Pipes for kitchen hoods

The main quality of air ducts

Installation principle, drawing, subsequent connections, duct connection is limited to actions: condusive Make a hole in the wall (in the presence of its own house), it is proposed to withdraw a ventilation hole PROGRESS pipeline. In operation, gas, electric cookers device will remove unwanted vapors, carbon monoxide. Aluminum corrugated pipe

Try to figure out in what place to install the cooker, opening for the exhaust is in an inconvenient location for installation. Consumer needed to put the plate in the far corner of the room, opening (duct) are arranged at a distance, It is supposed to use a single solution to help solve these situations: exhaust pipes, allowing to take a pair of outwardly.

Installing the card, drawing is conducted as far as possible from the opposite side of the canal ventilation, otherwise the installation will require long pipeline: directly alters the efficiency and increases noise threshold (sound pressure, decibels).

varieties of pipes

Steel pipePipes of different materials:

  1. Smooth plastic.
  2. Corrugated pipes, which are semirigid aluminum connectors. Flexible plastic liner designed in the likeness of a vacuum cleaner hose with metal reinforcement, polymer cord, coiled.

Consider the features of both networks.

Plastic ducts. Presented channels round, rectangular cross-section. Rectangular tube is less noticeable in the room. Similar accepted to put in a "run" on the kitchen cabinets, partially hide the duct. We decided to buy plastic pipes, do not forget to buy a pair of L-shaped adapter., An amount of 2-3 pieces. It is advisable to buy perehodnichok to the drawing, the second - to channel ventilation. Fastening, sealing compounds duct is performed in the presence of the corresponding insulating means (silicone adhesive, suitable plumbing).

Plastic installer gives undeniable advantages:

  1. It minimizes the risk of increased noise.
  2. Chimney coated antistatic ceases to collect dust.

Pipe exhaust of the corrugations secured using homutkov, lattices. Similar designs are equipped with fittings.

Try to take a diameter corresponding to the hole drawing (e.g., 125 mm), avoiding the need to buy more adapters. If you decided to buy a corrugated duct, after coming home a good pull frame compressed tube provided with a plurality of folds. Advantages: relatively easy to install, low-cost acquisition. Such systems are not required to be equipped with adapters, as opposed to plastic.

Galvanized pipe will provide a guarantee: an extended service life will not allow the inside of the channel rust. Today declared type of material present in the weld, flange, flangeless duct systems.

plastic pipe

Choosing the diameter of structure

The main rule matching the desired size of the pipe section of the duct should not be less than the diameter of the vent hole. Otherwise pipe system increases the operation noise, increasing the load of the engine system. Decreases efficiency, use the installation impractical. "The output" consumers receive worthless operation with poor efficiency. Sometimes the "approach" will accelerate the failure of the drawing.

Preparation of the sections of the duct for venting avoids formation of corners. Excess bending line (90 degrees) of the channel reduces efficiency of 10-15%. Keep in mind two things:

  1. Avoid build long canal. Stove worth far - think of another way to move closer to construction.
  2. Avoid bending sharply to 90 degrees, it creates a problem with the air outflow: motor overload.

A conduit for drawing protect against reverse thrust. It is performed by the check valves provided in two types:

  1. Membranous valves.
  2. Plastic wheels.

Figuring out the details, it is recommended to ask the consultants, advertising goods. Complete set for the hood

Tips for disguise

Today common form of camouflage - kitchen cabinets, behind which decided to hold the duct. Portal "VashTehnik" offers visitors a range of acceptable choices that can help to hide the pipe, avoiding to spoil the interior of the kitchen.

  1. Would you like to equip the room suspended ceiling, it is advisable to ask the staff about the service installers perform a special box (cabinet, suspended ceiling) under the flat tube drawing.
  2. In some cases, after the installation of the pipes can be purchased special plastic box. Manufacturers offer convenient options that fill the product catalogs. Companies engaged in the installation of ceilings, offer built in drywall spotlights: the system for a long time have become the catchwords of modern cuisine.
  3. Next - different kinds of built-in hoods, running in the framework of kitchen furniture. Like built-in appliances, piping located in the "boxes" of kitchen furniture, helps to hide the system, while maintaining a pleasant appearance.
  4. The last one (as proposed disappeared) is called a trivial paint pipes, according to the color of the interior. Consumers achieved interesting results: the scenery tubes became part of the successful design solutions.

Remember, today's manufacturers offer a part-time purchase of pipes, hoods kit. System of the same type are supplied excessively mask tube. Pay attention to the qualitative model Verified Reviews, adjusted pricing, useful, according to the level of consumer preferences.

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