Description of the variety of blackberry Giant - truth or fiction?


Gardeners are people of gambling. The passion for novelties and experiments makes them organize annual marathons in search of a rare interesting and fruitful variety. Sometimes for the sake of the treasured seedling, huge distances are overcome and large amounts of money are expended. The market of planting materials is a tasty morsel for businessmen. That is whyFor the sake of increasing sales, sometimes not too fair marketing techniques are used, and even frank fraud. This article describes a description of one such blackberry variety called Giant.


Table of contents

  • Description of Blackberry Giant, one of the most fruitful varieties of Russia and Ukraine
  • Blackberry Black Bute: characteristics of the variety
  • Nuances of agro-technology of low-yielding blackberries
    • Intensification
    • Sealing

Description of Blackberry Giant, one of the most fruitful varieties of Russia and Ukraine

Some time ago in the market of seedlings appeared a variety called the Giant with amazing long fruit thick in the finger.

According to Yandex Market, in Russia it offers an online store of the company Becker, registered in Smolensk. To find a novelty it is possible and in Ukraine - in the Internet-shop. Home and garden of the company Tviy Dim and Sad Plus with registration in Lviv. Of course, the identical design of sites raises suspicions that the Ukrainian company is a clone of the Russian. Or vice versa. But this is not so important. The main thing: nowhere else is the blackberry variety The giant is not for sale.

Blackberry Giant

Characteristics of the variety, specified in the description on the sites of sellers, are simply staggering:yield - 30 kg from the bush, weight of one berry - 23 grams, maturation - already in July, frost resistance - up to -30 ° C. No other information about the Giant is given. Nothing is known either about the type of growth of shoots (erect or creeping), nor about their inaccuracy, and even the origin of the variety and at all - is a mystery behind seven seals.

In the horticultural forums you can find such complaints:

Do not order anything in Becker. Every year I "fall" by 20-30 thousand rubles, as I pursue exoticism, but these have surpassed all. Instead of goji, Barberis Tunberga was sent, instead of blackberry Giant-Agavam.

The Gorky question arises: "Was there a boy? Maybe the boy was not there? "

The "boy" actually was. But his name was Black Butte (in Russian transcription - Black Bute). This can be seen if you look at the photo before describing the Giant. This very picture is replicated in English-language online stores on the pages of the brand of Black Bute.

Why such frauds?It's simple: to intrigue hunters for novelties and rarities. Brand change is an old marketing move, stimulating demand for non-moving goods. And if you also tell us about the fantastic 30 kilograms from the bush ...

However, blackberries Black Bute worthy of attention of Russian gardeners without any fog.


Blackberry Black Bute: characteristics of the variety

Blackberry Black Bute is a low-yielding variety

This is certainly an interesting variety, like almost all other cultural blackberries, originally from the United States. He was bred at the University of Oregon under the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) program.The main characteristics of the Black Bute variety are collected in the table:

Morphology Black Bute refers to the creepers - creeping blackberries. Root does not give birth. The bush is compact enough, it forms in 4-6 shoots. The shoots are medium-sized, from, up to 3 meters in length, studded. Thorns are small, black.
Fruiting Fruits from the second year of life. Early-ripening variety, in the middle band the first fruits are given at the end of June. Fruiting extended (5-7 weeks).

Fruits are black, very large, elongated, the length can reach up to 5 cm. The average weight is 10 grams, some specimens are up to 20 grams. Taste pleasant, dessert, sweet with light sourness.

Sustainability Frost resistance average: up to -18 ° C.
Productivity Low (up, kg from the bush). A low yield indicator is due to the malnutrition of the fruit pads: each brush carries only 4-6 berries.
Appointment of fruit Universal.
Transportability and longevity The grade is suitable for container assembly and transportation. It is preserved in comparison with other varieties well.

Thus, the main advantage of the brand Black Bute - giant, surprisingly beautiful, transportable berries. But for such a miracle the plant pays a low yield.For cultivation for sale or winter blanks, it is of little use. But the early ripeness of the variety allows you to eat fresh, delicious berries already in the middle of summer, and this is undoubtedly a big plus.

