Replacing the filter on the dishwasher

To ensure that the dishwasher has served the manufacturer's promised 8-10 years, you need to look after it properly. Carry out timely cleaning and prevention of blockages.

If the equipment is operated for a long time without cleaning, the drainage system is clogged over time - and the water stops leaving. To avoid such problems, we will show you how to properly clean and replace the filter on the dishwasher.

Content of the material:

  • 1Where is and how the filter is arranged
  • 2How to replace the drain filter with your own hands
  • 3Self cleaning

Where is and how the filter is arranged

To understand why it is required to regularly cleanse internal elements, it is necessary to understand,how the dishwasher works. After loading the dishes and launching the program, water enters the machine, which flies out through the nozzles and ishes the instruments. All pieces of food and other contaminants drain into the sump, from where they enter the filter. Purified water circulates through the system again.

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It is recommended to clean the sink at least 2 times a month, otherwise the details become clogged with grease and debris. As a result, the quality of the sink falls, the machine stops working.

The drainage filter device includes:

  • two coarse-meshed coarse grids - they are the ones that hold up large rubbish;
  • one fine mesh fine cleaning net.

Important! Inspect the drip tray for dirt after each wash cycle. So you can always keep the system clean.

How to replace the drain filter with your own hands

The detail should be changed if you find similar problems:

  1. Despite the cleaning, the dishwasher began to wash dishes worse.
  2. The fine fine mesh was mechanically damaged.
  3. The plastic case will soon fall apart.

The replacement is to remove the old bad item and install a new one. The cost of the item reaches 3500-4000 rubles.

Self cleaning

Water in the aqueduct does not differ in quality. It contains a lot of impurities and small debris that can pollute the technique. Therefore, a flow-through strainer is installed for preliminary cleaning. It is located between the filler hose and the solenoid valve. Look at the photo:

Cleaning is the same for dishwashers Bosch, Electrolux, Siemens. Only the filter device, its shape and method of attachment can differ. In some models, in order to remove the part, it is enough to scroll, in others it is necessary to remove the fixing screws. How to perform the cleaning:

  • Open the PMP camera door.
  • Remove the lower basket for the dishes.
  • Unscrew the "plastic cup" (filter) in the pan.
  • Pull out the metal mesh from the bottom.

  • Remove the rests of food. Dirt and small dirt are removed with an old toothbrush or toothpick. You can use detergents for dishes, vinegar. Rinse under the tap.

  • If the contamination is strongly blocked cells mesh, soak it in cold water with the addition of citric acid. This will help get rid of fat and scale.
  • Return to the filter seat. The tank can stand water. Remove it with a sponge.
  • Pull the throttle to the side and to yourself. Remove the cover.
  • Check the impeller for the pump. Sometimes her work is blocked by thread, hair and other debris that penetrates there.
  • Wear protective gloves and remove the clogged impeller.
When do I need to replace? Inspect the filter element carefully. If damage is found on it, the plastic parts are broken, proceed with the installation of the new part.

Adhering to the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations, you will operate the dishwasher for many years. The video will help you understand the process:

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