Cooking delicious dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms

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Of the great number of recipes for a dish such as vareniki, some of the most popular are those cooked with a filling such as a combination of mushrooms and potatoes. Dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms are easy to prepare, however, this is a rather laborious process. In order to make the cooked dish tasty, you need to pay special attention to the selection of suitable ingredients to create this culinary masterpiece. The greatest attention should be given to the selection of mushrooms for vareniki, as they are the main ingredient in the filling.

Selection of ingredients

The necessary ingredients for the preparation of vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms can be conditionally divided into two parts: products for preparing dough and for filling.

List of the necessary products for the preparation of the dough:

  • flour kg;
  • potato broth l;
  • eggs - 2 pcs.

List of ingredients To prepare the filling:

  • potatoes kg;
  • onion 5 kg;
  • oil - 4 tbsp. l .;
  • mushrooms kg;
  • salt and pepper.


To prepare dumplings with mushrooms you need to choose wheat flour, and before kneading the dough it must be sifted through a sieve. This will enrich the dough with oxygen, and this is very beneficial to reflect on the dough during molding and on the prepared dish.

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Potato broth

Mix the dough and can be on the water, but cooked on potato broth will be tastier. You can use a decoction that remained after cooking the potatoes for the filling. The broth should be filtered 2 times through a sieve or gauze.

The temperature of the broth should be as close as possible to the 0 ° C mark. To do this, the broth should be placed in the refrigerator in advance. If the dough is kneaded on ice broth, when molding it will be more elastic and it will be possible to work with it longer.


For cooking dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms you need to take chicken eggs. If they are too small, then instead of two, you can take three.


Potatoes for vareniki can be taken of any variety, the main thing is to avoid greenish tubers. The matter is that in greenish tubers accumulates solanine, and this substance is unsafe for health. It is formed in potatoes, if it was stored for some time in a place where there was access to direct sunlight.


For this recipe you need onions, and it is tubers, not greens. 2-3 pieces of medium size will be quite enough.

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Since the oil will be used for frying, you can take a vegetable, for example, sunflower or olive. If desired, you can also use butter, but it will need to take a little more.

The amount of oil specified in the recipe is only approximate, since its actual consumption will depend on the diameter of the frying pan.


To prepare dumplings you can use different mushrooms: white, mushrooms, champignons and so on. The recipe of vareniki with mushrooms described in this article is designed for the use of champignons. They can be bought in a vegetable store or in a supermarket and used according to the instructions for cooking.

Step-by-step description of the cooking process

Recipe for vareniki with potatoes and mushrooms includes 3 main stages of preparation:

  • kneading the dough;
  • preparation of the filling;
  • molding and cooking vareniki.

Each stage will be considered separately.

Mixing the dough

In the dishes for kneading the dough, it is necessary to sift the flour, then make a groove in it, and drive the eggs into it and pour in the broth. The dough should be kneaded with hands, so it turns out more elastic, more uniform and softer.

If before the beginning of modeling dumplings from the moment of kneading the dough will take some time, the dishes with it must be covered with food film.


Preparation of the filling

According to this recipe, champignons are used for vareniki with mushrooms. The mushroom hats need to be cleaned, then rinsed, and cut. Cut mushrooms in small cubes, the height of the ribs does not exceed 5 mm. The onions are treated in the same way as the mushrooms - after cleaning is cut into small cubes. With the addition of a small amount of salt, fry the mushrooms and onions in the oil for a few minutes.

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Peeled potatoes must be cooked in salted water, decoction of the broth and used for cooking the dough. The potato itself needs to be crushed, add the mushroom mixture to it and mix it.

When preparing dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms, fill the dough into the dough only if it is cold.

Molding and boiling of vareniks

To mold vareniki with mushrooms it is possible in any way - to roll out dough in sausage, to use special forms or to cut circles by means of a glass. It is impossible to roll the dough too thinly, otherwise it can tear during cooking.

When dumplings are stuck, they need to be cooked for 7 minutes after boiling (they are put into already boiling water).

After cooking, serve vareniki immediately. You can pour them with melted butter or sour cream.

Video recipe for cooking dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms

Transcarpathian recipe for tasty dumplings - video

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