Error codes for dishwashers Ariston

The Hotpoint Ariston dishwasher is equipped with the latest technologies, including a self-diagnostic system. If the fault code appears on the display, do not panic. We will tell you what the code means, what is the cause of the failure, how to fix it.

Before you call the master, you will be dismantled. Sometimes the malfunctions are trivial, so even a novice user can cope with them.

How Ariston DTCs are Transcribed

In the table below, we will consider the errors of Ariston dishwashers. The fault code can be displayed in different ways, depending on the type of dishwasher control. If the panel is equipped with a display, the code will be displayed with alphabetic symbols. If the panel only indicators, you need to monitor the number of blinking lights.

There are such types of management:

  • indicator light with 4 programs;
  • with 6 programs.

Each type produces a different number of flashes, so in the table they are indicated by the numbers 4 and 6. Now let's look at the malfunctions in Arminon.

DTC What means Causes of appearance How to fix the problem
A 01

For model "4" - 1 flashing, for model "6" - 3 flashes.

The protection against leaks "Aquastop" has worked. Loss of tightness of joints, water leakage. Close the water tap. Inspect the dishwasher housing, check the tightness of the hose connections.

The glow of the diodes: "4" - 2 flashes, "6" - 4 flashes.

There is no water intake. 1. The filler hose is clogged.

2. Problems with the water supply valve.

3. No water in the water supply or low pressure.

4. The filter-mesh is hammered.

How to fix the situation:

1. Open the tap and check for water.

2. Check the inlet valve, it may be blocked.

3. Inspect the supply valve, check the hose for blockage.

4. Unscrew the filler hose and check the filter mesh. If it is clogged, wash it under running water.


For the type of control "4" - 1-2 blinking bulbs, for "6" - 3-4 blinks.

Water does not drain after washing dishes. The code value in the machine "Ariston

1. The water level sensor is defective.

2. Problems with the drain pump.

3. Broken wiring contacts.

4. Breakdown of the main module.

1. It is necessary to check the level sensor and pump. In case of malfunction, parts are replaced.

2. Inspect the wiring from the pump to the module. Perhaps the contacts are off, so the module does not give a signal about the draining of water.

3. Only the specialist can diagnose the module failure.


Control "4" - 3 flashes, "6" - 5 flashes.

Problems with the NTC sensor. The sensor connections are broken. Check the circuit, replace the control module.

For type "4" - 1-3 flashes, for "6" - 3-5.

There was a problem with the pump or the level sensor. 1. The pump wiring is broken.

2. The pump itself is faulty.

3. Problems with the control module.

4. Send the connections of the level sensor.

5. The filter is clogged.

Self repair:

1. Inspect the wiring and the pump itself. Check its winding. In case of malfunction, replace the part.

2. Check the sensor contacts and tighten the connections.

3. Clean the filter of blockage.


Management "4" - 4 blinks, control "6" - 4 blinks.

Faults with power supply to the priming valve. 1. The wiring leading to the valve is defective.

2.Disruptions in the electronic module of the dishwasher.

What can be done:

1. Call the multi-meter valve contacts, if broken, install a new device.

2. The control module needs diagnostics.


Control "4" - 4 flashes, for "6" - 4.

NTC temperature sensor malfunction. The sensor is not properly attached to the tank. Inspection of the sensor.

The program "4" - 1-4 blinks, "6" - 1-4.

The program is not recognized. Defect of the Ariston PMM control module, or it is not programmed. Replace the item.

For "4" - 2-4, for "6" - 4-6.

Contacts of the heating element are broken. 1. The heating cable was broken.

2. The heater is broken.

3. The TEN control relay burned on the module.

1. Check the heater wiring.

2. Replace the heater.

3. It is necessary to repair the main module.


No indication.

No connection. Violation of the wiring or operation of the module. Inspection of parts and their replacement.

Before you take any serious action, reboot the system. How to reset the dishwasher "Ariston

  • unplug the machine from the power;
  • wait for 15-20 minutes;
  • connect.

If the code does not disappear from the screen, then it is possible to be taken for fault diagnosis.

It is important to recognize the fault in time. Do not start the dishwasher if the system signals a breakdown.

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