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The sight of the falling jets of water fascinates, the murmur calms. To create an artificial waterfall in landscape or room design, you need a pump for the fountain. To the cascade of water to please the beauty, exact hydraulic engineering calculation of water circulation is required. Fountain - a decorative structure, stylized as a natural. Jets of water emphasize beauty, carry coolness, play in dark time with skilful illumination.

Variety of fountains

All fountains are divided by their design into several types:

  1. The discharge of water upwards or at an acute angle to the surface of the mirror is called a geyser. Depending on the capacity and power of the pump head for the fountain, the water jets can rise several meters, forming a noisy dropping stream. A small room humidifier, lifting a fountain a few centimeters above the bowl, installed on the bedside table, also refers to geysers.
  2. If the water is raised low above the pool and drained through the nozzle, a beautiful transparent dome is created, resembling a hood. Artificial lighting creates overflows of the flowing film. Here the exact calculation of the flow and pressure of the fountain pump plays a major role.
  3. Cascade - a kind of calmly flowing water along the ledges and crevices of an artificial stony slope is cool and peaceful. Water, accumulating in small lakes, overflows the edge and continues to move down. Water jets wash away tension and negativity. In this composition, the pump for the fountain should work noiselessly.
  4. Compositions connecting several points are called hybrid.
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Street fountains require care of the water surface, protection from the sun, shutdown and conservation. Room buildings are easier to make and care for.

Criteria for choosing pumps for fountains

The feeding system consists of a pump, a regulator on the discharge line and an injector, which gives the shape and pattern to the water cloud. The choice of fountain pumps is big. It is important to determine whether a submersible or surface apparatus will drive water through the system.

Surface pump is cheaper, but it will have to be installed on the shore of a water bowl. To accidentally not wet the windings, for safety reasons, it needs to be stylized, creating shelter from rain or spray. This type of equipment operates noisily, before starting it is necessary to fill the suction system with water. It is better if the suction hose will have a filter mesh, and a non-return valve is installed on the branch pipe. Air in the system is an obstacle to water supply.

Submersible pump for a fountain is installed in the water column. The engine and the operating mechanism are in a sealed housing. The feed hose is hermetically pressed and filled with epoxy glue. Submersible pump consumes less electricity, doing the same work. But he is not able to work constantly, the engine overheats. The machine must be dismantled for maintenance.

For a submersible pump on the bottom, it is necessary to create an elevation. Otherwise, it will quickly clog, tightening the bottom sediments.

The fountain pump is selected based on the calculation of the technical values ​​of the productivity and head shown in the table:

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In the passport of any pump, the height, capacity and capacity of the equipment are indicated. Pumps of small capacity are suitable for creating home fountains. Rationally, if the pump is completed:

  • a transition nozzle that increases the outlet pressure;
  • a tee with a valve, allowing to divide the flow of water into two points;
  • head with LEDs, which is used in the pump for a fountain with illumination, is installed on a special extension with a thread.

Pondtech AP series, Messener ECO-X2 are referred to as pumps.

Decorative lighting adds a fabulous play of light in the stream, surprises with the play of shadows in the pool. To create a light effect, use halogen, LED lamps and optical fiber. Surface lighting is less dangerous, it is installed using a 12/24 Volt network through a step-down transformer.

To ensure safety from electric shock, it is necessary to install an RCD in the lighting circuit - an automatic shutdown system.

Most often in the countryside landscape design a pump is used for the Sprut 1143 fountain.

Submersible pump Octopus 1143 is the smaller of the series. It works silently, compact, has 3 nozzles for different types of fountains. Pumps series FSP, FST, FSS Ukrainian manufacturer are designed for fountains and pools.

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Technical data and dimensions of the pump:

  • productivity 1 m3 / hour;
  • head, m;
  • power 22 W;
  • height of the pump with a nozzle 27 cm;
  • body dimensions 10 *, * 8 cm.

The decorative fountain pump has suction cups at the bottom, it is installed so that the suction opening is under the bay.

The pump will cost the more, the more performance, the set of additional functions, the more known the manufacturer.

You can make a pump for the fountain with your own hands. There are many options. We will analyze the simplest, which will raise the stream by 50 cm. To do this, we use an electric motor from the indoor fan. Instead of the impeller, you need to install the wheel, connecting it with the engine. For the pump, a casing with a sampling and tap hole is created, and the entire structure is hermetically sealed.

The baby pumping up to 50 liters of water per hour. The main thing is to make connections secure and to isolate live conductors well. Nozzles can be created from plastic bottles, arrange backlighting. The space for imagination is unlimited.

To install the pump for a fountain with your own hands, you can use a drainage device, laying the system of feed pipes, fixing the nozzle. It is enough to fix the device on the bottom and equip it with a regulating head with a valve, an injector. It will be necessary to periodically stop the fountain to cool the pump and replace the intake filter.

The supply cable for all types of pumps should be routed in the protective housing, deepening into the ground.

Homemade pump for indoor fountain - video

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