Broke the refrigerator Bosch

The Bosch refrigerator is popular with many users thanks to modern design and functionality. But this technique is also not insured against breakdowns. Although the faults of all refrigerators are similar, there are such breakages that Bosch models have more frequent. For example, a freezer or refrigerator is not working.

Consider the reasons for the breakdown in the article.

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  • 1Typical breakage of the refrigerator "Bosch"
    • 1.1The refrigerator compartment does not work
    • 1.2The refrigerator loudly works
  • 2Why the new refrigerator is working loudly

Typical breakage of the refrigerator "Bosch"

Models on electronic control often notify the user of a malfunction, highlighting the error code on the display. Having learned the meaning of the code, the user can quickly find the cause of the breakdown. But not always the error helps to understand the problem.

You need to pay attention to the work of the refrigerator - glitches hint at the causes of the malfunction.

Your refrigerator "Bosch" broke? Causes that lead to a breakdown of technology:

  1. Wear of the refrigerator. This happens after a long service life or in the event of improper operation.
  2. Voltage surges in the network lead to the combustion of electronic parts and parts: control cards, wiring.
  3. Refrigerant leaks due to mechanical damage or due to a violation of the capillary system.
  4. Malfunction of the start relay and the thermostat - this leads to the fact that one camera can freeze and the other can not.
  5. Malfunction of the motor-compressor.
  6. Trouble in the defrost system No Frost.

Let us take a closer look at some of the malfunctions.

The refrigerator compartment does not work

Often happens that the freezer does not work, and the refrigerator department normally functions. Or vice versa - the refrigeration department stopped working, but the freezer pours frost "in full". Why is this happening?

First make sure that you follow the operating instructions:

  1. Is the camera door closed properly? Otherwise, the constant penetration of warm air leads to an imbalance in the system. The refrigerator tries to cool the department even more.
  2. If you have a No Frost system, check to see if the fan has frozen. In this case, the cold will not flow into one of the chambers.

Perhaps it's a breakdown:

  • You defrosted the refrigerator, but after turning on the fan does not work? The fan motor is defective. Have to completely replace the part.
  • If the fan does not work, but there is a snow cover in the freezer, the cause is in the evaporator. The evaporator heater is covered with a layer of ice, which prevents the rotation of the fan. It is necessary to repair or replace the evaporator heater.

  • The freezing compartment is very cold, the compressor works without stopping. The thermostat in the freezer or the evaporator sensor broke. The system pushes cold due to incorrect data.
  • Freon leak. This could be due to mechanical damage to the wall. There may be a leak in the steel circuit.

Signs of breakage are superficial: to determine exactly what has broken down, you need to conduct professional diagnostics. Often, this behavior of the refrigerator is associated with malfunctions in the electronic board. Repair of the management board is a difficult task. Most often, the combustion of electronic components leads to an unstable voltage in the network. Therefore, it is recommended to install a stabilizer.

The refrigerator loudly works

Such a problem often worries users. Today there is no such technique, which works absolutely noiselessly. But sometimes the refrigerator really works really loud. What you need to check:

  • How exactly the refrigerator is installed. If the technique is close to the wall or to other pieces of furniture, the motor of strong sounds can not be avoided. Perhaps the camera is full of dishes that rattles and rings. Then it is enough to rearrange the dishes to another place.

  • A sound is considered normal when the motor is switched on after a break. So the device gains energy and accelerates, because it works loudly.

Having checked the accuracy of the installation, did you find any deviations? Let's pass to probable malfunctions:

  1. Wear of the compressor. A serious malfunction is caused by the wear of the motor components, so when it is turned on it noisily operates. For repair, the part must be completely replaced.
  2. During start-up and shutdown of the compressor, a loud noise is heard - the motor mounts may loosened. Shock absorbers are provided for damping vibrations - when their mounts become weak, the motor starts to rattling harder, it can beat against the body.
  3. If there is noise and a rasp, check the fan. His blades could be covered with ice, so they turn with a noise. Sometimes, the blades are so ice-cold that the fan does not work. Defrost the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. Perhaps, the door of the upper chamber of the refrigerator has broken, so the walls and details begin to become covered with snow.

Why the new refrigerator is working loudly

The reasons are similar to those mentioned above, but there are some differences. Inspect the refrigerator body - during transport the technician is equipped with transportation bolts. If they are not removed after installation, they will interfere with normal operation and cause extraneous noise.

Once you have delivered the equipment to the house, give it time to "recover normalize the work in the new conditions. If after a day the refrigerator is still buzzing - this is the reason to contact the service center.

Click here for the repair video:

Attentive attitude to the technology will allow you to quickly notice the problem and contact the master. Or try to find the cause of strong noise yourself. Sometimes simple manipulations are enough to make the fridge work properly.

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