What do the indicators and icons on the dishwasher mean?

Once the work on the connection is completed, the user is disassembled with the start of the technique. To do this, you need to understand what the icons and indicators on the dishwasher panel mean. If you do not have instructions at hand or you do not understand the decoding of the manufacturer, our article will help.

Control panel display can cause questions

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    • 1.6Electrolux (Electrolux)

Markings on the dishwasher

The location of the panel depends on the type of dishwasher. If this is a built-in model, the keys and indicators are located on the end of the door. Since the facade part is hinged in the embedded PMM, there is no need to take the control system to the front of the door.

Separate machines are a full-fledged element of the interior, so the control panel is located on the front. Buttons and indicators can be signed, but often these are foreign names that you can not understand without instructions. It is more convenient when keys are designated by symbols: a saucepan, a snowflake, an asterisk. Then the user can intuitively understand the meaning of the buttons.

The variety of characters depends on the brand of the car (Ikea, Ariston, Siemens). And also on the number of model functions.

Consider the designations of the most popular brands of dishwashers.

Bosch (Bosch)

The dishwashers "Bosch" are the most popular on the Russian market. Manufacturers have created a wide range of models, a wide variety of modes and introduce new technologies. Consider the decoding of the most common symbols (follow the numbering in the picture).

Control buttons for the Bosch dishwasher

  • Casserole with stand(1). The symbol speaks for itself - an intensive mode (70 degrees), which allows you to wash off strong dirt from pots, baking trays, pans. The duration is 115 minutes, the water flow is 21 liters.
  • Auto (cup on saucers)(2). "Automatic" mode (you can say "Standard") runs at a temperature of 45-65 degrees. Suitable for various dishes, except for products made of delicate material. Operating time - 140 minutes, consumes 19 liters.
  • ECO (Economical wash) or a glass and a cup on a plate(3). Initially, "Pre-rinse and then the program at 50 ° C. Lasts 140 minutes, spends 14 liters.
  • A glass with a cup on the stand and two arrows to the right(4) - fast cycle without primary rinsing at 45 degrees. Product specifications: 30 minutes, 10 liters.
  • "Shower" from the drops of water(5) - "Pre-rinse". The program allows you to clean dishes from food debris, prepare appliances for thorough washing. Time: 19 minutes, water: 4 liters.
  • One glass.It means "Delicate washing it works at a temperature of 40 degrees. In this case, fragile products can be washed. Takes 75 minutes, spends 15 liters.
  • Plus and minus with the letterh(6) - allow you to adjust the cycle time.
  • Right Arrow Clock(7) - shortening the duration of the mode in half (VarioSpeed).
  • ½(8) - half load mode. If you do not collect dirty dishes for a full cycle, load only half with a 30% savings in resources.
  • Casserole with rocker arms(9) - "Intensive Zone" (IntensiveZone). In the lower part of the water comes under a stronger head than in the upper.
  • Baby bottle(10) - hygienic mode allows you to handle dishes at high temperature. Excellent disinfects baby dishes.

KeysStart and Reseton the panel will help start the washing cycle or reboot.

In addition, the control of the dishwasher is equipped with performance indicators. They inform the user about a particular program. We'll figure out how to understand the values ​​of the bulbs on the Bosch panel.

Decoding of the operation of the Bosch dishwasher panel programs

  • Brush(1) - the washing indicator.
  • End(2) - the end of the program.
  • Crane icon(3) - water supply lamp.
  • Wave-shaped arrows(4) - an indicator of the presence or absence of salt in the ion exchanger.
  • Sun(snowflake) (5) - the presence of a rinse aid in the compartment.

In dishwashers with a display, washing modes are also equipped with bulbs. If they glow, the program goes.

Light indication of running programs and settings

  • Icon +(1) - the choice of temperature in the region of + 65-75 ° C.
  • Auto(2) - automatic washing.
  • Symbol«-»- temperature range from 35 to 45 degrees.
  • Eco(4) is an economical program.
  • Glass and cup on the stand(5) - quick washing.
  • Water jets(6) - pre-rinse.

There is also a time indicator on the floor and on the display. In the first case, the numbers on the floor are displayed, which indicate the time until the end of the program. In the latest models there is a function "Beam on the floor". Instead of a sound signal about the end of the cycle, the machine lights up the beam.

Why the indicator flashes

It happens that the lamps on the dishwasher begin to flash, notifying the user about the violation in the program. If the "tap" indicator and the "End" icon are flashing, there are problems with the water supply. What is the reason:

  1. The shut-off valve is closed.
  2. "Aquastop" worked and blocked the access of water.
  3. Problems with the board elements.

Read more about this in the publicationThe "tap" indicator in the dishwasher "Bosch" is on.

Hotpoint Ariston (Ariston)

Dishwashers produced by Ariston are easier to manage. The designations on their panel are clear and easy to remember by the user.

Panel display system Ariston Hotpoint

  • Indicator marked with a letterS(1) reports the presence of salt. The one indicated by a cross indicates the amount of rinse aid.
  • Three-Layer Casserole(2) - intensive washing under strong pressure of water. Duration - 2 hours 25 minutes (± 15 minutes).
  • Casserole with two supports(pan with a circle)(3) - normal washing mode. Lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes (± 10 minutes).
  • Eco(4) - the "Economy" mode. Ecological sink at 50 degrees. Time: 2 hours 35 minutes (± 15 minutes).
  • The letter "R "in a circle(5) - express-washing and drying dishes. For slightly soiled dishes. In just 25 minutes, he will clean 10 items immediately after eating.
  • Three undulating lines(6) - "Soaking" mode. If you do not have time to start a full cycle, or dried contaminants remain on the dishes, press the 6 key.
  • Glasses(7) - "Delicate washing". It lasts 1 hour 30 minutes (± 10 minutes), it works at low temperature.
  • Number 8- the "Start" key.
  • Button "Р"- mode selection.


What do the symbols on the panel mean?

  • Asterisk (My Favorite)- you can include your favorite program in the list of permanent use.
  • Delay- the possibility to postpone the start of the start.
  • Tablet icon (Multitabs or 3 in 1)- The machine recognizes the tablets for cleaning the devices.
  • Plate or saucepan- "Standard" washing. It lasts 110-170 minutes.
  • Lock- the door is locked from accidental opening.

There may be such icons, as shown in the picture:

Meaning of icons of the Asco dishwasher panel

Precisely determine the meaning of all the symbols on the panel of your model Siemens, Hansa, "Electrolux" will help the instruction.

Siemens (Siemens)

The icons are basically the same as the ones on the Bosch dishwasher.

The icons of the Siemens control system are similar to the Bosch badges


Standard programs are indicated by familiar symbols: a pan, glasses, Eco:

Legend of standard programs is performed by typical icons

In some models, the rinse aid indicator looks like this:

Appearance of the rinse aid indicator may look different

You can monitor the filling of the compartment and add the rinse aid in time. It is not necessary to wait for it to end completely.

Electrolux (Electrolux)

Standard programs look like this:

Standard display of programs of dishwashers Electrolux

Carefully choose a washing program so as not to spoil the dishes.

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