How to equip the kitchen area of ​​4 square meters. m from scratch

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  • Remodeling and zoning
  • Repair, decoration and small alterations of the premises
  • Kitchen set
  • Equipment
  • Dining room
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The kitchen area is only 4 square meters. m non-standard tiny, even for Khrushchev. To place on such a small area all that is necessary is difficult, but in fact it is possible. The main thing is to pay attention to the details and carefully plan all the stages of the arrangement - from the renovation of the room to the selection of curtains. In this material you will find a full design guide with practical tips, cool ideas and a selection of 50 photo interiors for inspiration.

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Color spectrum

The easiest and most effective way to visually enlarge a small kitchen is to decorate most of the interior in light colors, for example, in white, cream, light gray and light beige.

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To visually lighten the cumbersome set, decorate the walls in the tone of the facades. Then the furniture seems to dissolve into space

But if you want to achieve a super-effect, we advise you to bet on white color and decorate them, at least, walls and kitchen set. So you can visually "move apart" the walls, "raise" the ceilings, add light and make massive furniture less cumbersome. By the way, white color is quite practical and even fewer marks than dark shades (exception - light fabrics).

  • Design of the kitchen, apt. m
  • Design of the kitchen, apt. m

Do not be afraid to turn the kitchen into a hospital room. The trick is that if you choose as the primary color a soft and slightly warm shade of white (for example, the color of melted milk, the color eggshells, etc.), and also to combine interesting materials and textures with each other, even a monochrome interior will be cozy and alive.


Also, from the sensation of sterility, one or two color or dark accents will get rid of. Dark colors even help to "increase" the space. So, for example, a black apron on a background of white facades the headset will seem to "fall through giving space volume and depth.

Remodeling and zoning

Cardinally change the 4-meter kitchenette can be by re-planning, combining it with the living room / corridor / loggia or, rearranging the wall, to increase the area due to the adjacent premises.

  • The combination of the kitchen with the living room is advantageous for the possibility of moving the dining area to a recreation area or to the border between two rooms. Thus, there is a chance to equip a more spacious workspace, and the table in this case, you can choose more. And the combined kitchen-living room creates excellent conditions for family communication and home celebrations. However, when deciding on such a redevelopment, be prepared for the inconvenience - the unobstructed penetration of smells and noise from room to room, the lack of privacy. Below in the photo is an example of a kitchen in Khrushchev square, sq. M. m, combined with the living room.

Kitchen in one-room in Khrushchev, converted into a studio apartment


Plan of the apartment before and after repair

  • Increasing the kitchen due to adjacent premises by transferring the partition is the optimal solution, when the isolation of rooms is necessary and important.

Keep in mind that any redevelopment requires reconciliation.

Repair, decoration and small alterations of the premises

By equipping your baby kitchen from scratch, take into consideration the following ideas of small but very useful rework:

  • If the kitchen is not gasified, and you are ready to partially combine it with the living room or hallway, then give up swinging doors or at least rearrange the hinges so that it opens outward, as shown in the following a photo.


Arch in the kitchen in Khrushchev

  • In the gasified kitchen, a trick with an open opening will not work, according to the rules of SNiPa, a door is necessarily needed here. Fortunately, it can be any, so we recommend to replace the usual swing door with a sliding or folding ("accordion").

See also: Design and repair of kitchen with gas column.

  • There is another method - the transfer of the doorway and its narrowing, because often even a dozen centimeters are sometimes of decisive importance.
  • A window sill in a 4-meter kitchen should not stand idle, it must be put into action. For example, you can embed it in a kitchen set and equip it with drawers or turn it into a bar counter. For this, in the process of repair, you need to raise or lower the window one level with the lower tier headset and set the countertop.


And now let's talk about the finish. When the kitchen is extremely small, the significance is even how the floor is laid and the walls are decorated. So, the floor finish with wide and long boards, as well as facing the walls with wallpaper with a large and bright print, will "eat" an already tiny space. But the correct finish will help to expand it.

  • The floor should be laid on a diagonal (this applies to tiles, and laminate, and piece parquet, and parquet board) or across the kitchen (if it is narrow). The stacking pattern is preferable in the descent or herringbone.
  • If the walls are very crooked, and you do not want to sacrifice precious centimeters for the sake of their alignment, then we advise you to paste structural wallpaper (you can paint it). The relief of such wallpaper will make the differences and curvature less noticeable.
  • Ideally, walls are best simply painted in one tone. It is both practical, and beautiful, and good for visually increasing the kitchenette.
  • If the kitchen has ceilings with a height of only, m, it makes sense to decorate one or two walls with vertical stripes, vertical patterns or rhombuses.

Design project of a small kitchen in Khrushchev with striped wallpaper

  • But in a narrow kitchen, horizontal lines and zigzags work well (see Fig. photo below). They can be painted on their own using a paint tape on the principle of a stencil.

