Malfunctions of washing machines Siemens (Siemens)

If you are experiencing problems with the Siemens washing machine, you do not need to immediately call the master. A modern self-diagnosis system allows you to quickly determine the cause of the malfunction.

Having found out it, it is possible to try to carry out independent repair or replacement of an element in the washing machine Siemens.

Content of the material:

  • 1Codes of faults СМА Сименс
  • 2Typical malfunctions
    • 2.1Drainage blockage, pump malfunction in the Siemens machine
    • 2.2Problems with the inlet valve CM Siemens
    • 2.3There is no water heating, a breakdown of the heater in the Siemens machine
    • 2.4Leakage of water in the typewriter Siemens
    • 2.5Worn brushes, engine malfunction

Codes of faults СМА Сименс

Before proceeding with the repair, we will analyze the error codes of the Siemens washing machine. Their values ​​will tell you where to look for a breakdown.

Error Codes Value
F01, F16 The door is not closed securely.
F02 No water is being drawn.
F03 There is no draining of water.
F04 There was a leak.
F17 The water did not reach the minimum mark for a certain time.
F18 Time out, the water does not drain.
F19 During the allotted timeout, the water did not heat up.
F20 There was an unexpected heating of water.
F21 The engine does not work correctly. The main module has failed.
F22 Breakage of thermostat.
F23 The system of Aquastop has worked.
F25 The turbidity sensor is out of order.
F26 There was a malfunction with the pressure switch or with an additional pressure sensor.
F27 Wrong adjustment of pressure switch or pressure sensor.
F28 The flow sensor does not work.
F29 The stream sensor hammered.
F31 The water exceeds the norm in the tank.
F34 The door lock is faulty.
F36 A malfunction has occurred with the door locking system. Faulty electronic module.
F37, F38 Malfunction of thermostat.
F40 Problems in the electrical network. The voltage does not correspond to the set level of the AGR.
F42 The motor or its control triac has failed.
F43 Failure in the engine.
F44 There is no rotation in the other direction.
F59 The 3D sensor is out of order.
F60 The stream sensor has received an incorrect value, which does not correspond to the norm.
F61 Error closing the door.
F63 Problems with protective functions.
F67 Incorrect encoding of the power and main unit.
E02 Error in the motor.
E67 Failure of the electronic module.

Typical malfunctions

Consider the breakdowns that most often occur, as well as the possibility of repairing Siemens washing machines by oneself.

Drainage blockage, pump malfunction in the Siemens machine

Poor drainage of water after washing, or complete absence of it, indicates a blockage in the drain pipe or filter, and the breakdown of the pump - in 30% of cases.

The pump in the Siemens washing machine is located behind the front panel. Therefore, to get to it, you have to work hard:

  • Disconnect the washing machine from the mains, shut off the water supply.
  • From the bottom on the front panel is a drain hatch.
  • Open it, replace the container and pull out the filter.
  • Clear it from blockage.
  • Remove the top panel by unscrewing the screws at the back.
  • Remove the dispensing tray.
  • Remove the metal clamp securing the cuff.
  • Disconnect the wiring of the UBL.
  • Remove the front panel mounting bolts.
  • After removing the panel, you will see the pump below.

Check the nozzle and pump at the time of clogging. For cleaning, it is enough to remove the hatcher and rinse under running water.

To remove the pump, disconnect the connectors and unscrew the fixing bolts.

Problems with the inlet valve CM Siemens

If you notice that the stylalka is not pouring or pouring water, the fence valve probably broke. Repair and replacement of the valve in the washing machine Siemens can be done by yourself:

  1. Disconnect the hose from the AGR.
  2. Unscrew the rear screws and remove the top panel.
  3. Disconnect the valve coil connector wires.
  4. Remove the hoses leading to the valve.
  5. At the back of the body, unscrew the two bolts that secure the valve. Get it out of the car.

Install the new element in the reverse order.

There is no water heating, a breakdown of the heater in the Siemens machine

Faults TEN - 15% of all failures of machines Siemens. The cause is scum or short circuit. Scum prevents heat from the heater, so it overheats and burns.

When you reach the TEN in the Siemens washing machine, check it with a multimeter before replacing it.

To get the heater, remove the front panel CM, as described above. Attach the meter's probes to its contacts and verify the readings from the photo.

In case of a malfunction, perform the replacement yourself:

  1. Disconnect all wires.
  2. Loosen the central nut, push the bolt inside.
  3. Bring the edges, remove the element.
  4. Install the faulty heater in reverse order.

Leakage of water in the typewriter Siemens

Problems with water leakage account for 10% of all failures.

There is leakage due to leakage of joints or damage to parts and joints. The hatch can also be broken or worn.

We'll tell you how to replace the cuff on the Siemens washing machine with your own hands:

  • Open the hatch door.
  • Having unbented the rubber cuff, poke a metal screw with a screwdriver.
  • Carefully remove the yoke, then remove the front body of the machine.
  • Disconnect the pipe leading to the cuff.
  • Remove the cuff.

Inspect the cuff at the time of damage: can it be repaired, patched tears. If not, then a new part is installed.

Worn brushes, engine malfunction

Another 10% of failures are malfunctions with the stylalker's engine. At the time of a short circuit, the motor winding could burn, and collector brushes could also wear out.

How to make an independent repair and replace the electric brush:

  1. Remove the top and rear covers of the CM by unscrewing the bolts.
  2. Remove the belt from the engine pulley.
  3. Disconnect the wiring.
  4. Remove the fixing bolts.
  5. After removing the motor, slide the terminal plate and pull out the brush.

After dismantling, inspect the brushes: if they are too worn, it is better to put new elements. Then, install the engine again on a Siemens washing machine.

It happens that the electronics components are out of order: the electronic board and its components. This is a complex repair, which the beginner is not always able to do. To understand the question, you will need an electrical circuit of the washing machine Siemens.

We recommend you to contact the service center when the board is broken - repair by your own hands in this case is not justified and can only do much harm.

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