How to choose the right pump for the pool

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Water is alive if it is moving. A pool pump is required for circulation, cleaning and creating additional effects. Without decontamination, filtration and circulation, standing water will become a breeding ground for putrefactive bacteria and bad odor.

Types of pumps for swimming pools

The circulation system must ensure the exchange of water at least three times per day. In doing so, it should be low-noise, low power and safe. If the pool provides a Jacuzzi function, a waterfall - bubbles and cascades are created with the help of a centrifugal pump. Users prefer devices with working mechanisms of special plastic. For salt water, pumps for a pool of bronze are suitable.

Pumps with metal chambers are considered undesirable for cleaning, as they rust when chlorine is present in the water.

Pumps, in the scheme of which filters are provided for fine water purification, are called filtering. They drive water, overcoming the resistance of a layer of sand or a special nozzle - the cartridge. Passing through the filter liquid, achieve removal of suspended matter. At the same time, rough inclusions remain on the sand cushion, the cartridge has smaller pores, greater resistance. Filter-pump for the pool removes dirt, until they settle on the bottom.

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To extend the swimming season in the outdoor pool, heat pumps are used. The devices perform the function of water exchange, but the built-in heater is used. The liquid can be disinfected by chlorination through a special pump dispenser. The pump for the pool with ultraviolet device for the destruction of pathogens is included in the system.

An artificial lake is a complex engineering structure. The greater the volume of the pool, the more difficult it is to care for it.

Intex Filter Pumps

Intex produces inflatable pools and other items made of PVC. For the maintenance of products, special pumps are produced. In general, the instruments serve to inflate the air. For swimming pools a line of pumps has been developed that simultaneously filters and disinfects water.

The sand filter creates less resistance to the water flow, delays the dirt particles to 20 microns. The cartridge collects particles of cross-section up to 5 microns.

Purification of water occurs through filtration through a layer of sand or a cartridge. Sandy backfill is used special, the granularity must provide the required flow rate and water purification from floating impurities. If the sand or other filler is fine, the pores will clog quickly, the circulation will slow down. The filter is washed by a reverse flow, and the drainage of water takes place outside the pool.

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The Intex pool pump can have a cartridge filter, which is periodically replaced with a new one. In this case, the company offers instead of several separate systems to install one device that supports several functions.

The company offers models with a sand filter or a filter cartridge. Backfilling with quartz sand is effective and preserves the working properties of 5 years of intensive operation. Cartridges are inexpensive, once a month to spend 300 rubles should not be a waybill.


Pump with your own hands

Many owners, creating an abode for the family, try to do most of the work themselves. Ensure cleaning and circulation of water in the pool can be independently. This will require a normal pump of the right performance. The cleaner is a filter, cartridge or sand.

The cartridge filter represents a container in which several ready-made dirt traps are installed. The design is light, floats on the surface and can be stylized to a certain natural object. The main condition, the water pumped by the pump must have an input and an output, located as far as possible from each other.

The pump for the pool with its own hands looks like a polypropylene pipe 2-3 meters long with the cleaning elements installed in the cavity. One installed cartridge with a diameter of 50 mm is enough to serve a 300 m3 basin with a 25-30 W pump. The cartridge is fixed in a hollow tube with the help of studs, put the end caps on the ends and the hollow tube floats on the surface. The filter is removed daily and washed with water.

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In order to produce a filter with a filler, a polypropylene barrel with a wide filler neck is required. The filler can be coarse sand, sulfonated coal or graphite chips. Condition - the material must be abrasion resistant, neutral. The order of the sand filter device:

  1. Install the tank near the pool.
  2. Lower the supply hose to the bottom of the tank with a water inlet at the end, connect the free end to the pump at the supply pipe through an additional filter that holds the entrainments.
  3. The intake hose is mounted above.

Before switching on, dilute the hoses as far as possible over the pool. The pump should have a power of 150 watts, as work is done to overcome the resistance. The filter is cleaned by counterflow movement of water with a drain besides the pool.

Homemade sand filter for pool - video

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