Hood without the duct for the kitchen

Today, with the lack of food extracts - a sad spectacle, constantly catching steam at the process of cooking food makes it very difficult to find person in the room: Due to continuous "pillar" released waste can not be present near the stove, but do without it impossible. The difficulty of selecting the right machine for the removal of secretions stands in front of each customer. We will understand what appliances dumped on the counter industry. Hood without the duct for the kitchen - fresh idea that appeared recently on the market materials. The design does not require a vent hole; Vented system - a common pattern in modern kitchens, most of the apartments and houses built by network technology ventilation with natural impulse and equipped with necessary equipment for exhaust air out.extraction without ductThe material on the portal "VashTehnik" will allow the person concerned to decide why to choose technical solutions without duct better than typical units format.

How to select unit

As we know, manufacturers offer consumers a myriad of options for acquisitions, it is important to determine which settings you must have units in the selected product. Read the manual or ask a consultant. Hood, according to generally accepted standards, updating the kitchen air three times per hour. Market extracts fumes in the kitchen filled with the two main types of goods:

  • air purifiers, or, in other words - the hood for the kitchen without removal - the latest developments of world leaders who have created a miraculous device that uses carbon filters. Mounted unit above the stove, like a traditional hood with duct. The principle of operation of the device: the base unit is established carbon filter facilitating recycling air than is exchanged and the subsequent return of the purified compounds. The user obtains an installation that is not equipped with the necessary taps outside (the vent), the kitchen may be fresh air and feel without impurities.
  • The second type - has long been known ventilation system. The principle of operation is simple: above the plate set quadrant strap, suction air and sending a ventilated tube channel (in the home or apartment). This design was coined users today, people opt for units of said structure.

If we talk about the benefits, we note that the carbon filters are relatively expensive, in addition, you need to constantly change the accessories. Experts agree that using the product without connecting to the ventilation saves money and hassle when you need to perform the installation of the product. Continued use involves extra costs for a permanent replacement filters.a retractable hood panelToday, air purifiers effectively filter stages to help clean the air without the need for removal from the premises.

People use units without branches and for the reason that in old houses are located inactive vents reverse thrust. Of course, individual users output channels vented out into the street - it is extremely time-consuming and troublesome way out.

Main nuances operation bezotvodnyh extracts

Continuing the conversation on the subject vehicles to remove vapors from the kitchen without removal, should address the subject of further use after purchase.

  1. Set drawing assumes the same way as standard products market industry. The difference: the product with pre-flanges, leaving a hole in the air depends on the the location of the final product, an excessively large distance hob and extractor bring difficulties further work. For example, a large footage suggests a dramatic drop in efficiency. In addition, there are twists. Each 90-degree "hook" structure urges run on 10% less efficient. When the user installs an end unit with standards deviations of 90 degrees (the bends), chances are absurdly large load on the motor.
  2. Extraction without removal requires constant filter changes. If you forget to change the necessary supplies - Work is performed exclusively in the right channel, which will thoroughly get rid of the unnecessary fumes indoors. If the consumer does not just change the "consumables", this leads to an incorrect loop operation, when the air ceases to be recycled and cleaned of harmful compounds. Hence - the failure of extracts, poor suction and air discharge, lack of normal modification process steps.
  3. extracts the value of without a shunt systems higher, if we talk about the reliability of the model. Necessary spare parts in case of breakage are relatively cheap. However, the working principle of "expensive - so safe" to save on quality irrationally.
  4. People can set up filters in a short time. This is a big advantage, consumables setting procedure should not take longer than 5 minutes. It is proposed to remove the waste material and to deliver new, and the need to carry out without removing the carcass.
  5. duct size for the drawing does not matter, we are talking about bezotvodnyh systems.

built in cooker hoodsWhen using the stated unit type assumed conscientious attention and care of the equipment. If the time to change the filter and make sure that the fat layers and dirt do not penetrate inside the device - the system will serve reliably saved the buyer against unforeseen expenses finance.

Benefits extracts without duct

Just below the portal "VashTehnik" describes the main advantages over conventional filtration plants with output tubes.

  • Extractor hood filter without removal works on the principle of "set and forget". The design of the installation by the user is necessary to fix the frame on two bolts on the wall (if the hood mounted, instead of the built-in furniture or ceiling) at a distance of 75 centimeters from a gas or electric plate. In cases with taps should be collected and carried out the air line, connected to the hole for ventilation. These steps cause a lot of waste of time. In the case of the filtration plant, people just fixes the hood and enjoying the fresh air in the room.
  • Modern devices without taps work silently than a delight and satisfaction of consumers. Dear buyers do not bother installing a loud sound work. Separate diverting system such breaches are very common.
  • The question of style - not the last. If you are a supporter of refined culture and desire to provide a truly comfortable in the kitchen room - look for similar designs. No need to wrestle with how to hide in the ventilation duct.
  • Increased air quality. When diverting devices simply remove unwanted steam, or harmful substances outside the room, filters in modern extracts successfully compete with exhaust particles, replacing with new ones. You get fresh clean air to the room, without resorting to the airing of the room (kitchen).

What firms should consider

Civilized home appliances market offers a number of brands that provide quality work for little money.

  1. «Ariston» Mark. It has long been a familiar company, supplies many kinds of machinery for 15 years. Hoods declared proven brand, buy a similar product. You get a good impression of the work. Product Reviews convince.
  2. The company «Integra». A common brand allows every woman to stay calm for the job of removing unwanted vapors from the kitchen. Modern design, install a filter in the construction period of work that long - attest to the quality and profitability of finance investments in the purchase.
  3. Products brands «Zigmund-Shtain» and «Bosch» - a leading German manufacturer of products for the kitchen. Meticulousness and reliability characteristic of the goods will enable trust in German quality and to be calm, that will remain all day in the room fresh air.
  4. If decided to purchase a unit with the presence of retraction, PVC air duct for drawing will be the best option. Similar products are implemented the above brands.

Stinginess require a fee

productive extractorThe basis of selection of goods - a commitment to quality and reliability. hoods for the kitchen accompany the acquisition of reading reviews and recommendations from people already using aggregates. It is important to realize that low prices - a chance to save money for a specified period, in most cases, after starting the complexity of constant failure and repair.

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