator and pre-assembled allows for self Repositioning the door, then do it yourself is not difficult, is enough to observe the rules safety.

The list of necessary tools

Here are the best set of tools that will be needed for:

  • set of wrenches - different keys may be needed for different models of refrigerators;
  • and flat Phillips screwdriver or screwdriver;
  • Scotch;
  • instruction.

If you still have the instruction to the refrigerator, it will be very helpful - it can contain a good guide to independent Repositioning the door. But if one does not, it does not matter - the work can be done without it.

Tools for work

In order to cope with the fixtures doors need quite a bit of hand tools that exist in every home

There will also be a good idea to enlist someone's help, because the process requires some skill and to cope will be difficult.

The gradual process of changing the position of the door

Before outweigh their own hands the door of the refrigerator, unplug it from the mains.

Then it is necessary to remove all products from the shelves situated inside the door, and a variety of magnets from the outside. Work should be cautious, trying not to scratch the glossy surface.

Step 1 - dismantle the upper door

The vast majority are two-chamber refrigerators with a freezer compartment disposed above / below the main compartment. So start Repositioning better with the top door.

It is necessary to attach the door to the body with adhesive tape so that it does not fall during dismantling. This should be done in several places.

As a rule, the door is attached to the body by means of hinges which are screwed two bolts.

They need to be removed in the first place, after removing the plastic plugs with similar holes on the opposite side of the door, where we are going to tie the noose removed.

anchorage arrangement

Two bolts on the top of the loop, you need to unscrew with the spanner. Different models of refrigerators loops may look different

The plugs should be removed carefully so as not to scratch the surface with a flat screwdriver. If the front of the decorative panels are fastened, they can be removed with a Phillips screwdriver.

Some models of modern refrigerators are designed so that the dismantling of the door to gain access to the top of the loop, it is necessary to remove the top cover of the instrument.

Dismantle it and put aside. All parts removed better to lay down in a separate container.

Bracket for the door

It required first to disassemble the panel to get to the core of the mountings. The shape and size of attachments vehicles from different manufacturers differ

Unscrew the bolts of the upper hinge, dismantle the hinge. Then follows to remove the upper handle, after removing the decorative cap. If the handle is not bolted, then it does not need to touch in its design already incorporated the possibility of reinstalling the doors.

After all the screws are unscrewed with a spanner and loop have been removed can remove tape and remove the upper door lifting it to separate from the secondary loop. Removing doors are set aside.

Swap the previously removed plates on the opposite side into the empty socket. For greater convenience, they can be worn to dismantle and rearrange the already removed at the door.

Step 2 - it removes the lower door

Proceed to the next step: repeat all the actions of scotch - fasten the lower door to the cabinet. Using a spanner remove secondary loop, removing the first liner from the pin.

The average loop on the door

Here is the average loop on the doors of most models of refrigerators. But there are models in which the two middle hinge for the upper and lower door

You can then remove the tape and gently lifting the door from the bottom of the pin, remove it and also set aside.

Remove caps from the holes in the middle part of the refrigerator for subsequent mounting dismantled middle hinge and reposition them in the holes formed.

Now we just need to dismantle the lower hinge, which remained after the removal of the door to the refrigerator cabinet.

This is done by means of a wrench or screwdriver. Removed the pins and bushings mounting, unscrew the screws that fasten the bottom hinge.

Then, the item is removed, and in place of apertures formed plugs are transferred to the opposite side of the housing.

All milestone disassembly is completed, it is the turn just carry all the removed parts on the other side of the mirror in order.

Step 3 - move hinges on the opposite side

We recommend to carry out the subsequent installation in reverse order, starting from the bottom of the door.

All kits are dismantled fasteners should be transferred without any replacement because the interchange of interchangeable elements loops can cause problems with the installation.

Improperly installed door slam and badly hung as loops have generation and violate its not worth it.

Procedure for the transfer of the next door. The first set of the last removed the lower hinge to the opposite position. Screwed bolts with a wrench or screwdriver. Set pin and the lower gasket.

Rearrange the lower hinge

Rearrange the bottom hinge on the refrigerator flap is not always easy - for some models may be missing one or two necessary holes on the opposite side of the bottom

Then care should be taken to set the lower door with pre-transferred to the opposite side of the handle to the pin and secure it with tape.

A little trick - offer a master instead of using adhesive tape just a little tilt of the refrigerator body back, then the door will be tighter hold on and do not move from their seats.

The following average fasten the loop. We put it on the lower pin bushing in the bottom door, then by aligning the holes in all of the loop and a housing anchoring loop with the screws.

