Exhaust fan with a check valve

The check valve is closely related to the concept of reverse thrust. Indivisible tandem. Portal raised the subject installation of a hood, the rear wall of the cut in the street. In winter, the equipment is turned off, is a crazy reverse thrust. It is necessary to prevent the penetration of cold outside air. Exhaust fan with a check valve is good to solve the problem. Often in cellars equipped gyms, bakeries, bookstores. Institution excess moisture is unnecessary. Exhaust fan-return valve will be effective budget solution. Cut a hole in the ceiling of the room facing the outside.

The action of the check valve

Check valve - a mechanism that transmits unidirectionally flow channel. By automatic, manual configuration change-sectional area of ​​the passage.

The check valve is so simple device, anywhere really not described principle. In vain. There are at least three types:

  1. Managed (electricity, manually).
  2. Samozahlopyvayuschiesya (spring).
  3. Passive (changing position by the forward, reverse flow).

The action of the check valve

Bathrooms more impressed the second class. Opening device, ventilator spends energy efficiency decreases. The blades are stopped, the check valve closes the action of a spring. It does not provide a perfect seal. If the neighbors try to fill the apartment unpleasant odor, blocking guaranteed. Please note, the device increases the fan noise. Motor hums strained encountering resistance open sash.

A few words about the other two classes. Managed electricity suited total automation of a large object. We equip the sensors axis angular throttle position, observe what is happening far away in a remote part of the plant, workshop, warehouse. A great solution that eliminates moisture, mustiness, mold. Snow, rain will cease to fly from the street, did not get into the cold air, which would certainly have caused the formation of condensation.

The third class of passive check valves may be used where there is a force of Earth's gravity. Gravity helps flaps snap shut. Design suitable for kitchens, are less popular.

The design of the check valve

Due to some peculiarities of the sale of filled mostly circular check valves. Domestic models are made mostly of plastic. Formed from:

  1. Round duct segment, employee housing.
  2. The flaps, rotating on an axis situated above diameter.
  3. Restricting protrusions. It is arranged in a semicircle on the one hand from below, similar semicircular top of the other side.
  4. Return torsion spring. It rejects the system to its original state when the fan is idle. The element can be omitted.

The design limits flap two states:

  • Closed. Valve perpendicular nozzle overlaps the air current.
  • Open. Valve parallel pipe substantially does not interfere with the air current.

The operating principle of the return of the fan valve

The principle of the reverse action of the fan valve is limited as follows. The fixing protrusions provide corner flaps stroke 90 degrees, unable to move differently than the two positions described. The fan is running - the channel is open, the blades should stop - path overlaps the return spring force. The check valve on the 125 mm not cheap, costs about 250 rubles. A lot of light plastic product. Sidedness flow ensures that the axis of the deviation from the mid-section pipe. Rest assured, it is relatively easy to set up the reverse side of the element.

Not only design the most simple. It is used in everyday life. Industrial models RSK Shuft equipped with two spring-loaded valves, located on the diametrical axis. Each is represented by a semicircle with a total straight face. Spring return construction in the closed state, the fan is switched off. In the open position, both in the middle of the leaf, "back to back", parallel to the duct axis. Unfortunately, the manufacturer forgot to bring the site size, overlooking a massive thing. Material - galvanized steel.

Specifically look Flap channel valves. The gate, built in a steel duct. They use the factory, eliminating ingress of snow outside, cold air. Flap valve tulip called in common inertial bars. Everyone has seen something similar in the kitchen.

The design of the check valve

The rectangular frame arranged horizontally inside the blade. Unfold the action of the fan flow, air flow ceases - slam occurs own weight. Therefore, these flap valves called gravity. By the way, go to the kitchen, a bathroom, a fan must be powerful enough.

Decor fan Serie c-return valve Soler & Palau

Throw to look at the non-return valve in front of fans. If properly understand the item is on the back side. Fan, fitted with non-return valve, is good. Lost chance to set the wrong side of the unit (by mistake). Link is missing, there is a chance of filling the apartment unpleasant odor. Despite the plainness of the check valve design, it has a chance to set the wrong. Fans provide operation indoors at a temperature of 0-40 ° C. What to do in the summer for those who hotter remains unclear. Assume parts deformation begins at a high temperature.

Exhaust Fan with Decor series valve equipped with several standard sizes. The engine used a single-phase 230 volts, 50 Hz, the product is suitable flat typical Russian. Soler & Palau products are equipped with a thermal protection against overheating of the engine. Probably, at a temperature above 40 ° C the product may refuse to operate.

Fan with a check valve

Detail is important, helps power the induction motor variable voltage by adjusting the speed. Conveniently, when there is no need to drive the product to its fullest. Parallel to reduced efficiency of the engine is actively heated. Products Soler & Palau look confident.

Models marked index Z, supplied with engines of high resource. The fans are mounted on a wall, ceiling, equipped with indicator of inclusion. Power consumption is low, the counter may refuse to "notice" motor running.

The line is equipped with a three hundred humidistat, allows to control the value of humidity, ventilation will automatically run, eliminating the excess water vapor present in the air. The check valve instruction missed. It creates the impression of lack. Series Description Decor element prescribes one of the options.

For silent operation, perform a selection of exhaust Silent Series fan size. Characterized by having a check valve, the engine durable fastening. Fired three sizes: 100, 125, 150 (160) mm. Models received from a certifying commission of the second class of the electrical insulation, do not require grounding. The design offline humidistat integrated time delay, adjustable potentiometer. Leaving the bathroom, you can turn off the product, the engine run for a while.

When launches short (less than 50 seconds) option is not available. Delaying off does not exceed 30 minutes. Instruction ignores the return valve exhaust fan, the list registered properties.

Duct fans with a check valve Soler & Palau

Ducted exhaust fan with valve Silentub quiet series. Housing, plastic blades. The official site posted instructions... but other lines. It reduces the noise of the engine mechanism, mounted on special rubber dampers. operating conditions in terms of Articles repeats described above. Room temperature 0-40 ° C. Please note, although the installation directory points to the street exit, you can only do hot Spain.

At a power of 12 W channel fan with a check valve outputs the above 2000 rpm. The sound pressure level is 37.5 dBA, translate the value into Russian without first consulting with the subject slightly to the authors. If the standard dB figure is really small, the translation is not easy, why confuse people, it is not clear. Vita rumors dBA measured using a special filter to cut off the ear is not lockable. Obtained noise power, perceived by man. Deprived of infrared, ultrasound.

We would like to say good-bye, the other thematic issues relevant to ask the company Poler & Palau. The specialist will explain how it works with the valve hood.

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