Error F01 in Bosch washing machine

What if the washing machine Bosch gives an error code F01? In this case, the door of the machine does not close or is not locked, washing does not begin.

In electromechanical Bosch CM models without a screen, the fault code F 01 is displayed on the indicators: the "Lock" light is blinking or blinking.

What does it mean? Let's understand.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes of the error and its meaning
  • 2Signs and repair of the malfunction
    • 2.1Mechanical problems
    • 2.2Problems with electronics: error reset

Causes of the error and its meaning

What is the error code F01 on washing machines Bosch: there was a problem with the door of the hatch. If the door is not locked, the washing will not start.

To understand how to troubleshoot, you need to understand the causes of error F01.

Problems with the hatch can be divided into two classes:

  1. Malfunction of mechanical elements.If the latch breaks or wears on the door, you will not hear a characteristic click when closing. Also, the hatch may not close completely.
  2. Problems with electronics. If the door closes as usual, but the electronic lock does not block it, there may have been a breakdown of the UBL. SM Bosch does not start washing and gives an error F01.

How to fix the problem and solve the problem, read on.

Signs and repair of the malfunction

Before proceeding with the repair, check: it is possible that a part of the clothes interfere with the normal closing of the hatch, or the latch hole is clogged.

If everything is ok, and Boska Stiralk shows F01 on the display, continue searching.

Mechanical problems

The handle of the hatch is broken. Over time, the handle may become unusable, especially if it consists of plastic parts. Repair the part is impossible, so you need to replace:

  • Remove the Bosch washing machine door by unscrewing the two mounting screws.
  • Unscrew the screws securing the parts of the hatch to divide them into two parts and get the mechanism.
  • Press the latches along the edges, divide the halves.
  • Remove the upper half and the glass.
  • Remove the pin that secures the mechanism, and take it apart.
  • First, replace the spring.
  • Now, having located the latch, hold it, parallel pushing the pin (not to the end).
  • Put the handle on the latch and push the pin all the way in, connecting all parts of the device.
  • Place the glass under the handle, the notch line down.
  • Replace the outer part of the door by pressing the latches. Then install it on the washing machine Bosch. This video will help you:

Skewing of the hinge of the door. This can happen, especially if you hang heavy things on the hatch. You need to adjust or tighten the side brackets, which will return the door to its original position.

The displacement of the tongue-retainer arises from the drop of the metal rod, which holds the tongue in the correct position. When you move the lock does not enter the lock, therefore, the hatch does not close.

Than to help: it is necessary to disassemble a door (as it is described above), to examine a uvula and the handle. If necessary, replace the parts.

Deformation, breakage of the guide, which snaps the hatch. If you do not hear a click when closing, you need to check and replace the guide.

Problems with electronics: error reset

The mechanics of the washing machine Bosch was tested. To clear the error F01, which lights up on the display, start checking the electronic components.

Failure UBL. You noticed that the hatch normally closes, but the machine does not pick up water, and washing does not begin. If the lockout device fails, the CM Bosch will not start working for your safety.

To check the UBL, call it with a multimeter. Metal plates, of which the UBL consists, could be deformed, so do not waste time on repairs. In case of malfunction, it is better to replace the device

What to do:

  1. Unplug the machine, shut off the water supply.
  2. Open the hatch and unscrew the locking screws.
  3. Unbend the lower part of the cuff, using a screwdriver, pull out the clamp.
  4. Slide the cuff to the side.
  5. Pushing back the door lock, remove the locking device.
  6. Press the device cover latches.
  7. Having removed a cover, wring out plaits, having taken out them from sockets.
  8. Install the new part in the reverse order.

Additionally, check the device for blockage. Perhaps UBL is completely correct, but it is crammed with small rubbish. Then you need to clean it and install it in place.

Problems with the control unit. The "brain" washing machine Bosch is checked last. You need to remove the block and call its elements with a tester. If possible, make a soldering of unsuitable items or contact the service center.

Did you get to reset error code F01? Then run the washer and test its operation.

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