In addition to Black Bute, there are several more varieties of large-berry blackberries. For example, Karaka Black and Natchez. Natchez is a typical "American but Karaka Black is a variety of New Zealand breeding.

Nuances of agro-technology of low-yielding blackberries

If the variety is not genetically able to produce a large number of ovaries, and you want to increase the yield, there are two ways out:Sealed landings and intensive agricultural technology. The essence of the first method is cultivation of a smaller number of plants. The second is the stimulation of fruiting by top dressing and pruning.


Blackberries Black Bute, like all the others, for example, Doyle, fructifies on shoots of the second year. It must also be taken into account that, being a creeping variety, it concentrates the fruiting zone in the middle part of the shoot. Proceeding from this, they develop a pruning scheme.

  1. Early springThe overwintering last year's branches are shortened to a height of one meter from the ground. Damaged and frozen frozen.
  2. In May they are examined again,choose the 4 strongest and cut out the weak. Do not be afraid to leave less shoots on the plant. The plant will direct its forces to the formation of the crop for the remainder.
  3. In the middle of summer, a pincer, preparing the young shoots-yearlings to fructification for the next year. Pinching consists in pruning their apexes to stimulate lateral branching. For creeping blackberries, the pruning norm is up to half the length of the shoot.
  4. Growing sideshoots shortened to 40 cm.
  5. In the autumncut out all the fertilized vines.

Planning fertilizing, you need to remember thatExcess nitrogen will stimulate the growth of green mass, but not fruiting. Therefore, the blackberry BlackByte nitrogen should be given strictly dosage.

After the spring frosts pass, a bucket of mature compost, 100 grams of superphosphate and 30 grams of potassium fertilizers are poured into the soil for each bush.

At the beginning of summerspend a foliar top dressing of blackberry with a solution of boric acid. To do this, 10 grams of the drug is dissolved in 10 liters of water. Spray on the underside of the leaf on a calm, cloudy day, without rain. In addition, it is good to feed the blackberry with an ash solution under the root.

Mineral fertilizers do not enrich, but exhaust the soil. It is necessary to weigh three times all the pros and cons before deciding whether a mineral fertilizer is needed for the plant.


The grade of Black Bute is good because it is compact in itself. Therefore, he will easily survive a compact landing. For this blackberry, there will be enough distance, a meter between plants and 2 meters between rows. But at the same time you need to guide the vines vertically.

Formation of blackberry bushes

For this variety, you can apply a fan formation on two sides. This is done like this:

  1. Even with the planting of seedlingson both sides of the row,. Between them stretches wire in three tiers: at a height of 40, 100 and 150 cm. It is better that the ranks are directed from east to west.
  2. Furthershoots are divided into two sides. On the south side, the fruit-bearing shoots-second-parties are tied up by a fan. They will receive enough light and heat, so that the fruits can get started and mature well.
  3. On the north side shoot shoots. Light and sun for them to ripen and prepare for the winter will be enough.
  4. In autumn, after circumcision of fruit-bearing branches, annual vines are removed from the garter and laid on the south side, bending over the lower tier of the wire.
It is very important to send BlackBut Blackberry for wintering properly. This is not too winter hardy, so shelter is necessary.

Agrofiber is considered to be one of the best materials for warming heat-loving plants. But you can do with natural means.

An excellent option - lapnik. The smell of needles discourages pests, and resins have disinfectant properties. The chopped branches of spruce are stacked in two layers on the blackberry. After falling out of the snow, it will be good to throw it on the structure in addition.

BlackBut Blackberries should be sheltered for the winter period

Good protection against frost - leaves and stalks of corn. If you put them in a thick enough layer, no additional shelters will be required. The main thing is to make sure that the leaves are healthy, without rotting.

But with the straw you need to be more careful. This material in winter can be fooled by rodents who will gladly spoil the blackberry shoots.

Foliage collected under deciduous fruit trees, for sheltering blackberries is not good. In it, larvae of pests may winter.

Blackberry Black Bute is an interesting variety. Some of hisshortcomings are more than compensated by the pleasure of collecting really giant berries, surprising with its beauty and taste.

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