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Eco-orientation of modern interiors is nothing more than a person's need to live in harmony with the outside world, without violating the laws of nature.

  • This means that in the arrangement of the kitchen in the eco-style, not only natural materials should be used, but also renewable in nature, recycled and easily disposed of. In addition, it is necessary to create conditions for the reasonable utilization of household waste, economical consumption of water and electricity.

How can you not lose the familiar comfort and comfort? In this article we presented an eco-style guide and a selection of 50 photo-examples that will help you plan your interior from scratch or introduce eco-ideas into an already existing environment.

Color spectrum

Kitchen in eco-style should be framed in soft, natural shades. So the interior will turn out to be light and airy, and the beauty of natural textures will be noticeable more.

  • Basic colors, as a rule, are light: white, light gray, beige.

White color visually expands the space, hides the dimensions of furniture, serves as an excellent background for color accents and natural textures (wood, stone, etc.).

  • As accents and additional colors, pastel shades are used, as well as saturated, but not flashy colors - light and dark brown, green, yellow, blue, terracotta, olive. Especially stylish in the kitchen in the style of eco will look all the shades of gray.

For the design of eco-cuisine is not desirable to use: saturated red, fuchsia, black, purple, bright blue, since they are rarely found in the natural environment.


For more details, see: Color of kitchen.


Finishing the kitchen in an eco-style involves the use of natural finishing materials.

  • The floor can be finished with wood (wooden flooring, piece parquet, parquet board), stone, natural linoleum (marmoleum), cork or ceramic tiles. The latter option is the most affordable and practical.

Example of kitchen-living room design in eco-style

  • In finishing the walls of the kitchen, you should use not just eco-friendly, but also practical and wear-resistant materials. So, for example, paper wallpaper in the workspace will not survive a month. But the walls can be painted with water-dispersion paint (the most environmentally friendly kind of paint from all possible), plastered, trimmed with wooden lining or cork. The most stylish version of the walls - a real brickwork or bare concrete walls.

Partially the walls can be decorated with stone or stabilized moss.

Stabilized moss is the same natural moss, only processed with glycerin, due to which it remains soft and beautiful, without requiring watering and light. Such a phyto-wall can last up to 8 years

  • The apron in the eco-style kitchen will look beautiful in the lining of natural stone, ceramic tiles, tempered glass.
  • With regard to the finish of the ceiling, there is no better option than the traditional whitewashing and painting. An alternative is wood paneling. You can decorate the ceiling with wooden beams.
  • It is desirable that the window frames, interior doors, skirting boards, platbands were made of wood.


Ideally, eco-cuisine should be furnished with furniture from:

  • Tree (including recycled and old);
  • Plywood;
  • Rattan or vines;
  • Recycled plastic;
  • Glass (more precisely with glass inserts);
  • A stone (for example, a countertop of a kitchen set or a dining table can be made of stone).

Kitchen with facades from plywood in the interior

Another interior eco-kitchen with furniture from plywood

Kitchen-living room in eco style with rattan furniture and accessories

Table top made of wooden boards

However, to achieve absolute environmental friendliness in the furnishings of the kitchen is not always obtained. For example, if a kitchen set with completely wooden, rather than veneered facades, it is quite possible to find, then a set with a wooden frame is much more difficult to acquire. Most often, kitchen frames are made from MDF - an easier, affordable and reliable wood substitute.

  • Buying furniture from chipboard, MDF and fiberboard, be interested in the class of formaldehyde emission of materials. The material with the emission class E1 is the smallest of the evils.

How is the kitchen furniture in the eco-style should look externally? As a rule, it is laconic, executed without superfluity, has smooth, natural or, conversely, strict straight lines.

  • The main decoration of eco-furniture is the natural texture and color of materials.
  • It can be light, and, conversely, very massive.

A large wooden table can become the main pride of the owner


Open wooden shelves facilitate the interior, make it more laid-back and original. But do not get carried away by them, because they complicate the cleaning - the dust settles on the shelves themselves and on the items that are stored on them

  • And even closer your kitchen to the style of eco will help the old furniture or furniture made from waste and even not necessarily eco-friendly materials. The main thing here is to see the beauty in the junk and breathe new life into it by painting it in a different color, decor and / or skillful restoration. Below the photo shows an example of eco-cuisine, in which the facades of the headset are made of old wooden boards.


