The wall of the refrigerator cracked

If you notice that there is ice on the walls of the camera or the thermal insulation coating is broken, it is probably because the wall of the refrigerator has cracked. In order for the refrigeration equipment to last as long as possible, it is important to observe the operating rules, pay attention to the slightest signs of malfunctions. Tell you how to detect and fix such a malfunction.

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  • 3The shelf in the refrigerator cracked

Causes of breakage

For proper operation of the refrigerator and the safety of the products, it is important that the chamber is completely sealed, so the door of the compartment is fitted with a rubber seal and closely adjacent to the housing. If warm air enters the chamber, you may notice:

  1. The motor compressor operates without stopping. The fact is that the thermal sensor sends signals to the module about the temperature rise in the compartment. Therefore, the main module causes the motor to operate to compensate for the temperature. And because of the damage, the flow of warm air does not stop, then the compressor operates without stopping.
  2. Inside, on the back wall, there are outgrowths of snow and ice - perhaps, the insulation of the chamber is broken. This happens, if the door is not snug, so you need to re-load, or replace the seal.

For what reasons is the plastic cracking on the walls of the refrigerator? If you recently transported equipment, the crack could have formed as a result of a stroke or a fall. Therefore, it is important to properly fix the refrigerator during transportation.

A frequent cause of puncture and damage to the chamber wall is the "help" of the user during defrosting. If you tried to split the ice with a foreign object, it could lead to a puncture.

It also happens that the rear wall freezes outside. This means that the insulation is damaged, and leads to penetration of moisture and frost. Need urgent repairs.

What to do to restore work

To eliminate the external insulation layer damage yourself, proceed as follows:

  • unplug the refrigerator;
  • With a sharp knife, remove the wet part of the insulation layer;
  • put in place the normal insulation or use a mounting foam;
  • after solidifying the foam, attach the metal foil to the top.

If a crack formed on the inner wall, you can glue it like this:

  • turn off and defrost the equipment;
  • dry the chamber and degrease the area where the crack is located;
  • apply evenly silicone sealant;
  • Allow the sealant to dry and connect the refrigerator.

Plastic could crack as a result of factory marriage, when tightly tighten the nuts. In this case, you need to contact the store where the equipment was bought.

The shelf in the refrigerator cracked

Plastic shelves can also crack - most often this happens as a result of overload. To repair the cracked shelf of the refrigerator from dense plastic, you can use super-resistant glue. For this, a shallow groove (2-3 mm) is made from the reverse side of the crack to allow the glue to be poured.

After you make a deepening, with a sharp knife you need to clean the surface to remove burrs. Then apply a layer of superglue and sprinkle it with soda.

Using a match, rub in the soda so that it reacts with the glue, remove the residue and apply glue again. The procedure is repeated several times until the groove is filled with glue. Thus, the bond area increases, so the crack will not go further.

Now you know how to deal with the crack in the refrigerator correctly. It is necessary to act immediately, so that the damage does not go further along the wall or shelf surface. Watch the video on the topic:

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