The fan does not work in the refrigerator

If the fan fails and shuts down or vice versa - it is constantly running, problems arise. What are their causes and solutions, we will look at in this review.

Fan - component of the No Frost system. It creates forced air circulation in the cells. Cool streams that disperse through them are produced by the cooler. Such a cooling process saved the user from a long classical defrosting of the refrigerator. Among other things, thanks to the fan, the temperature in the main compartment is always static( in refrigerators without No Frost, the temperature difference on the shelves can be several degrees).

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cooler maintenance and repair What you need

fan The system is based on a surface() , you can use a surface in a fridge,

  • 4 ,
        • evaporator;
        • cooler;
        • heater.

        The impeller disperses the air along the edges of the evaporator, and drops of condensate then settle on it and freeze. After that, the resulting cold and dry air flows through the ducts back into the compartments.

        Moisture, which freezes on the surface of the evaporator under normal conditions, melts when the thickness of the ice reaches a certain level and interferes with the heat exchange between air flows and freon.

        If the refrigerant does not evaporate 100%, it can lead to breakdowns, therefore, domestic refrigeration manufacturers have developed for defrosting .The timer starts up the heater, which warms up the evaporator, and frost melts on it. The water goes into the drain, and from it into a special container, from which it evaporates quickly due to the proximity with the motor-compressor.

        As you can see, this system cannot work without a cooler. When the fan breaks, the circulation of the cooled air flow is not performed, although the compressor remains in operation. If this happens, then in the refrigerator an excessive load is created on its components and parts; therefore, the failure of a conventional fan can turn into a complete inoperability of the refrigerator.

        What are the air ducts

        Manufacturers are constantly improving the cooling system in refrigeration, give them new names and get patents. Their schemes are typical, and the differences are only in the parameters. Usually there are such schemes of air ducts:

        • Air Shower .From English, the term translates as "air shower".The name itself speaks for itself: air flows from the ceiling.
        • Cool Front Shower .In this case, the duct branch pipes are located in the walls and the door; the air blows the shelves with the products from the sides.
        • Surround Cool is a mixture of the above schemes. Products are cooled by air streams that come from all sides of the chamber - both from above and from the side.
        • Multi-Flow - such systems include separate and independent air ducts.
        • X-Flow is similar to the previous scheme, but in it the nozzles intersect at the output.
        • Twin Fan is a paired type of system that allows each camera to work offline. Each compartment has its own cooler and thermostat.

        Another use of the fan

        Coolers in the design of refrigerators are needed not only to prevent the walls of the chambers from frosting. In simple models that are not equipped with the system "Without hoarfrost", they may also be present.

        There are models equipped with so-called "accelerated cooling."If you need to load the shelves with a large batch of warm products, the heat influx in the chamber is enormous. To fix this phenomenon, there are special sensors that signal the fan to turn on. The cooler accelerates convection, so the required temperature quickly rises in the chamber.

        So, besides the fans “inside” the design, in the Side-by-Side models and other bulky units there are coolers that improve the heat exchange between the condenser and the external environment so that the compressor cools faster.

        The fan does not work in the Indesit refrigerator.

        In its example, we consider the causes of a fan failure in all models of refrigerators — Indesit, Ariston, or Libher, since they are almost the same. It is necessary to determine only the type of fan in your model of the refrigerator:

        • Axial .These are the most common models. The principle of their device is extremely simple: an impeller is put on the motor shaft, which pushes air along the shaft. The advantage of this cooler is simple operation and easy repair.

        • Centrifugal( radial) are used infrequently. They have no pros or cons compared to the previous type. The main differences are the size and shape. Such coolers can be installed in hard-to-reach places where axial ones won't fit.

        Possible problems:

    1. Motor has failed due to power surges. In this case, the engine needs to be changed. If the fan has stopped completely, and its blades do not rotate, then it may be not the motor that is to blame, but the and the electronic control module .Exact clarification of the causes of such a breakdown is possible when electricity is applied to the fan, bypassing the control circuits. Before checking and changing the assembly, make sure you have purchased an original part that fits your model.
    2. Drying of motor bearings lubrication due to intense air flow. It is necessary to organize an unscheduled inspection and update lubricants.
    3. Impeller beats on frozen ice. Many manufacturers, especially such as Indesit or Atlant, make cheap plastic impellers, which freeze, lose their strength. If there is too much ice, fragile blades may burst or fall off. Fortunately, there are parts in any special store.

    Maintenance and repair of the

    cooler If you decide to take the maintenance or fan repair onto your shoulders, this is possible provided you know the design of the refrigerators, the Nou Frost system, and the availability of a special tool. If you only have a hammer and a screwdriver at home, and you don't even know how the refrigerator works, it’s better to go to the workshop.

    If you have the experience or ability, as well as all the necessary tools, you can start working. First you need to get to the evaporator chamber - usually its location in the Indesit refrigerators from the back wall.

    Important! Disconnect equipment from the mains before starting work.

    If the fan is broken or, on the contrary, does not stop, inspect the part. In the event of a breakdown, you will notice the mechanical damage to the or blades, as well as the wired wiring. To remove the impeller, just twist the mount. Using the moment, replace the grease.

    If the motor is to blame, it must be carefully dismantled and replaced with a new similar part. It is cheaper and easier than repair.

    Important! In order not to confuse the location of the wiring, draw or photograph the connections and contacts.

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