Coffee grinder with his own hands

We do not know from what reasons people decide to make your own coffee grinder, but will offer a couple of designs. Especially because on YouTube acceptable designs submitted for coffee. So grinder with his own hands at home.

The design of a self-made coffee grinders

The difficulty is seen in designer regulation grind size. We need a method to get a small coffee. The proposed design on YouTube with knives are not suitable, flour mixed with coffee goes crumbs need to sift the result, which is unacceptable. Device is required, gradually giving the powder to use for other purposes. From this point of view better than emery wheel for homemade grinders. grinding speed seems slow, but the quality of delight.

The design of a self-made coffee grinders

The design of a self-made coffee grinders

As you can see the process:

  1. Homemade emery wheel grinder rotates in a horizontal direction. From the size of the abrasive grains fineness it depends.
  2. It is important to properly design the working chamber homemade grinders. Emery wheel put into the cylinder to flour poured down the perimeter and went through a funnel into a collecting container. Then it requires considerable torque: baby would start to get stuck between the wall and the abrasive homemade grinders. For home conditions bad. Therefore, the side walls of the working chamber back grinder homemade parabola up 5-10 centimeters. Tiny in the latter case shook the perimeter, but does not fail down, throwing out by centrifugal force in a parabola. Then pieces of grains make a circular path and once again fall to the emery wheel.
  3. Of course, the top of the working chamber is closed by a cover homemade grinder with a long and narrow openings for feeding coffee beans.
  4. The diameter of the grindstone is not more than 10 cm. Otherwise, difficult to disperse, and the speed required as in a vacuum cleaner, 6000 RPM and above. Otherwise, the grinding will not so much dispute.
    homemade coffee grinder

    homemade coffee grinder

  5. The main difficulty lies in the placement of the engine. The shorter the length of the shaft to the sanding disc, the stronger and more reliable construction in terms of the centrifugal acceleration, the minimum shaken bearings. Said factor determines grinding purity: if the shaft goes shaking, emery clatter chamber wall with the consequences. It is better to put a funnel around to gently dust poured down. If the engine is put on top, place the filling opening has not come out in the specified location. In the compartment provides a certain height, then reduce to a minimum the distance will not work.
  6. Perform the side walls of the sieve with a small mesh. The bottom compartment equip small taper from the shaft to powder by vibration ran down. The result is a product with the following drawing.

The figure shows color components. Light green limited working chamber. At the bottom it is worth bearing seal that coffee does not wake up in the engine compartment. Collect the final product is the perimeter (only a segment of the sieve sidewall). For the collection of homemade grinder put in a saucepan. Recall that the engine compartment has no holes, therefore, provides for protection of the engine against overheating. It is recommended to include a couple of winding protection devices.

Driving grinder

Driving grinder

Typical Thermal Cutoffs calculated on 135 degrees Celsius and pressed tightly to the wire motor coils. An additional point: the vacuum cleaner motor commutator, homemade coffee grinder is very noisy. If necessary, take an induction motor of the refrigerator, by the way, in the device and has a launch protection relay (either from the kitchen hood), which ensures safe operation. Commutator motors are known for easy management and the ability to operate at a frequency exceeding 50 Hz. In addition, develop a good torque and depend little on the surge.

Disadvantages collector engines:

  • High noise levels. The brushes rub against the rotating speed is considerable.
  • Arcing in the reservoir, therefore, a large noise level.

When selecting the commutator motor to be protected brush varistors (first end is planted on the brush, the second on the motor housing. Varistors two - one per side) is assumed to embed the surge protector device.

Key moments in the construction of the grinder with his own hands

It is important to accurately set the grid. The accuracy of 100% dependent performance grinder. It is believed to do the projection on the bottom and the ceiling of the processing chamber as shown in the second figure. It is important to match the size of the circles and the bottom of the ceiling grid by virtue of their own resilience will fall in place and ensure the proper position of the parts. At the same time easy to replace a leaky item, if affected by an abrasive disc pad. It is important to be protected - the crown is at a high speed to throw on a tangent. The engine will stop if jammed shaft when winding overheated melt thermal fuse.

From a security standpoint it is useful to the user to make three of the ear on the bottom and the ceiling of the chamber along the outer perimeter, through which bolts to fasten parts. Described precautionary measures are enough to work safely in the care of the person.

The electrical part of the switch on the surge protector. These are sold as a finished product for washing machines, which, too, is a collector motor. If necessary Construct your own piece of the capacitor. Or check out the website of washing machines, there is in any filter circuit has internal electrical connections. Copy desired element, put the input homemade grinder. The above step will protect the home appliances from the vagaries of supply.

The protrusion on the bottom and the ceiling of the processing chamber

The protrusion on the bottom and the ceiling of the processing chamber

If speed control is required, the corresponding circuit may borrow (with motor) of the food processor. Plus the fact that the appliance of this class already has the required protection level. Minus: most food processors do not have a high efficiency for a simple reason -No seriously does not measure the power consumption of devices operating a maximum of 15 minutes. According to our considerations is much better to provide protection from the engine stop. For example, in washing machines worth Magneto (Hall sensor), which controls speed. This board the thermistor to choose the right angle cut-off to save the engine speed constancy.

In the literature you find a simpler circuit that focus on noise amplitude of the generated spark collector. In the latter case, the parasitic effect is used to good things, have led to the scheme VashTehnik portal. But the fee will not protect the engine from stopping. Magneto looks complicated, but it allows you to control the work. However, Emery wheels are mounted on all the rubber gasket. In our case, no good abrasive surface pereklinit.

Implement device grinder ground. This will protect against electrical hazards. The device is not designed for continuous operation. If you want to grind the coffee bags need to build bimetallic plates to control engine temperature. Suitable spare parts from the oil heater. The question of where to put the bimetallic plate. Take the initiative.

Working with homemade grinder

The principle of operation of the grinder is such that it is not necessary to fill just a lot of grain. It is obvious that some of the crumbs and flour in Skopje. The first grinding would require a little more grain than the average. Subsequently after burnishing negative processes disappear.

Told how to make the grinder by hand.

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