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Zrazy is a dish in the form of a cutlet with a filling. The phrase "potato zrazy" is used to determine what exactly is the filling - in the potato mass or dough, as defined by this product professional culinary specialists. Despite a fairly simple "design" (potato + filling), this dish is universal and perfectly suited, both as a full-fledged lunch, and for a quick snack.

Today, in modern culinary books, dozens of variants of potato tapes are described, which, according to to a large account, differ from each other, solely by filling, molding and the way of preparation products. In this publication we will consider what the classical zrazy potato with minced meat represent, and also we will present some of the most popular recipes with step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare them.

A bit of history

Zrazy in a fairly free translation from Polish is a "cut piece". Initially, this dish meant a roll of stuffing wrapped in a chopped piece of beef (hence the name of the product). There are at least two versions of the origin of the product.

  1. According to the first, Zrazy first submitted to the table the Princess Bon Sforza, who was the wife of the ruler of the Commonwealth, Sigismund I.
  2. According to the second version, zrazy appeared in Poland, as a truly Lithuanian dish, but already after the formation of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The struggle of Poland and Lithuania for the right to be the ancestor of this dish has not led to any results for a long time: zrazy can be simultaneously considered a Lithuanian and Polish dish. Sigismund the First was not only the King of Poland, but also the Grand Duke of Lithuania. On the other hand, in the first mention of zrazy, it was said that the Polish King Vladislav Jagiello preferred Lithuanian cuisine and Polish zrazy.

If we talk about the potato variety of this product, then there is a version that the dish has Belarusian roots, where the potato is the second most popular after meat. Proceeding from the fact that the classical products were made from meat and stuffing, potato zrazy is a kind of budget analogue of the original product with some share of the ethnic component.

Features of the dish

Zrazy of potatoes are a dish that resembles chopped cutlets in form, and in fact - fried pies, where instead of a shell of dough from cereals used potato mass with the addition of wheat flour and eggs. In some recipes, on the contrary, it is not raw, but raw potatoes.

As a filling can be used almost any product: finely chopped and fried mushrooms, stewed vegetables, minced meat from fish, chicken and offal, cottage cheese. In the mid-90s of the last century, our compatriots began to enjoy a lot of money variants of this dish, for example, zrazy potato with egg and green onions, or chopped onions and carrots. In modern cooking, various variations of the filling of greens and cabbage are widely represented. Do not lag behind in popularity simple recipes of potato starches with a filling of cheese, boiled eggs and butter. But, according to reviews, the most popular among our compatriots, traditionally are potato zrazy with minced meat. Next, consider the principles of preparation of this product.

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Cooking the potato dough

As already mentioned above, the basis of such diseases are potato tubers, which, depending on the recipe, can be used in raw or boiled form.

In the first variant, the product must be rubbed on a fine grater and carefully wrung out from excessive moisture. In the second, zrazy are made of mashed potatoes. Next, to create the right mass, you need eggs. Traditionally, to make the basis of a more gentle structure, the culinary experts of the whole world use only yolks of chicken eggs. To give the test the necessary elasticity and stickiness, a certain amount of flour or manga is added to its composition.

How to cook potato zrazy? It's very simple: we create a foundation, we put stuffing inside, we form small cutlets or patties, fry in oil to a ruddy crust. Garnish is usually served with a salad of fresh vegetables and herbs. Next, consider several popular recipes for cooking this dish at home.


Classic recipe

To prepare potato zrazes with minced meat, you will need:

  • 600 g of potatoes;
  • two chicken yolks;
  • three tablespoons of wheat flour;
  • 30 g of butter;
  • , kg of minced meat (pork, beef);
  • bulb of medium size;
  • ground biscuits;
  • vegetable refined oil for frying.

Salt and spices are taken to taste.

Create a foundation

We begin to prepare zrazy potato with meat from the foundation. For this, cook until ready and we potry the potatoes. In the prepared puree you should add yolks, butter, salt, spices and flour. We carefully mix everything.

To increase the plasticity of the dough, the cook is recommended to boil potatoes "in uniform" then clean and knead, not allowing the product to cool completely.

Cooking stuffing

Now we are preparing the filling. It can be made from boiled meat or raw minced meat. In the first version, boiled meat should be passed through a meat grinder, add salt, spices, a head of chopped and roasted onions. In the second variant, in a frying pan it is necessary to fry a finely chopped onion with minced meat, salt and season with spices.

Form and prepare zrazy

Quickly form the same potato zrazy will help you a normal spoon:

  1. Lay the base with a spoon on a board "dusted" with breadcrumbs or flour.
  2. Make a dough in the dough.
  3. Put a portion of minced meat in the groove.
  4. Top with a spoonful of potato dough.
  5. Form the cutlets.

Further, everything is simple: ready zrazy roll in breadcrumbs and fry from two sides to a ruddy crust.

After frying, place the dish on a paper towel, which will absorb excess fat.

Classic potato zrazy with minced meat: the recipe for cooking dishes is very simple, does not require an abundance of ingredients and time to prepare ingredients. Nevertheless, they can be eaten both in hot and cold, with sour cream, vegetable sliced, salads from fresh greens. If the dish is prepared for future use, the resulting semi-finished product is frozen and fried immediately from the freezer, without the preliminary thawing process. The dish safely tolerates frost and does not lose quality.

