F12 error in the washing machine Atlant

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If you have an Atlas washing machine without a display, the first and second indicators are lit on the panel, which means that the washer reports the error code F12.

Electronic CM models show F12 error on the display. How to fix the trouble code? Let us examine the reasons for its occurrence and carry out the diagnosis of parts.

Material content:

  • 1 Error value
    • 1.1 Engine types. The principle of operation
    • 1.2 Removing the motor with a washing machine Atlanta
  • 2 Frequent breakdowns and how to resolve them
    • 2.1 brush wear
    • 2.2 Problems slats


errors When the washing machine Atlant displayed F12 error, it is important to understand that it is a problem withengine or its failure. Therefore, if the Atlant washing machine does not start washing and gives an error F12, the reason should be sought in the engine( motor) details.

Engine Types. The principle of

Without understanding the device and the principle of operation of the motor, you will not understand how to fix the damage.

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There are three types of engine. Some of them are used on modern models of CMA Atlanta, others are located in earlier versions.

  1. Asynchronous. Resistant and reliable motor. It features a simple design, which is based on the rotor and stator.
  2. Collector. Small motor with high speed. The main components: rotor, stator, electro brush and tachogenerator.
  3. With direct drive( brushless).It has high efficiency and simple construction. It features no extra parts, based on the stator and rotor.

At once we say that only the collector type is subject to independent repair. Therefore, it will be about checking and replacing the components on the washing machine Atlant.

How to remove the motor from the washing machine Atlas

To remove the error F12 from the screen CM Atlant, you need to understand how to eliminate the cause of its occurrence. To do this, you must remove the engine from the machine and perform its diagnostics. What does it mean:

  • Pull the SMA plug out of the socket.
  • Remove the screws that secure the rear panel of the Atlas eraser.
  • Engine located below. Remove the drive belt from it.
  • Unclip the harnesses and pull them out of the connectors.
  • Remove the fixing screws as shown in the photo.
  • Remove the washing machine motor Atlant.

Frequent breakdowns and how to fix them.

To reset the F12 error and solve the problem, test the main parts of the engine.

What to do to identify the causes of the malfunction:

  1. Connect the stator and rotor windings. Connect a 220 volt device to their connectors. The motor should rotate. If the brushes malfunction, you will notice how they spark.
  2. When starting, you can hear how the engine is very noisy, hot, not working at full power. Probably, there was a break in the stator and rotor windings. The multimeter is connected to the winding lamellas, as shown in the photo.
  3. Resistance can vary by no more than 0.5 ohms. In another case, a short circuit could occur - a visual inspection will help determine it. You will see burnt areas and feel an unpleasant smell.
  4. Measure the resistance of the stator winding, alternately applying probes to the body and the terminals, as in the photo.
  5. Normal resistance will be very high.

In the event of a malfunction, the motor must be completely replaced. After installing the new element, the F12 error code should no longer light up on the Atlant screen.

Worn brushes

Brushes are located on both sides of the engine, with long-term operation, they are erased, wear out. How to solve the problem:

  • Disconnect the wires from the brushes.
  • Remove the fixing screws.
  • Remove the brushes, inspect them at the time of wear.

If you need to replace brushes for the Atlas washing machine, be sure to select them according to the type of motor.

Install in the reverse order.

lamella problems Remove the rotor and inspect the collector. Due to the high voltage, the lamella may peel off, which causes it to lose contact with the rotor winding. There is a probability of breakage or damage to the wire that connects the lamella with the rotor.

In order to grind the connectors of the slat and eliminate the error F12, use a lathe. The surface should not be burrs, and the connectors need to be well cleaned.

How carefully should I clean the gaps? Attach ohmmeter probes to the lamellas: if the fault is highlighted, it means that you need to work out the area.

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