Then, in the same way should be installed on top of the refrigerator door hinge pin medium. Do not forget about insurance - secure the door with tape or slightly tilt the refrigerator back.

Mounted on the upper loop

The latter in the process of pereveshivaniya mounted uppermost loop, then it remains only to establish the top decorative panel, of course, if your fridge has

The following set top hinge pin into the sleeve on top of the door, the holes and fix the item bolts with a wrench or screwdriver. All new door is ready. It remains to check for leaks.

Make it simple - you need to turn to open the door and, putting to the body of a small strip of paper, slam them to the paper was sandwiched between the door and the rubber seal.

Next you need to pull the strip. If it slips out easily, so the door fits tightly, it requires adjustment. We recommend to test with paper around the perimeter of the door.

testing the door

It requires a mandatory check for leaks fixed sash, because after pereveshivaniya refrigerator door may require further adjustment

There is a two-chamber refrigerators with separate bindings, ie the door they are installed on separate loops, rather than the overall average loop.

Reinstall the flaps of such instruments will not be too much trouble. Dismantling is carried out in the same manner, except that instead of fixing the middle - two for each door.

You can even outweigh the only one door, leaving the other in the same position. it is sometimes more comfortable, especially if the kitchen a little space, and the arrangement of furniture is not very convenient.

It can be very stylish to beat such an innovative move, particularly in a built- in kitchen.

If your refrigerator is a single-chamber, the operation is slightly more complicated because of the presence of decorative panels in many models.

Before you dismantle the door, you must first remove the top panel to gain access to the fastening loops, hidden underneath.

After the upper loop is removed, the same needs to be done and with the bottom panel and the loop. This operation is even more time-consuming, but generally simple.

Removing the cover

Sometimes you need to remove the top cover for the dismantling of the single-chamber refrigerator sash, and if there is a display on the front panel, then make it a must

It is necessary to take into account the fact that not all the models of refrigerators is ideally designed for self pereveshivaniya door.

For example, in a refrigerator "Atlant" upper mounting without any problems, you can move to the left, but in the lower left corner there is no hole for a screw.

Therefore, the need to purchase or a left-hand loop to the bottom of, or the right to drill a hole for himself.

Nuances door with display pereveshivaniya

Changing the position of the door can only be done in the models, the design of which allows it.

For this we recommend carefully examine the instructions in the refrigerator, because if you take for the cause without the prior collection of information, you run the risk of ruin the device.

In addition, this service is sometimes included in the warranty service package, then contact the service center will be much cheaper and more expedient.

But if you firmly believe that you can handle yourself, and at the same time possess good experience and skill, here's a quick tutorial on how to do this kind of work with your hands.

To display on the front panel of the refrigerator runs one or more cables, usually passed through the upper loop.

If the unit door is designed to reset, then the cable or group of cables are equipped with a special connector to disconnect.

Cable Installation Features

Here is the cable going to the display on the refrigerator door. If the design of the device provides the opportunity to reshuffle the door, the cable is provided with a connector

Actions that need to be done to turn off the display, pre-de-energized device:

  1. First it is necessary to dismantle the top decorative panel, if available on your refrigerator model.
  2. Next, unscrew the bolt on the top hinge of the refrigerator, and then remove the cable and disconnect it from the connector.
  3. Then you want to have completely unscrewed all the screws on the top of the loop, remove it, and slightly raised, remove the flap from the middle hinge.
  4. Then required to dismantle the top cover of the refrigerator in order to gain access to the control panel. Connection cable is required to withdraw even from the opposite hole panel specifically designed for this purpose.
  5. The hinges should be transferred in the same manner as described above. Be sure to refer to the instructions because the installation of fasteners in different patterns may have various subtleties and nuances.
  6. The last cable is connected to the door to the connector output from the opposite opening the control panel; Loop is completely fixed.

Is placed on the top cover of the refrigerator.

Tightening the fasteners

All parts are transferred alternately in the opposite direction, it is recommended not to confuse the coupling elements of each fastening, since the door after assembly can crooked

Secured top decorative panel and removed plates are moved to the opposite hole.

The work is completed, and if you did everything correctly and according to the instructions, then you should have no problems.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

In conclusion, we present a video on how to own their own outweigh the door of the refrigerator.

Outweigh own refrigerator door, whose design allows it - is not such a difficult thing. The main thing you need to act wisely and to use caution and safety rules.

Repositioning the door it was originally intended for users, so spend the money on a challenge to master does not make sense.

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