Does not work refrigerator Beko

If your Beko refrigerator does not work, you need to pay attention to the breakdown symptoms that will help you find the malfunction. Often the causes of breakdowns are simple things, for example, the overload of shelves by products. The technique is also sensitive to voltage surges in the network, so without a stabilizer there is a risk of damage to the electronic part.

What problems are typical for refrigerators "Beko we will consider below.

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical faults Beko
    • 1.1No cold in the chamber
    • 1.2The refrigerator strongly freezes
    • 1.3Refrigerating chamber overgrown with ice and snow
    • 1.4Strong noise during the operation of the refrigerator

Typical faults Beko

The problems of all refrigerators are similar. But there are breakages, which are more common in some brands than others. Consider the main problems for the Veko models.

No cold in the chamber

There was an unexpected breakdown: the freezer works normally, but the refrigerator does not cool. Such an imbalance can cause overloading of certain parts and the final breakdown of the refrigerator. Before you start troubleshooting, decide what kind of refrigerator you have - one-compressor or two-compressor.

For single-compressor models "Beko

  1. Check the tightness of the camera door. Often, foreign objects, foodstuffs interfere with closing. We need to clean everything and close the door. But if the door was open for a long time, and a snow cover formed on the walls, it is better to unfreeze the refrigerator.
  2. See if the thermostat is properly installed. One compressor immediately begins to cool the freezer. If the room temperature is high, and in the freezer compartment the temperature is at the maximum level, then it is not surprising that the cold does not reach the bottom chamber. Adjust the thermal relay: in the freezer on in the refrigerator compartment - 2 or 3.
  3. Inspect the fan. His blades could be covered with ice if you have the Noufrost system. Thaw the equipment for at least 10 hours.

If the work has not improved after defrosting, then the fan is broken, and it needs a replacement.

Breakdowns that require repair:

  • When the fan does not work due to snow and ice on the rear wall, this indicates a breakdown of the evaporator heater. You will need to install a new part.

  • Did you notice that the engine is constantly running and that the freezer has become overgrown with ice? Reason in thermostat or evaporator sensor. Due to incorrect operation, the system believes that the freezer is not cold enough. Therefore, only the upper compartment is cooled.
  • Damage to the chamber and leakage of gas-freon. If you accidentally damage the camera during defrost, you need to call the master. He will find and eliminate the leak.

Malfunctions of the two-chamber two-compressor refrigerator "Beko

  1. First of all, the door and fan are checked.
  2. On the breakdown of the motor-compressor can be said, if visible oil oil flows or the motor turns on for only a few seconds. Then he needs a repair or a replacement. The video shows the defects of the compressor:
  3. If one wall of the refrigerator is swollen, and inside there is a snow layer in this place, then a leak of freon has occurred and repairs are needed. Also, freon can leak out due to mechanical damage.

There are many more failures that only the master can determine.

The refrigerator strongly freezes

It's bad when there is not enough cold in the cell, but when the food freezes from its overabundance - they are no longer suitable for food. Immediately check the setting of the thermostat. Normally, the values ​​should be between 2 and,.

Such a breakdown can happen in different models: Beko CN 335220 X, Beko DSA 25000. Causes:

  • Bad seal on the door. When warm air penetrates into the chamber, the system tries to compensate it, so it freezes even more. As a result, snow and ice build up on the walls. It is necessary to reanimate or replace the sealant for hermetic closure.
  • The drainage hole is blocked, so the condensate does not find an outlet. You can see how the water collects under the bottom boxes, which then freezes. The hole must be cleaned.

  • The breakdown of the air sensor also results in the injection of cold. The system does not receive data on the temperature in the chamber, so there is constant cooling.
  • "Zalip" switching valve. If it ceases to work, then the refrigerator compartment will be stronger to cool the products, whereas in the freezer it will be very warm.

Refrigerating chamber overgrown with ice and snow

The refrigerator is often thawed, due to large snow formations? Then you need to diagnose the technique. Check:

  • Is the thermostat correctly installed in the chamber. If at the maximum value, then set it to 2,.

  • If your model has a super-frosting mode, then disable it.

The main reasons for this "behavior" of the refrigerator:

  1. Malfunction of the temperature sensor. If the sensor is not working correctly, the system receives incorrect data. Therefore, even more cold is pumped into the chamber.
  2. In refrigerators with the No Frost system and Free Frost, the drainage hole could become clogged, so the moisture that accumulates during defrost has nowhere to go. As a result, a snow bloom is formed. The drain hole can be cleaned by yourself or call the master.
  3. Problems with the defrost system. As a result, the evaporator freezes and the temperature in the chamber begins to rise. Therefore, the motor-compressor works intensively, pumping out the cold.
  4. Refrigerant leaks. Since the performance is reduced, the system compensates for the breakage by an even greater cold injection. Therefore, snow forms on the walls.
  5. The wear of the door seal also affects the cold formation, as described above.
  6. The capillary pipeline, through which freon flows, is clogged. You need to call the master to clean and refill the refrigerant.
  7. The solenoid valve is faulty. It switches the cooling between the freezer and the refrigerator. Therefore, one camera can become overgrown with snow, and another does not freeze at all.

Strong noise during the operation of the refrigerator

When the technique is noisy, you need to take action. For what reasons does this happen:

  • Do not remove the transport bolts, which attach the motor dampers - so the motor is protected during transportation. But during operation, the bolts do not give shock absorbers to perform their function, so vibration damping does not occur.

  • The refrigerator is not installed correctly. If the rear wall comes into contact with the wall, then the technician will be buzzing.
  • Overload. Pots, touching each other, start to rattle.
  • The wear of the motor-compressor and its components also leads to a strong hum at work.
  • An ice-covered fan emits a lot of noise. It is necessary to perform defrosting of refrigeration equipment.

We list the main reasons for the breakdown of the refrigerator Beko. Such malfunctions are more common, but there are many other problems that you may encounter. For example, the electronics of the refrigerator may break from a sudden power outage or a surge in the network. Therefore, follow the installation and safety rules.

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