Torn the rubber on the door of the refrigerator

In the refrigerator, even the motor and capillary tubes break, what to say about such a modest component as a rubber band. With this breakdown, you can cope on your own without resorting to the services of an expensive service center. In the article, we will consider what to do if the rubber band on the door suddenly broke.

Content of the material:

  • 1Than the damage of a sealant is dangerous
  • 2What to do if the seal is worn out
    • 2.1Help boiling water
    • 2.2Paper and other improvised means
    • 2.3Overlap the door
    • 2.4Adhesion
    • 2.5Replacement of gum

Than the damage of a sealant is dangerous

At first glance, the elastic is not the main part of the refrigerator, but the optimal and uninterrupted operation of the equipment depends on the density of its attachment to the body. When the sealant has moved away, peeled off, moved off or torn, warm air enters from the outside.

What's happening? The chamber becomes too warm, the sensors constantly transmit the information about the air temperature to the controller, and it sets the operating mode of the compressor.

The motor starts to work in full force, and because of the fact that it is not possible to cool constantly incoming air, it wears out. A refrigerator or a freezer can not do well with their functions - the products are spoiled, and you run the risk of the engine and the refrigerator as a whole.

It is not necessary to sound the alarm, as to resuscitate or replace the elastic on the door of the refrigerator, if it is torn, you can do it yourself.

What to do if the seal is worn out

It is not necessary to immediately change the detail - you can try to recover working capacity with improvised means. All known methods are cheap and simple, so the help of a master and expenses for repairs will not be needed. Many lifhakas have been known since the time of the Union, but they are still relevant today. Let's consider the main methods of repairing the rubber bands further.

Help boiling water

Remove the seal from the doors. The procedure depends on the brand and model of the refrigerator. There are two ways of dismantling the rubber bands:

  1. In modern models the rubber on the door is fixed with foam, so its dismantling will not cause any difficulties. Also the part can be installed in a special groove.
  2. Soviet models are arranged cunningly - a sealer is fastened on nails, therefore with removal there can be problems. Take care not to deform the part, otherwise you will have to look for new rubber.

Now heat a sufficient amount of water to the boiling point and scald the rubber. Leave in water until it cools. Usually this procedure allows you to restore the dried material.

Attention! The method helps the sealant to swell so that it can perform its functions. It will be relevant for refrigerators that have long stood without use.

Dry the part and hang it in place. Now the rubber should fit tightly to the body, and the tightness will be restored.

Paper and other improvised means

The method will help only in those situations when the sealant leaves the door no more than 2 mm. Measure the gaps to avoid wasting work. Armed with a small piece of paper or paperboard (any, similar in structure and density material), and put in places where there were voids.

Important! This is a temporary measure to buy time if the purchase of a new sealant is not part of your budget.

Overlap the door

What if the above methods do not work or help? Try to outweigh the door in the opposite direction, if the refrigerator model allows it. Before carrying out the work, take into account the location of the kitchen furniture and the possibility of free opening the door to the other side.

Important! This is the way "50 to 50" - it can solve the problem or not work. Therefore, before you start a rearrangement, be prepared for the effect to be zero. Everything depends on the novelty of the model and the degree of wear of the sealing material.


If the deviations are minimal, then you can try to glue these places. Temporary or durable will effect - depends on the glue, on your diligence and skill.


Ask the store what kind of adhesive is best. In the network on professional forums we found such options:

  • "Moment
  • silicone (it is used, but because of the toxicity of the master is not recommended);
  • shoemaker "88" and other options.

If the rubber band is not damaged, but the door can not be closed, and the food is corroded and defrosted on the shelves, check the fastening of the door. Could loosen the hinges or unscrew the screws - tune them and check if the situation has improved.

Replacement of gum

If you found cracks and fistulas on the part, if the rubber band is ruptured or rotted, do not try to repair it. Only replacement for a similar part will help.

The first thing to do is determine the way of fixing and the type of part, in accordance with the manufacturer of the refrigerator. Sometimes in different models of the same brand there are different fasteners and types of seals. If the gasket is glued, screwed or inserted into the groove, you can easily replace it.

Important! You can purchase a suitable accessory in a service center or a specialized store. If there is no problem with the new model, then to the Soviet refrigerator, such as "Dnieper" or "Oka"Find a new and even old, but serviceable rubber is unrealistic. Of course, from any situation there is a way out - get a longer sealing tape, trim to the desired size and install.

In general, the replacement process looks like this:

  1. Remove the doors from the hinges.
  2. Lay it horizontally - on a table or floor.
  3. Remove the defective part using a writing knife or other sharp object. Seal the joints.
  4. Get the rubber band out of the grooves, helping yourself with tweezers. Be careful not to damage the door.

Now install a brand new rubber band using a stud or pin. If you made a seal for an old refrigerator yourself, cut out four parts - 2 vertical and 2 horizontal. Fix joints with glue, double-sided adhesive tape (use automotive, it is "more powerful") or adhesive plaster.


Let's sum up:

  • seal - a cheap, but functional detail of any refrigerator;
  • replace the rubber yourself;
  • can be repaired without buying a new one;
  • for the old refrigerator you can cut out the strips of the right size.

Successful repair!

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