The red indicator "Attention" is lit.

If the red light bulb on your refrigerator lights up - the so-called signal indicator, then the following causes may contribute to this:

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  • 1 First reason
  • 2 Second reason
  • 3 Reason third

First reason

The refrigerator is too warm .If the freezer is broken, then it entails a whole list of problems - this can cause a malfunction of the motor-compressor, provoke a malfunction of the thermostat, or a loss of compressor performance.

The malfunction can be eliminated by the in this way: you need to call the wizard to conduct an accurate diagnosis, as a result of which he found the true cause of the breakdown and professionally eliminated it.

The second reason

The refrigerator failed to reach the required temperature mode in time. This may be due to the fact that you have loaded the shelves of the refrigerator with many uncooled products and the refrigerator cannot fully cool them.

This failure is easily eliminated by the on its own - you just have to wait for the device to return to a low temperature mode. If within 10-15 minutes, the red indicator does not go out, but continues to burn further, it means that the breakdown of the refrigerator is more serious and the master’s call is necessary.

Cause third

If the door of the refrigerator is not closed tightly enough .

An can solve a problem by solving a problem with a door - as a rule, a professional master deals with this.

If in your Virpul, Samsung, Electrolux, Stinol, Atlas or Vestel refrigerator or any other unit, the red indicator is lit, then in any case it means that the temperature in the refrigerator is not the same as it should be - not enoughlow or the device simply can not cope with the load. But this is not the cause of failure, the damage can be hidden much deeper.

In addition, many owners of refrigerators do not just complain about the red indicator. For example, in the workshop people often call with such complaints about the work of the refrigerator:

  • The yellow indicator of the freezer compartment lights up.
  • After the thunderstorm, the yellow indicator is on.
  • Indicators blink or do not light.
  • Previously, the green indicator was on all the time, now it is off.

Let us examine these points in detail.

  • A yellow( or orange) indicator on the freezer indicates that the freeze mode is activated. Naturally, if you turned on this mode yourself, then there is nothing alarming, and if the light bulb lights up by itself, then this already indicates a failure.
  • Green LED indicates that the fridge / freezer is on. Naturally, if there is no indication, then this indicates that the camera is not working. Also, if the power supply stops, naturally, the indicator goes out, along with the shutdown of the entire refrigerator. In addition, if you want to turn off the freezer, the indicator will also not light, and the same can be said about the refrigerator.
  • If the indicators are not lit at all, then there may be no power supply or the control panel may be out of order. Usually, a malfunction of the electric circuit of a refrigerator is accompanied not only by the absence of an indication, but also by the fact that there is no light in the cells and no cold.

If you are worried about other problems - for example, if the indicators blink, turn off, blink or light up on their own - but you never know what problem may arise, we advise you to entrust the search for the problem to a professional master, because all the same electricity is a serious matterThis is not a drainage hole to be cleaned, it is dangerous and requires special knowledge. The refrigerator is not built on the principle of a lighter - it is a more serious and complex device, so you do not need to make jokes about repairing it, especially if you are worried about the wiring diagram, control panel, light bulbs and indicators.

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