F2 error in the washing machine Atlant

What should I do if the Atlas washing machine diagnostic system found a malfunction and generated error F2?First of all, recognize the malfunction code - it means the problem of the temperature sensor.

Electronic models Atlant F2 error is shown on the display. Electromechanical washers without a board issue an error code like this: on the control panel the third indicator is lit.

The content of the materialFor the Atlant washing machine, the malfunction code F2 means a malfunction of the temperature sensor.

It is responsible for measuring the temperature of the water, the principle of the sensor may vary depending on the type of instrument. But the essence is the same: when the selected washing temperature is reached, the thermostat sends a signal to the control board. The latter gives the command to turn off the heater.

Failure of the thermal sensor in case of F2 error may be critical. Unregulated heating leads to boiling water and burning heater.

Thermal Relay Types, Home Verification

Let's figure out how to fix the problem and clear the F2 error. To solve the problem, consider the types of temperature relays and how to check them.

Bimetallic type

It consists of two bimetallic plates in the form of a tablet. When voltage is applied, the plates expand, closing the contact, which the control board reads as a signal.

The bimetal sensor fails due to wear.

How to fix the situation and install a new thermistor on the CM Atlant:

  1. Get to the washer tank and disconnect the sensor wires.
  2. Attach a multimeter to the contacts and measure the resistance.
  3. Now immerse the thermostat in hot water, look at the readings.
  4. If the readings have fallen - the device is working. No - need a replacement.

After installing the new item, check the machine. See if the F2 error disappeared from the display. If the thermostat is working, continue testing.

Gas Type

This sensor consists of two parts. One of them in the form of a tablet is in the water, where it measures temperature. The second in the form of a tube filled with freon is connected to the control module.

When heated, the gas expands and the contacts close. Damage to the tube and gas outlet cause a malfunction.

What to do to replace and fix the error:

  • Remove the back and front panel of the CMA Atlas.
  • From the back, remove the thermostat clamp and push it into the tank.
  • Remove the device from the tank by disconnecting the wires.
  • Tester, check the resistance as in the previous case.

Electronic Type

The electronic sensor( thermistor) is located at the base of the heating element. His method of operation is to measure the resistance, which is formed when water is heated.

What does it mean to replace the thermistor:

  • Remove the Atlas rear panel.
  • At the bottom where the heater is located, you will see a thermistor.
  • Loosen the central nut of the heating element, remove the thermistor.
  • Resistance is measured in the same order.

The installation of a new thermostat occurs in the reverse order. Thus, you can independently perform the repair and remove the error F2, which is lit on the scoreboard.

control module. If the sensor tests have failed, inspect the control unit. Its elements are also called a multimeter.

Repairing and replacing a module can be a daunting task for a newbie. Each element of the board is responsible for the operation of one of the parts of the CM, so it is important to understand what and how to do. If you do not understand electronics - call the master.

After the repair, start the washing machine Atlant. Pay attention to whether the water heats up normally, whether F2 is displayed on the screen. If everything is OK - you were able to reset the errors and do it yourself.

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