Ceiling heaters to testify

Today in vogue devices do not interfere with a person to live. Ideally, the units should not spoil the appearance of the premises. Ceramic heaters resemble a column designed for acoustic sound around. The apartment looked casually stylish. Harmony with the appearance of seeking manufacturers. Ceiling heaters for garden disguised as fluorescent lights. Instantly devices from each other can not be distinguished, while the equipment will not be accepted for the job. Even more amazing models meet on the shelves, which can not be seen at all. Read review on!

Infrared heaters and film-type cables

Used to that heater is associated with something hot - fire, embers, hot iron, heat the air. So stable association that it is difficult to believe that produce electrical heating device for issuing a temperature slightly above the human body.

It is interesting! Today release polymers, stronger than steel at times. Kevlar is used to make bulletproof vests.

Cold air from below is based, therefore, heat up the bottom. Pokumekat, scientists have invented film heaters to warm the floor surface, the cloth of polyethylene, filled with resistive elements of foil. There are special heating cables. In the simplest case, easy to install in a thick cement screed.

Cables of two types:

  1. The ohmic (resistive).
  2. Self-regulating.

Infrared film heaters type

As a spiral in the fireplace function. Heated until the current passes. Requires an external thermostat that controls the whole conglomerate. If resistive cable breaks have to open the tie to fix the system Underfloor heating. It is not comfortable. By the way, laid the cable reduces the time for construction work at the expense of electricity forced drying, such technologies are used in many cases. At the end of the cable is clipped and left inside the concrete structure.

Self-regulating cables acts differently. There is one core pair in length, between which a difference in electrical potential. Cores divides matrix with inclusions of graphite powder. The higher the temperature, the less energy is released on the cable. What is happening is simple: graphite matrix expands and breaks of the current track. The technique results in a lion's share of heat with low temperature region. In addition, the surface concentration has in the manufacture of graphite and other means configured to preset mode does not require control or adjustment. If the cable breaks, continue to work on the part of the outlet to the fault.

Heated floor operates to underfoot had reliable support temperature not higher than 45 ° C. Indicators suffice. That energy is not flowed into the interior of the basement, under the cable is a layer of insulation. Similarly settling ceiling. Above polyethylene film is used with wide strips of foil conductor. Heated to design funny temperature of 45 ° C, but at the expense of large surface area effect is sufficient to maintain the desired conditions. Such an infrared heater fireproof, is set, for example, in kindergartens. Decorative trim tiles will reduce the efficiency of the design, but do not be zero.

Ceiling Film Heater

This is valid option for questioning. Ceiling film heaters are mounted under the cover, not visible from the outside. For the insulation of the attic apply penofol or similar in material properties. The manufacturer produces self-adhesive variety, which is taken on the wood, and concrete. The reverse side - a typical polyethylene. Do not forget the tree primed for waterproofing and antiseptic, but the first step is carried out for concrete. Action penofol will protect against erosion during operation. Film heaters like FREH allowed pokleit to the polyethylene insulation. It will fit any part, taking synthetics.

Then allowed to mount a false ceiling made of cloth. Please note that the effectiveness of the system depends on the coating material. Avoid using cork, polyurethane foam, drywall.

Ideally, the ceiling FREH electric heaters should not overshadow. In the greenhouse does. Ceiling tiles have a special coating designed to radiate heat.

Ceiling infrared heaters under fluorescent lights

If report steel plate which is coated by anodizing the outside ceramics, the excess heat, infrared radiation energy will begin. For this purpose, the heater is placed inside a special heater, it is packed into a housing resembling the fluorescent lamp. On top of the thermal insulation layers are not allowing the energy to flow away upward.

For example, the ceiling heaters Peony working surface with a temperature of 240 ° C, and the reverse side of the case under the conditions of 80 ° C. Observe, by placing the device in a hot room. It acts like the sun. PETN infrared heater the temperature of said ceramic anodised steel plate which glows in the infrared wavelength range. Typical models have a flat working floor covering segment angle of 90 degrees. At Peony Keramik has two steel plates located at an angle to each other, increasing the illuminated segment of up to 120 degrees.

Ceiling heater Ikolayn

A similar scheme operates ceiling heater Ikolayn. The difference in the details. For example, instead of anodizing Peony Ceramic micro-arc oxidation method is used, which allows to obtain a thin and high-quality ceramic layer on the metal surface. The manufacturer claims that the alloy of the two materials - metal ceramics. This would give an unprecedented mechanical strength of the coating.

Curious looks at the background of the Russian company Bilyuks organized in 1998. It provides a seven-year warranty. Ceiling heater Bilyuks is not less than the promised time due to ordinary logic. In reality, the period of operation rather extends much further.

Ceiling infrared heaters Armstrong

Infrared heaters at the ceiling Armstrong looks a logical continuation of the previous models. If Bilyuks Ikolayn and simply hung on the ceiling, considered the type of devices it looks like an ordinary tile. This is inserted into the mesh, supplied electricity, the device performs its function. At least two uses:

  • Installation of ceiling Armstrong, which already provided for the availability of electric heaters.
  • Replacing arbitrary mesh (square) in the infra-red heaters for ceiling Armstrong.

This provides considerable advantages. Existing ceilings are suitable for modernization, along with orders for new products. The shape of the infrared heater ceiling Armstrong is a square with an electrical cord on the back side. The appearance is no different from the surrounding tiles.

Maintain a comfortable temperature

It is ideal for offices and looks good in the apartment renovated, to give too refined. Is that a three-story mansion in the gated community of Moscow. Otherwise ceiling disassemble uninvited winter guests.

Dark infrared heaters Solaronics ceiling

Ceiling gas heater is considered as means for getting rid of cold in shops large enterprises. The French firm Solaronics Chauffage in this respect a different opinion. It is proposed to consider the possibility of applying Solartube for large studios.

Principle: The gas is burnt in the furnace, pressurized combustion products are exhausted into the pipe coil paved under the ceiling and equipped with a special reflector throughout. The hot gas, making the coil is returned to the original place. Pipes are a pair. The middle tract occurs at a 180 degree angle. To do this is built into the special channel U-bend.

Dark infrared heaters are placed under the ceiling, spoil the look of the room. Construction is proposed that in the two-storey studio apartment, where the view very few people interested. tube temperature reaches 180 ° C, which is comparable in value with the infrared heaters Peony Keramik. The area in this case, of course, be much higher. A principle of action of the former.

The difference in energy taken from natural gas combustion. To summarize, for the modest cottages are better suited FREH, but set the value of hard to find (dealers are trying to fill the price). Installation will require a range of works on the ceiling insulation, demanding money. For ideal cottage infrared heaters in the form of fluorescent lamps, which regulate external thermostat. In the presence of Armstrong ceiling is better to use special models of ceiling heaters.

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