Chevron on the wall

  • Having pasted a wall-paper with a picture of a road going into the distance (or any other picture with perspective), you are guaranteed to deceive your own vision and the kitchen will seem bigger. The main thing at the same time - to decorate the rest of the walls and the interior in general is reserved and minimalistic.

  • Another trick of cheating the eyes is to decorate the walls with large mirrors. The more the mirror is, the more effective. A mirror in the wall will turn 4 squares of your kitchen into all 8 square meters. m. If you mirror the walls in front of the window, then there will be more light in the room.


Kitchen set

Kitchen set in the kitchen area of ​​4 square meters. m can be built only linearly, or, if you try, it is L-shaped.

  • Having built the kitchen linearly, the refrigerator can be transferred to another wall and the storage system can be supplemented with a shelf on the wheels (believe me, it is more roomy than it seems) or a small cabinet with drawers.

Interior of a small kitchen in Khrushchev

Kitchen with mobile shelving

  • Angular kitchen will take up more space, but also accommodate more lockers and surfaces for preparation of products. Save space in the L-shaped layout can be due to the construction of the window sill (it will become part of the letter D) or the reduced depth of its sidewall. Well, if the side of the headset, located near the doorway, will not only be narrowed, but also trimmed (see. photo below). So the passage to the kitchen will become more relaxed. And another tip - one of the walls is desirable to leave without hinged cabinets, then the kitchen will not seem cluttered.

Corner set with beveled sidewall

  • To use the full potential of the kitchen with a very small area, you need to use its height. Therefore, it is strongly advised to design the headset to the ceiling. In the uppermost tier you can hide the air duct and store things that you do not use often. By the way, a high set is good and that its top does not need to be wiped from dust.
  • In addition to the top of the headset, a secluded place to store trifles can be arranged in the socle, built into it drawers.

  • To leave more space for kitchen furniture (including a dining group), the refrigerator can be taken out of the corridor. It's not very convenient, but sometimes it's just necessary.

In addition to these two layouts for square kitchens, the most convenient, but impressive in size, U-shaped layout is available. To build a set in this way on 4 squares, the dining room will have to be abandoned and taken out, for example, in the attached living room or replaced by a bar stand made on the basis of a window sill (which in this case is built into a U-shaped headsets). Since the passage between the sides of the letter P must be at least 90 cm, you can and need to build a window sill in the suite and make one or two sidewalls narrow and preferably beveled at the corners.


As for the design of the kitchen set, we recommend choosing facades without panels, perhaps even without handles. Excellent glossy facades (see. photo) or doors with glass inserts, as they will reflect light and facilitate the interior.



To the working space of the 4-meter kitchen turned out to be both compact and functional, it needs to be equipped with mini-format technology.

  • For a family of 3-4 people, a narrow dishwasher with a width of 45 cm is suitable. For singles and couples, you can buy an even narrower PMM - a width of 35-40 cm.

  • Narrow must be a refrigerator. Due to its high "growth" it will be quite capacious.
  • The hob with three burners is optimal for families. If the apartment is inhabited by one or two people, then you can choose a plate with two burners.
  • The oven can be small, but the ovens are also good, which can fulfill the function of a microwave oven.

It is important that all technology is built in, because the more homogeneous all fronts, the more accurate and easy it will be to look like an interior.

Dining room

Options for equipping the dining area in the kitchen area of ​​4 square meters. meter is not so much. After all, only very small tables and compact chairs will fit here.

  • The table is best chosen square or rectangular, folding, sliding or with folding wings. That is, it should easily transform, say, from a two-seater table into a four-seater.
  • More mobile versions of the table for the kitchenette: a bar counter, a coffee table or a folding table top. By the way, a bar counter or a folding table can be made on the basis of a window sill.


  • Chairs fit light and functional. For example, stools, folding chairs, invisibility chairs (made of polycarbonate) or benches are suitable. The latter are good because they have drawers under the seat and do not require a reserve of space behind them.


Lighting from one single central chandelier that gives a dim light with sharp shadows is the worst thing that can happen to a small space. If you want the kitchen to look spacious, it was bright and cozy, use instead of one ceiling light several spot spots or a couple of wall sconces. The chandelier is best not to hang in the center of the room, but directly above the table. And, of course, do not forget about the furniture lighting in the work area.

Kitchen interior 4 sq. M. m


In the decoration of the kitchen area of ​​4 square meters. meter should not be carried away, as the abundance of small details will create a sense of disorder and litter. However, you can not do without decorations, because it is the décor that creates a residential appearance of the interior and reflects the tastes of the owners. We recommend limiting ourselves to wall clocks, live plants, a pair of wall panels or posters, a candy dish or a fruit bowl on the table. And do not forget to pay attention to the choice of dishes and textiles. They should match the interior in color and style.

As for the decoration of the window, the best choice will be short and concise curtain models, for example, Roman or roller blinds, short curtains of soft fabric, blinds and curtains-cafes. If the kitchen windows go to the north side and there is not enough daylight in it, then the window should be left completely without curtains.

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