Why do apples fall early and what should I do with them?


Many gardeners and gardeners are faced with the problem of shedding apples. In the causes of the shedding of apples, diseases or pests, improper care or natural processes can be covered.

In this article we will consider why the apples fall early in time, whether it is possible to put the apples in a compost and what to do with the falling apples.


Table of contents

  • The reasons why the apples fall early
    • Diseases and pests
    • Improper care
    • How to water the apple trees correctly?
    • Falling is like a natural process
    • Other reasons why apples crumble in the garden
  • What can you do with fallen apples?
    • Use of rotten apples as a fertilizer in the country

The reasons why the apples fall early

Diseases and pests

The reason why apples fall from the apple tree may be fruit rot, which occurs when the apple tree is damaged by the moth. This is one of the most dangerous pests. Examine the fallen apples, cut them with a knife, if they are wormy, then the reason lies in it. The apple tree discards the fruits affected by the caterpillar.

To help the tree, you need to install the hunting belts on it, remove the dead bark from the tree and burn it with the scavenger.Under the affected tree, lay an oilcloth so that the parasites fall on it, and not into the ground. The apple tree itself needs to be treated with a drug designed to fight this pest.

Timely and qualitative treatment of trees from pests and diseases will help prevent their occurrence. For processing, you can use infusions of tomato leaves, dandelion, garlic or tobacco.

Improper care

It happens that the tree is healthy in appearance, is not affected by pests, and apples fall not ripening. This can happen for several reasons.

Lack or excess of moisture.In case of a lack of moisture, the leaves take it from the fruit and the apples fall off. Very often this happens with trees that grow on light soils, as well as grafted on dwarfish rootstocks, with a superficial root.

Fallen red and rotten apples

To determine whether the tree requires irrigation, you need to squeeze the soil in the hand under the crown of the tree, if the ball is scattered - the tree should be poured.

Excessive watering, as well as excessive watering can cause shedding of apples.

Too copious watering leads to a lack of oxygen, because of what the root is not able to provide full and fruits and leaves with moisture.

How to water the apple trees correctly?

For the normal growth and development of the tree, three-time watering is sufficient, provided the soil is soaked to a depth of at least 80 cm. The first time apple trees are watered in May, before flowering, the second time - at the end of June, during the ovary and the third - in the fall, before freezing.

Depending on the age and development of the tree, the norm of its irrigation depends.One watering will require:

  • young annual trees - 2-3 buckets per 1 m2 spruce barrel;
  • trees of two years old - 4-5 buckets;
  • trees from three to five years - 5-8 buckets;
  • adult apple trees - 6-10 buckets.
In the dry summer, additional watering is carried out during the growth of the fruit, as well as in the case of a long dry autumn, to prevent the apple trees from leaving the dehydrated in winter.

For watering around the perimeter of the tree crown, you need to make an earth roller and water to pour over its ring, and not under the apple tree trunk.

Improper feeding.If the spring is overzealous with the introduction of nitrogen fertilizers, humus, manure or urea, the pulp of apples will be very loose and most likely, most of them will be thrown off the tree. To avoid this, you need to pour the apple tree with a solution of superphosphate at a rate of 30 g per 10 liters of water. On 1 m2 of the stocking circle, one bucket of solution is added.

Fall of green apples

Another reason for the crumbling of apples ahead of time may be a lack of potassium. This problem is solved by feeding the tree with potassium fertilizer.

Falling is like a natural process

As a rule, large flower buds are laid in apple trees, each kidney gives 5-6 flowers, of which only 5-10% will give fruits. Other flowers either crumble, without giving the ovary, or the tree discards the tied apples after flowering, it is desirable to immediately harvest such fruits. Such a process is called self-cleaning of a tree.

It happens that on the apple tree too many apples are tied and it drops their part, since the branches of the tree do not withstand their weight.

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Sometimes it happens that apples fall off, reaching their removable maturity, this phenomenon is due to the peculiarity of the variety. This feature is typical for the grades Grushovka Moscow, Mayak, Manten, Soncedar and others. The fallen apples are collected and allowed to lie down.

