Malfunctions of the Bosch dishwasher

The operation of the Bosch dishwasher can be accompanied by malfunctions. The machine self-diagnosis system displays an error code on the display - so the user can find the cause of the fault.

What breakdowns in the Bosch dishwasher are most common? Can I repair myself? Answers to the questions you will find in the article.

The Error Codes of the Bosch PMM are collected and described in detail in a separate article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Frequent causes of breakdowns of the Bosch dishwasher
  • 2Dishwasher repair by own hands
    • 2.1Clearing clog
    • 2.2The dishwasher freezes
    • 2.3Solving heat problems
    • 2.4Noise at work

Frequent causes of breakdowns of the Bosch dishwasher

What factors lead to a breakdown of the dishwasher:

  1. Incorrect use and connection. Before starting the operation, the user does not study the instruction.
  2. Low-quality water with impurities.
  3. Power surges in the network.
  4. Installation in a humid room, which affects the electronics and control module.

Distinguish the main types of malfunctions, while you need to pay attention to the behavior of the machine, if it does not work correctly.

  1. If the machine does not pick up or drain the water, the cause may be a blockage in the drain or filler hose. A filter or drain pump could also be clogged. The reason for the lack of water could be a breakdown of the priming valve.
  2. If the Bosch dishwasher is frozen and does not start up or there are problems with washing dishes, there may be several reasons. When the nozzles or jets are dirty, water enters the machine badly. Therefore washing can be ineffective.
    If the PMM door is not closed properly, the water intake will not start and the system will freeze. The most difficult failure is the module malfunction.

How to check the pump and other details of the dishwasher, read below.

Dishwasher repair by own hands

As you understand, the frequent causes of breakdowns are caused by clogging or incorrect connection. Consider how to perform repairs yourself, without the help of a master.

Clearing clog

If the water does not enter the dishwasher "Bosch check the following details:

  • turn off the water supply;
  • inspect the inlet hose, it may be pinched;
  • unscrew the filler hose and clean the strainer.

In addition, the filling valve is checked - its coils are called with a multimeter. In case of malfunction, the part is replaced.

If the dishes are badly laundered, the matter is in the jam of the injectors, which are sprayed with water from above. Clean small holes with a toothpick.

Due to clogging, water can not wash off after washing. The machine needs proper maintenance: before loading, the dishes should be cleaned of food debris, otherwise the filter clogs. How to fix the situation:

  • At the bottom of the chamber for dishes there is a filter. It is necessary to unscrew it and clean it from debris.

  • A circulating pump is located behind the filter. In case of its clogging or breakage, water is not pumped out of the machine. It is necessary to install a new pump.

  • Also, the drain hose is inspected and cleaned.

We sorted out the clogs. Now tell you how to fix PMM, if she does not want to wash dishes.

The dishwasher freezes

You loaded dirty dishes, but the machine does not start taking water or even hangs and does not respond to pressing. How to repair the equipment:

  1. Check the door lock. Perhaps the hole in which the latch of the lock enters is clogged. Try to clean it.
  2. With frequent use of the button "Start" could be sold. Try to disassemble the control panel and return the button to its place.
  3. The most serious malfunction is the control module. To carry out its diagnostics and repair will be able to master.

When the dishwasher is normally closed, but the wash cycle does not start, the level sensor could break. Repair it is not subject to, you need a complete replacement.

Solving heat problems

Water normally enters the machine, but does not heat up? The heating element is defective. For instructions on replacing the heater, see the video:


Noise at work

The cause of extraneous noise during operation may be bearing wear. This leads to water, which seeps through the spoiled oil seal. The lubricant is washed out and the bearings begin to hum. It will only help to replace bearings and stuffing box.

In the article we considered the main reasons for the breakdown of the dishwasher "Bosch". The machine self-diagnosis will help in determining the problem. If you are not sure that you can repair the equipment, it is better to consult a specialist.

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