How to remove odor from the dishwasher

There was an unpleasant smell from the dishwasher? The reasons are non-observance of the operating rules or malfunction. Often, users forget to clean the equipment after work, do not prevent the blockages. As a result, you can get not only an unpleasant smell, but a spoiled dishwasher.

How to get rid of the "fragrance" and restore the normal work of the PMM, you will learn in our publication.

Content of the material:

  • 1Why does it smell unpleasant from the dishwasher?
  • 2How to fix the problem
  • 3Preventing problems

Why does it smell unpleasant from the dishwasher?

Do you open the bunker door and smell mold or sewage? This is not surprising, if after the washing cycle the chamber door is tightly closed. As a result, water remains lead to the formation of mold on rubber pads.

Remains of food from poorly cleaned appliances do not dissolve. They are washed off with jets of water from the dishes, getting into the drain filter, hose, nipples, pump. Also often jammed spray nozzles.

If the car smells bad, like from a sewer, you need to check the correct connection of the drain. With direct connection it is important to maintain the distance from the floor, and also create a bend. How to properly connect the dishwasher, you can find in the article. Otherwise, all the "scents" of sewage will enter the bunker.

Sometimes users complain about the smell of fused plastic or glue. All the fault is the non-observance of the manufacturer's recommendations. Perhaps you have loaded plastic containers into the machine, which can not withstand the high temperature of the sink.

Have you recently started using a new dishwasher? Does the chamber smell plastic? Do not worry, this happens with new technology. After the washing cycle, the smell will go away.

After the dishwasher dishes smell of chemistry? The point is in a detergent. Replace it with another one or reduce the dosage. In the norm of a smell from utensils should not be absolutely. Therefore, pay attention to this when buying powders and rinsers.

Important! If there is a smell of burnt wiring, immediately stop the operation of the PMM, pull out the plug from the socket. Until you find the reason, the car can not be started.

How to fix the problem

The automatic washing program is good, but no one has canceled manual cleaning. First check these details:

  • Open the camera door.
  • Pull out the baskets for the dishes.
  • Remove the drain filter at the bottom of the pallet.
  • Pull out the metal mesh behind it.

  • Rinse the parts under the pressure of water, brush with a soft brush.
  • Remove the sprayers, wash, clean the nozzles with a toothpick.

In the impeller, the pumps could also get stuck with the pieces of food that need to be removed:

  • Remove the damper of the pump.
  • Wearing gloves, clean the impeller.


  • Disconnect the drain hose from the housing.
  • Clean from debris, and also check the connection.
  • Do the same with the siphon and sewer.

It is recommended to clean the filter at least twice a month. Best after every wash. Do not forget to wipe the door seal with a dry rag. After the end of the program, leave the bunker open so that it is ventilated and dry.

You can use a chemical that kills the smell after washing. If the bunker smells of dog (perhaps you washed the dishes after the dog), then the specialized tools will help you. The main thing is not to use those that can damage the metal parts of the camera:

  • washing powders;
  • chlorine.

Do not use for physical cleaning:

  • metal brushes;
  • rigid washcloths.

You can use improvised tools:

  1. If the problem is at an early stage, baking soda will help. Sprinkle the sump with a soda, run a long washing program at high temperature, without any dishes.
  2. Table vinegar perfectly absorbs extraneous aromas. The problem is that after treatment, vinegar itself leaves a pungent smell, which is long eroded. Ready to try? Then pour a little vinegar into a small bowl and put it on the bottom of the bunker. Start the cycle at high temperature.

Of course, you can use special flavors. But if you do not eliminate the cause, they will help for a little while.

Preventing problems

How to remove the unpleasant smell you already know. And how to prevent his appearance? To prevent it, follow the manufacturer's recommendation:

  1. Clean the instruments well before putting them in the trash.
  2. After finishing the washing, leave the door open. Wipe the seals with a dry rag.
  3. Twice a year, completely clean the machine of scale and contamination.
  4. Regularly clean the filter in the dishwasher.
  5. Do not hold long dirty dishes in a closed chamber. At least turn on the rinse mode.

Now you know how to eliminate the unpleasant smell in the dishwasher Bosch or another brand. Tips from the video will help to properly clean the equipment:

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