Error F03 in the Bosch washing machine

The Bosch washer shows on the display the error code F 03, which means problems with water drainage. If after a timeout( 10 minutes) the water remains in the tank and does not drain, the system gives an error on the scoreboard.

The user notices the absence of spin, as he gets wet linen from the tank. How to fix the situation and fix the damage?

Material content:

  • 1 What does F03 code mean: causes and remedies
  • 2 Repair at home
    • 2.1 Pressure switch malfunction
    • 2.2 Drive problem
    • 2.3 breakdown of trafficbreakdowns and their removal

      To understand why the Bosch washer generates an error F03, you need to act consistently. Begin testing with simple and clear details. What to do:

      • Check the drain filter. The element is located at the bottom of the back of the machine. Open the cover and remove the filter. If it is full of debris, clean it and rinse it under running water.
      • Examine the drain hose at the time of inflection or incorrect positioning. If it is installed incorrectly, a “siphon” effect is formed. As a result, only the water begins to merge, as it immediately returns to the washer. In addition, flush the hose and its pipe.

      • A blockage may occur in the sewer or at the point where the hose is connected to it. The last option can be checked by disconnecting the hose. If the reason is in the sewage system, it will be necessary to clean it with special means or call a plumber.

      Have you cleaned all the elements, but did not reset the error F03?To solve the problem, you will need to perform an independent repair.

      Home Repair

      The Bosch washing machine can flash fault code F 03 on the display if a serious breakdown of internal parts has occurred. Therefore, repair or replacement may be necessary.

      Malfunction of the pressure switch

      How to check the pressure switch? First remove the pressure sensor from the Bosch machine. Connecting to the place of attachment of a small tube, blow into it. Additionally, inspect the hoses leading to the pressure switch for integrity and absence of blockages.

      If the sensor is in good condition, after blowing the tube, the contacts will operate. You will hear a characteristic click, which can be repeated three times. If you cannot hear anything, you must replace the pressure switch.

      drive belt malfunction If the malfunction code is on, but the spin does not work, the reason may be in the engine drive belt. When the belt is stretched, the transmission speed is ineffective. As a result, the washing proceeds normally, but not enough turns to spin, which causes the F 03 error.

      To check the condition of the belt, do the following:

      1. After disconnecting the CM Bosch from the network, remove the back panel.
      2. Look, perhaps, the belt has slipped off a pulley, or is too worn out.
      3. To install a new belt, refuel it through the engine pulley onto the drum pulley.
      4. Roll the pulley, evenly distributing the belt.

      If this did not help to reset the error and resume spinning, go to the next item.

      Breakage of the drain pump

      When the pump fails, the water is pumped out badly or not at all. After checking the filter and drain hose, you can begin to check the pump.

      • Drain the water from the Bosch machine through the drain filter.
      • Remove the top and back of the washer.
      • Lock the drum and lay the machine on its side.
      • Disconnect the pump wires - it is located at the bottom of the machine.
      • Move the hose clamp away from the pump.
      • Turn the pump counterclockwise and pull out.
      • To install a new element, press it firmly, turning it clockwise.

      . In the installation of a new pump, the video will help you:

      The problem with the

      control unit. The last thing you can assume is that the control module is faulty. If there is a problem with the electronics, the remaining parts of the washing machine do not receive a start signal. Therefore, error F03 is output.

      Each individual element on the control board is responsible for the operation of the motor, engine, sensors and other parts. As a result, the circuit elements may burn out - soldering contacts, stripping or complete replacement of the unit will help.

      Stick to safety during operation!

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