Do not close the refrigerator door

Sometimes the refrigerator can be completely functional, but the malfunctioning of the work is due to a banal reason: the door has ceased to be sealed. As a rule, users themselves notice that the door closes badly, but this can be accompanied by various "symptoms

  • in the refrigerator of the new generation, when the door is not closed properly, an audible signal sounds;
  • if there is no signal, the wall freezes in the refrigerator or freezer;
  • the most modern models will report the problem by issuing an error code on the electronic scoreboard.

It does not matter, the old refrigerator and the new one - if the door does not close tightly, it can be equally dangerous for any model.

Due to the gap or damage to the seal, as well as for other reasons, which we will consider below, air enters the compartments from the room. Warm currents cause the motor-compressor to work at full force to compensate for the lack of cold in the compartments. At best, the motor simply overheats, at worst - it will lose its producer and will need to be replaced.

Therefore, if you notice that the door of the refrigerator "Indesit "Nord "Atlant "Samsung "AlJ" or another brand is not properly closed, it is worth taking urgent measures. About what to do when the refrigerator does not close too tightly, you'll find out further.

Content of the material:

  • 1The refrigerator is not closed securely: causes and repairs
  • 2Common causes of poorly closed doors
    • 2.1Probable causes of malfunctions that block the closing of the door

The refrigerator is not closed securely: causes and repairs

It does not always happen because of a malfunction or breakdown, often because of a violation of the rules of operation. Before you beat the alarm and call the master, check the following points:

  • Location of dishes on the shelves of the chambers. The closure may be prevented by the protruding handle of a frying pan or pans. Change the dishes in places, slide inwards, remove excess and re-close the door.

  • Installation Correctness. If the floor under the refrigerator is difficult to call even, and the installation was carried out without a building level, it is likely that this caused the door to close badly and loosely adjoins. Reinstall the refrigerator cabinet using the level ruler.
    Why is the tilt of technology dangerous? This will provoke a permanent spontaneous opening of the camera. To avoid this, create a slight tilt backward by twisting the front legs above the rear ones.

Important! If there is no level at hand, use the "grandfather" method with a glass. Find the transparent glass (well, if it has a "belt") and put it on the shelf. Adjust the legs, leaning on the water level in the glass - it should be exactly "on the girdle".

If inside the cameras everything is arranged "on the line and the refrigerator is set to the level, then the fault is to blame. Having determined and eliminated it, you will be able to fully use the appliance.

Common causes of poorly closed doors

There is a method that has been used for many years, and it does not lose its relevance today - a test with a probe.

When the refrigerator does not close, there may be damage to the elastic band (sealant), or it could wear out (dry), which is why the fit is not tight. To do this, act like this:

  1. Take a sheet of white paper and cut a strip of 5 cm from it.
  2. Put a strip across the gum, close the door.
  3. Try to pull out the "feeler".
  4. If the paper is securely fixed, the elastic band is snug. If it is easy to get and even falls out of the door - there is a gap.
  5. Run the test around the perimeter of both cameras. Often happens, that in one place the sealant lies well, and in the other it departs.

Probable causes of malfunctions that block the closing of the door

Symptom Cause How to fix the problem
The door opens, and when the test with the probe "test strip" drops out. Most likely, the door opened. It is necessary to adjust the door hinges of the refrigerator by tightening the fasteners tightly.
The door closes loosely, the "probe" in some places is fixed, in others there is not.
  1. The seal could wear out. This happens for natural reasons or because of strong cotton doors. As a result - the loss of elastic properties of rubber, so the sealer shrinks and crumples, the integrity of the chamber is disturbed.
  2. Recently moved or transported equipment? Do not deform the door.
  • Need a rubber replacement.
  • If the damage is not significant, you can try to eliminate the violations. In most cases, the door will have to be changed.
In the old refrigerator, the door "bounces" off the case.

The spacer could wear out. This plastic mechanism is located at the bottom of the door. The main task of the spacer is to ensure a smooth closing and opening. In fact, she is like a "door closer" on the locker.

At negligent handling the part quickly fails.

Replacement of the spacer is required.
In the new refrigerator, the door "bounces" off the case. In some models, "Ariston" and "Indesit" is a marriage in the location of the rod on / off the lighting of the camera. It can prevent the camera from closing. Try to insert the stem deeper.
After the test with a paper strip it became clear that the closure is tight, but you are equally worried about the error code or the sound signal. Most likely, the sensor fixing the closure of the cabinet is broken. The sensor should be replaced with a similar one.

In many cases, the rapid failure of the door is to blame for elementary negligence and lack of care. To avoid the problems mentioned above, follow the rules:

  1. Carefully close the refrigerator, do not slam the doors.
  2. Ensure the care of the elastic band-wipe it from debris, check the integrity.
  3. Do not open the refrigerator too often - if you need to take something from the camera, and you just looked in there, wait a bit. You will not only save the seal, but also reduce the load on the compressor.

When you have found the cause and found out that you need a complicated repair - replacement of the seal, sensor or door, get to work only if you are confident in your abilities. And if experience in such repairs is not enough, contact a good master.

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