To ensure the fitness of the fruit,cut an apple - if the bone is brown and there are no worms in it, it's time to harvest. First you need to collect apples from the lower branches, then on the periphery, and then on the top of the tree.

Other reasons why apples crumble in the garden

Insufficient pollination.Apple-tree is a cross-pollinated culture, it is very important to select such varieties that would pollinate each other. It is very important that during their flowering in the garden there were insect pollinators: bees, bumblebees, butterflies. To attract them, you can plant the plants in the garden, honey plants, for example, geranium garden, the beginning of flowering of some of its species coincides with the period of flowering of apple trees.

Falling of worm eaten apples

Late frosts.Sometimes there are frosts after the ovary and as a result the apples fall off. To help the tree, you need to treat it with the drug "Ovary" or a solution of boric acid at a rate of 2 g per 10 liters of water.

To prevent frosts from overcoming trees, choose winter-hardy varieties for planting, if the garden is located on a slope, do not plant trees in the lowland, the middle part of the slope will fit for planting.

What can you do with fallen apples?

And now we'll look at where to put the fallen apples in the country and what to do with the carrion. Fallen apples can be used for making compotes or drying. Apples are cut by pieces dried or immediately brewed from them compote.

Many people cook from confectionary or vinegar.

To prepare confiture, apples are cut into small cubes or passed through a meat grinder. In a pan with a thick bottom pour a little water (about 1/3 of the total volume of apples) and add crushed apples, cook for half an hour on a quiet fire, stirring occasionally. Then add sugar to taste and continue to cook.Confiscation is determined by dripping a drop on a plate,if it does not blur - confiture is ready.

Collected in a pile of fallen apples

Hot confiture is spread in sterilized jars and rolled up.

To cook apple cider vinegar, the apples are finely chopped, laid in a jar and poured with water with the addition of sugar (for 1 liter of water 30 grams of sugar), so that it completely covers the apples. The bank is tied with a napkin and left to wander in the heat. When apples are changed, vinegar is filtered, bottled and covered with a dense lid.

Use of rotten apples as a fertilizer in the country

A fall from apples can be buried in autumn in beds as a fertilizer, which are prepared for the next year. Bury the fallen apples as deep as possible, chopping them before it.

Padaltsu can be used for composting.In the compost lay apples without parasites and traces of disease. Rotten fruits can also be used, because during decomposition, putrefactive microorganisms will die under the influence of high temperature.

To prepare compost, use peat, chicken manure or manure, straw, paper, natural fabrics, kitchen waste (eggshell, pruning of raw fruits and vegetables, tea leaves, coffee grounds) garden waste (sloping grass, fallen leaves, sawdust, thin branches, chips, carrion).

You can not put in the compost carrion from the stone fruit (plum, cherry, cherry), their bones do not have time to decompose.

Before bookmarking, all components of the compost are ground, the bottom of the compost pit or a specially made for this purpose box or fold is laid cuttings of branches, chips, straw, then a thin layer of earth, over it again waste and so alternate, each layer of waste - from 30 to 50 cm, a layer of earth - 5-10 cm.It is very important to alternate dry waste with damp, nitrogenous with carbonaceous waste.The more organic waste, the better the quality of compost.

Decayed apples on compost

After filling, the compost storage is closed with a lid or covered with an oilcloth, a piece of linoleum or carpet, this is done to maintain the right temperature and correct preparation.

Periodically, compost should be well mixed, this will allow to control the degree of moisture of the mass, saturate the mass with oxygen, which will accelerate the maturation process.

If compost is prepared in the summer, to maintain the desired humidity, once a week it is slightly watered. This will help him ripen quickly.

Compost should not smell bad. The stench indicates that it is not cooked properly. The smell of ammonia means that too much nitrogen has been incorporated. To correct the situation, you need to add to the compost paper and cardboard. The smell of rotten eggs indicates a lack of oxygen, you need to shake the compost mass and adding straw or shavings.

On the readiness of the compost speaks the smell, it smells of forest land, the mass has a dark color, moist and friable.

Ready-to-use as a fertilizer compost

Preparing the compost, you will get a wonderful organic fertilizer, rich in useful trace elements and light in use, with which you can improve the structure of the soil, feed up the garden and improve it fertility.

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