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Among the construction tools, the puncher is characterized by power and reliability, like all other products of this brand. He shares many things with an impact drill, but some operations can only perform a Makita puncher by virtue of a special device. In detail, the puncher can be compared with an automatic weapon and a drill impact. The low recoil of the instrument and the high speed of operations make it indispensable.

What you need to know when choosing a puncher

Choosing for the production of work puncher, you need to know is the target tool used to destroy or punch hard materials - concrete, stone. The working organ for it is a drill or other special devices. Their difference from the drill in the presence of a special design shank, which fixes the drill in the chuck of the perforator. Drill in the drill does not insert.

In addition to the functions performed by a high-power drill, the Makita puncher is indispensable, if necessary:

  • punch holes in reinforced concrete, passing through steel reinforcement;
  • using different forms of working heads, chisels, it is possible to make an aperture or a groove in a monolithic block.

Choose a puncher, guided by technical parameters. The more powerful and heavier the weight of the instrument, the more work it will perform. Makita perforators, having the power, kW and weight of 2-12 kg are characterized by:

  • power;
  • the frequency of strikes and their strength;
  • the maximum diameter of the holes to be made;
  • whether there is a reverse and adjustable rotation speed;
  • type of cartridge;
  • presence of locks.

The right choice is the tool for a certain type of work. Screwing will be managed by a screwdriver, and holes for hanging strings in the apartment will be drilled by a drill. A puncher is needed wherever the hardening work in solid material predominates.

A professional tool of a well-known manufacturer can not cost cheap. However, the price of the Makita puncher depends on many indicators. So the leader of many ratings model HR2470 can be purchased for seven thousand, while equipped with new options and functions HR 5001c is estimated at 45 thousand rubles.

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The price of the tool can be significantly lower if the production site is in China. These are the official assembly sites of the company Makita, but the cost of assembly is reduced, control levels are less. Find out where the punch was made on the label where the country will be marked by the manufacturer:

  • A - produced in America;
  • D - factories of Dolmar, Germany;
  • E - Japan:
  • G - United Kingdom;
  • , - China;
  • R - Romania.

All legally delivered punchers have additional Russian marking on the passage of control - HCN.

Collected in artisanal workshops are different packaging, appearance, price. Let us consider the examples of Makita's perforators, who deserve recognition.


Rotary hammer Makita HR2450

The device does not come off the shelves of stores for more than 10 years, is in demand and users respond about it only positively. At the same time, it is a relatively inexpensive model in the range of Makita perforators. The equipment is modest - in addition to a strong case, there is an additional handle, a depth gauge and an instruction in Russian.

The instrument has 3 functions:

  • drilling - drill;
  • Drilling with impact - impact drill;
  • impact crushing - jackhammer.

Due to the use of a cartridge receiving the drill SDS plus, the scope of work is limited by the applied nozzles.

Built-in electronics regulate the speed of rotation, sensing the pressure on the trigger. Characterizes Makita HR2450 perforator simplicity of process control and reliability. The use of 40 positions of the corner nozzles with which the tool works makes it universal. According to reviews such a tool in the hands of a professional works for several years, changing only the consumables.

The coupler provides slip on start-up, preventing a jerk. When the line is de-energized, the random start-up inhibit system is activated.

The only drawback, eliminated on the following models, is the lack of anti-vibration protection.

Perforator Makita HR2450 X 8 (SDS +)

The unit is used for processing non-ferrous metals, steel and reinforced concrete. It has 3 operating modes - impact, drilling and impact drilling. Engine power, 8 kW provides an average load. The engine cooling system allows you to work more intensively even in dusty conditions. The unit can be operated from a network or an autonomous power source. Using the cartridge SDS +, the tool works with bits and bits, drills and drills on all types of materials, including gypsum board.

The permissible drilling diameter is from 13 mm for steel up to 32 for wood.

The release coupling avoids backstopping if jamming occurs. Rubberized handles dampen vibration and conveniently hold the tool in any position. The Makita HR2470 rotary hammer comes with 5 8 mm borers.

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Rotary hammer Makita HR2470

The improved device is reminiscent of the model HR2450, which has become popular with the masters, with a more powerful engine. According to its consumer qualities, the tool is in the lead in the rating of 2016. Advantages over other models are considered dust protection. As a result, the tool has a long service life and an increase in the life of the engine's carbon brushes.

The Makita HR2470 rotary hammer is equipped with an adjustable speed of rotation and impact, and a reverse.

Chisels are installed at the right angle, freeing the operator from control. In the future, the modernization of this tool is the creation of lighting and the use of quick-release cartridges.

Rotary hammer Makita HR4001c

The upgraded model of the perforator increased drilling efficiency by one third, and the work resource increased. Modern design attracts the attention of the buyer. Convenient grip due to the additional handle on the left helps to control the process and less fatigue. The Makita HR 4001c rotary hammer works from the household network. The tool is heavy, kg, and powerful, kW, effectively penetrates building structures. The design uses a cartridge SDS max, there is a depth gauge and an electronic speed control system.

Additional options used in the model;

  • slide switch;
  • soft start and protection against impact when jammed;
  • electronic speed control;
  • protection from vibration;
  • safety coupling.

Two functions - shock and rotation with impact powerfully and effectively provide the process of destruction of structures, drill concrete with a crown, creating a passage in the wall up to 105 mm cross-section.

It should be noted that this model is produced in the UK and China.

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Makita HR3200c perforator

As a result of the modernization of the basic model, the perforator increased productivity by 30%. As a result of reconstruction, the consumer qualities and the price of the Makita HR 3200 c perforator increased. Now the model has improvements to the device:

  • SDS plus cone cartridge;
  • precise speed control;
  • convenient switching to any of 3 modes of operation;
  • Improved armature insulation, for heavy loads;
  • "Soft blow" at idling speed;
  • indicators of malfunction and wear of graphite brushes.

As a result of reconstruction, an effective productive tool has turned out. At weight, kg it provides the impact force, J with a frequency of 1650-3300 beats per minute. The 850W engine is equipped with a forced cooling system.

A very convenient rotary handle provides good grip to the operator. The main handle is closed, the key can be fixed for a long time.

Perforator Makita HR5001с

The best professional puncher in the rating of powerful tools is the Makita HR5001c puncher. He received 10 out of 10 points, despite the declared price, 34320 rubles. The unit is designed for supercomplex work in its sector.

The puncher is characterized by:

  • power, kWt;
  • weight - 12 kg;
  • speeds - 1;
  • the diameter of the hole in the concrete by drilling is 50 mm, the crown is 160 mm.

Users note the reliability of the perforator when laying engineering sulfur. Warn users that a powerful unit in operation must be held with both hands. Of the options noted good regulation, protection from vibration, and wear indicator of graphite brushes.

How to get consumables and spare parts for the Makita perforator

Acquire spare parts best from official dealers of the company Makita. In this case, using a network of service centers and ordering spare parts via the Internet will save you from buying fakes. The guarantee for perforators is given from the manufacturer for a year, and during this period any breakage of the tool is eliminated for free.

Makita HR 2470 perforator overview - video

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