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Potato zrazy with chicken

Similarly, potato zrazy with chicken are made. The difference is only in the preparation of minced meat. For this recipe, only boiled chicken meat is taken, which is not chopped in a meat grinder, but on a board. For juiciness, chopped meat is added a sufficient amount of chopped onion (1/4 of the weight of meat), ground pepper and nutmeg. If the chicken breast is used for the filling, then in the laying of minced meat a small piece of butter is put in each "cutlet".

In the oven, potato zrazy with chicken are not less delicious than fried in a frying pan. With this method of preparation, "cutlets" do not have a high percentage of fat and are obtained as much as possible suitable for dietary nutrition.

As already noted above, minced meat is not the only filling for this dish. With a potato base, exotic fillings from seafood or crushed walnuts, biscuits and butter are perfectly combined. Next, consider a more familiar for the stomachs of our compatriots set of products, namely, potato zrazy with mushrooms.

Zrazy with mushroom filling

Fried mushrooms with onions are a classic filling of this dish, which is perfect for breakfast with sour cream or as a full dinner to a vegetable or meat garnish. The composition of the base is the same as for sausages with minced meat: mashed potatoes, eggs, flour in the proportion: 1000 gr. / 2 pcs. / 4 tbsp. spoons, salt to taste. More attention deserves the preparation of mushroom forcemeat, for which you need 20 gr. any fresh or frozen mushrooms.

Experienced culinary experts recommend for this dish to use forest mushrooms, which have a stronger flavor.

Cooking with mushroom filling classic potato zrazy. Step-by-step recipe with a photo is presented below.

One medium onion and mushrooms are finely chopped and fried in vegetable oil until cooked.

In the mushrooms add salt, black pepper. On the floured board, put a portion of the base, roll it into a cake, about the thickness, see. Put a spoonful of mushrooms in the middle of the billet.

Form a sprout, roll in flour or breadcrumbs.

Fry in vegetable oil until a ruddy brown.

On average, the roasting process takes 3-4 minutes for each side.

Potato zrazy with Mozzarella cheese

Several years ago, in the metropolitan restaurants of home cooking, fried potato croquettes (zrazes) with cheese stuffing began to be served. They are made according to the classical technology: cooled mashed potatoes (, kg), 1-2 chicken eggs, flour (4 tbsp. l.), salt to taste.

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Mass carefully vymeshat, divided into equal balls, the size of 5-6 cm. Put flour on the bottom of the plate, put a ball of dough and make a cake from it, at the center of which, with a spoon, squeeze out a small depression. Put a piece of cheese and not form a cake, carefully closing the edges. After that, roll the resulting "patty" in flour and fry in a pan in a large amount of vegetable refined oil.

The oil temperature should be within 180 ° C.

In a budgetary version, instead of Mozzarella, you can use any hard cheese. In some recipes it is offered to grind on a fine grater, but reviews are much easier if you place a cheese plate in the middle of a potato cake.

Served cheese zrazy only in hot condition. Ideal is the "Italian" serve with sour cream sauce, fresh tomatoes and a leaf of green basil.

Video recipe for potato starch with liver

Zrazy with sauerkraut filling

Potato zrazy with stewed cabbage are a favorite dish in many Russian families. Despite the simplicity of cooking and a fairly budgetary set of ingredients, the product turns out to be very gentle and juicy. We present to your attention a detailed recipe with a photo of potato cabbage soup.

For cooking, you will need:

  • potato 1 kg;
  • cabbage, sour 400 gr. pure weight (without brine);
  • onion - 1 head;
  • eggs of chicken - 2 pieces;
  • flour - 2 tbsp. l;
  • salt, black ground pepper - to taste;
  • vegetable oil for roasting - 4 tbsp. l.

Peel potatoes, place in cold water and cook until ready.

While cooking the tubers you need to grind the onions.

Let's pass the onion to transparency. After, we add sauerkraut to it. Add freshly ground black pepper and simmer until the cabbage is soft. Brine is not needed, but the product should not be squeezed.

In the boiled and mashed potatoes without oil leave to cool. After, add the egg yolks of two eggs and flour.

Mix the mixture to homogeneity. Whisk together the whites with a pinch of salt and injected into the mass. All whisk with a fork for the splendor of the dough.

The board should be covered with a food film and put a portion of potato paste on top of it. Form a cake, on the center of which lay out the filling of stewed cabbage.

After pulling the edges of the film, form a "cutlet" and carefully seal the edges.

Sprinkle the resulting billet with breadcrumbs and fry in a heated frying pan in a small amount of vegetable oil.

Serve ready-made zrazy with greens, sliced ​​from fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

In the same way, potato zrazy with fresh cabbage is prepared, which must be braised with spices, grated carrots and a spoon of tomato paste.

In this publication, several popular recipes for cooking such a simple but terrificly delicious dish as potato zrazes were considered. This product will be in demand by people who are limited in time, but can not "pass" a good and satisfying home kitchen. Try, fantasize and experiment and you will definitely succeed!

Video recipe for potato starch with cabbage

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