Overview of Dishwasher Capsules

In addition to gels, powders and tablets, there are capsules for the dishwasher. In what their feature, we will disassemble in the article.

Shops and supermarkets offer a large selection of facilities for dishwashers. Manufacturers are developing all new products that will effectively cope with several tasks. We are looking for an economical and affordable detergent for dishes, which will be convenient to use.

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  • 1Advantages of Dishwashing Capsules
  • 2Is it worth to use a dishwasher capsule
  • 3Funds Overview
    • 3.1Fairy Platinum All in One
    • 3.2Paclan Brileo All in One Exclusive
    • 3.3Dreft

Advantages of Dishwashing Capsules

Many users believe that powders and gels are much more effective than other means. What's better -pillsor a capsule for washing? Let's consider their main advantages:

  1. In comparison with tablets, the capsules have a soluble coating. You do not need to spoil your hands and open them. It is enough to put the sachet in the compartment and start the cycle.
  2. The liquid gel does not need time to dissolve the components. Therefore, it acts faster and more efficiently.
  3. The shell contains a liquid, which already contains a conditioner, a salt, and a detergent. According to the manufacturer, you do not need to buy anything else.

We still recommend, in spite of advertising, always use salt. It attracts heavy impurities in the water, makes it softer and prevents the appearance of scale.How to choose a dishwasher salt, read here.

Is it worth to use a dishwasher capsule

Despite the advantages of gel in the shell, it is necessary to take into account the high cost of production. Before purchasing, make sure that your technician can recognize and use the tool. If the machine is able to recognize tablets, then it will cope with the capsules.

Correct use:

  • open the hopper door;
  • in the cuvette open the compartment for tablets;
  • place the capsule there, without tearing off the shell;
  • run the washing program.

In the reviews you can find the recommendations of users that you can put a bag directly into the basket or bunker. This is a wrong approach, because then all the funds are used at the same time, and the dishes will not get the proper shine.

Essential lack of capsules in the absence of dosage. If you set the mode to half load, then you can not reduce the amount of detergent.

Funds Overview

Consider the most popular products, according to customer feedback.

Fairy Platinum All in One

A Belgian product can be used for any dishwasher. The composition of fully active substances, such as enzymes, phosphonates, bleach.

They allow you to cope with such tasks:

  • With withered and burnt dirt.
  • With a touch of tea and coffee.
  • Clean and prevent contamination of the filter, sprinkler and other parts of the dishwasher with grease.
  • Protect glass and silverware from stains and corrosion.
  • Add a radiance instrument, because they contain a conditioner.
  • Leave a pleasant smell in the car at the end of the cycle.
  • Protect the details of the dishwasher from the scale, because they contain salt.
  • Effective in cold water at 30 degrees.

The price for a package of 50 pieces - from 1300 rubles.


I decided to order "Fairy" in the online store. I heard a lot about these capsules. The packaging came with a clasp, which is very convenient. The liquid contains detergent, rinse aid and water softening additive. You can choose with a flavor of lemon or without fragrances. I accidentally ordered a lemon, which I regret. This pungent smell haunts me everywhere. Although the product copes well with impurities, the dishes shine after washing, but the chemical aroma remains on the instruments for a long time.


To begin with, I tried the detergents of different brands. Of course, I could not ignore the famous Fairy. Opening the package, immediately felt a chamois smell. But I thought that when you wash the smell disappears. Has installed her favorite Eco-program, which takes place at a temperature of 50 degrees. The effect is like, the glass shines, but the plaque from the tea was not completely washed away (seen in the photo).


Attention! Fairy Platinum is a stinky scary. The aroma of chemistry does not just remain on the dishes, it literally eats in silicone molds and baking sheets. I like to bake in the oven. So I put the cake in the form that I washed in the typewriter. Because of the heating, the chemical smell spread throughout the apartment. And when I tasted the pie, I was generally shocked. He was with a chemical taste. I do not know how others, but I will not buy these capsules anymore. You may need to use a smaller amount, but you can not separate them.

Paclan Brileo All in One Exclusive

Active components in the composition cope with pollution even in cold water at 40 degrees. Contain enzymes, polycoxylates, nonionic surfactants. The gel quickly dissolves in water, so it is effective even on short programs.


  • fat;
  • proteins;
  • withered remains of food.

Paclan Brileo does not leave stains due to the included rinse aid. Softens water, preventing the appearance of scale.

The cost of packing of 20 pieces from 470 rubles.


I bought the Paclan Brileo for PMM, as it attracted a low price of the goods. I downloaded the dishwasher on Eco-mode. After the end of the cycle, there is a smell of chemistry, but not strong. The instruments themselves do not smell. Washes the gel for 4 minus. I did not find the divorce, but not all the dishes were washed well, the dried up dirt did not completely leave. The next time I additionally added washing powder, the result pleased. Not bad if used with other means.


The shell is divided into three parts, which include gel and powder. Each component of the capsule dissolves at a specific time. Protects the machine from the appearance of scale. Features are similar to Fairy, so it's best to try it once.

The price of packing of 90 pieces from 1700 rubles. Produced in Germany.


My sister lives in Germany and has long advised me to try Dreft, but I somehow did not dare. I could not find reviews on the Internet about this product, probably, very few people use it. I will say that at such a price the remedy is excellent. Dishes at the exit are clean and shiny, I'm happy. So, if you find, buy without hesitation.

Also very popular is the brand "Finish". Judging by the reviews, the manufacturer produces effective capsules. However, having studied the information more closely, we realized that the gel in the shell "Finish" does not release. there istablets in a soluble shell.

You can try products from different manufacturers for comparison. After all, the quality of washing dishes depends not only on the detergent, but also on the correctness of loading the dishes, the installed program. You need to determine for yourself what is right for your dishwasher.

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