Light in the room in the style of eco plays a key role - it animates all the details, emphasizes the beauty of natural textures, fills the space with heat. Ideally, the design of the eco-cuisine assumes an abundance of natural light, which can be achieved by installing large or panoramic windows and even glass partitions. In such a room, electricity is consumed much more economically.

  • However, in most cases, to provide the kitchen with daylight, it is enough to free the windows from curtains and any other barriers. Furniture is also based on the principle of "do not interfere with light freely enter the room."
  • Artificial lighting in the kitchen in the style of eco should be uniform, so that the light turned out to be soft and pleasant. For example, in addition to the main ceiling light, it is possible to install spotlights along the whole perimeter of the ceiling. Also, the main fixture is well complemented by wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps.

The design of eco-lighting fixtures is minimalistic and simple. It can be hanging with lamps without plafonds, hangers, sconces or chandeliers with glass, cork, paper, bamboo or rattan lampshades.


  • An important nuance - in lighting the kitchen in an eco-style, give preference to LED lamps. They not only economically expend electricity, but also safely dispose of.

Technique, plumbing, household items

Here are some tips to help you follow the principles of eco-design:

  • The best eco-washing is ordinary ceramic. A stainless steel sink is also suitable, as it can be used for a long time, and then put into recycling.
  • The dishwasher will help you to save the water resources of our planet. After all, for one cycle of washing dishes, it spends 7-10 times less water compared to the usual washing dishes under running water. By the way, tablets for PMM with natural composition can now be bought in any hypermarket.
  • In Russia, a centralized system for separate waste collection and processing has not yet been implemented, but this does not mean that the sorting of garbage in your home is meaningless. More details are disclosed here, but we suggest looking at a selection of photo-examples, how you can organize a scrap area in the eco-kitchen.

Containers for sorting garbage from Ikea

  • To minimize the use of plastic bags for food storage, use plastic containers or silicone stretchable "caps" as in the photo below (sold on Ebay, Aliexpress, Amazon and in some Russian online stores).

Decor, dishes and accessories

  • Curtains in the eco-style should be sewn from natural fabrics - flax or cotton. A good option will be the bamboo curtains. On the most suitable curtains are the blinds, Roman, roll and panel types. For more details, see our material: Curtains for the kitchen: color, material, appearance and style.

Blinds made of bamboo

  • The rest of the kitchen textiles (napkins, tablecloths, etc.) should also be natural - cotton or linen. But the stands under the plates are best to buy cork, bamboo or rattan.
  • In order not to get carried away by asceticism and guaranteed to make the interior cozy, in the kitchen, in the dining room or in the kitchen-living room in an eco-style, you must lay a carpet. It can be woolen or sisal.

  • In the eco-interior, plant and floral motifs and ornaments are especially effective.

  • Plants are not only beautiful, but also very useful ornaments, without which it is impossible to imagine an interior in the eco-style. Of course, you should not turn the kitchen into a winter garden, but a couple of green friends to start is exactly worth it. More in detail in our material: Room flowers and plants for the kitchen - choose unpretentious, useful and beautiful.

Plants can decorate niches, shelves, window sills, be placed on desks, hang over work area

  • In addition to living plants, you can use dried herbs and branches as interior items. By the way, from the branches you can make even rails and hangers as in the photo below.
  • Wicker rattan and paper baskets are good for storing small things and products, and wicker dishes and... hats look stylish on the walls.

  • A table top, shelves or a dining table can be decorated with cute vases with natural filling, for example, with river pebbles, shells, wicker balls, colored beans.
  • Also on the table will look great dishes with fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • To decorate the interior of eco-cuisine, you can use things... "recycled" with your own hands. For example, it could be old wooden cutting boards hung on the wall, lamps made of plastic spoons, baskets woven from paper (see p. photo below).

Other ideas for decorating cans with your own hands, look here.

  • And eco-decorations can be made from natural materials, for example, from cereals, beans, paper, stones, shells, cones or branches.

Other ideas for crafts from leaves look in the material: 6 master classes and ideas of autumn crafts for adults and children.

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