Cooking delicious chicken rolls with mushrooms

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Chicken rolls come from the West. The name of the dish has French roots ("rouler which means "roll"). Meat envelopes were fried first, and afterwards they were extinguished. Fillings were used different. But chicken rolls with mushrooms and cheese became very popular. And all because of their piquant taste. The dish goes well with wine.

Mushroom chicken rolls in a frying pan

Sometimes instead of the usual chicken fillet or ham, the soul asks for something special, tender, juicy and spicy. So why not pay attention to chicken rolls with mushrooms? A perfect combination of tastes, elegance, breathtaking aroma. Suitable as a standalone dish or as an appetizer.

To prepare a culinary masterpiece, you should purchase kg of chicken fillet and as many champignons, one onion turnip 25 ml of fresh cream, butter (1-2 tbsp. l.). In addition, you need flour (as a breading), salt, spices, pepper. Roasting is carried out in vegetable oil. During cooking, sunflower oil is used. To ensure that the filling is not too greasy, try to leave as much oil in the pan as possible.

Cut the chicken fillet by the thickness, trying to make the slices 8 * 1-2 cm (length and thickness, respectively).

Cooking process:

  1. Mushrooms are thoroughly washed under running water, cut off the leg, dried on a towel and cut into small pieces. Put into a heated frying pan, pour in vegetable oil and fry until all the moisture has evaporated.
  2. Peel the bulb, rinse with water, cut into cubes and put in a frying pan to the mushrooms. Add pepper, salt, spices if necessary.
  3. Fry the contents of the frying pan in vegetable oil until golden onion is obtained, placing the fire on the middle.
  4. Chicken fillet thoroughly wash, dry with a paper towel and cut into pieces. Pepper, add salt, add spices and carefully grind "sprinkling" on the entire surface of each piece.
  5. Slices wrapped in polyethylene food film and beat off until soft. Just do not overdo it.
  6. Put a little stuffing in the center of each chicken fillet (quantity at your discretion).
  7. Roll the fillet roll. The upper edge should be fixed with a wooden skewer or toothpick. This will prevent its unwinding. The sides of each roll are simply squeezed well and they are blind and will not allow the filling to slip out.
  8. Roll all the rolls in flour.
  9. To send on a heated frying pan, to expose the big fire and to fry up to a ruddy crust. Wait for the full preparation of the dish is not necessary.
  10. Transfer all the meat rolls with mushrooms to the saucepan (as an option - a pan and a frying pan with a thick bottom) and pour in the cream.
  11. Stew the contents for about 20 minutes over a low heat.
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Ready chicken rolls with mushrooms put on a dish, take out skewers, sprinkle finely shredded greens and serve to the table.

Chicken breast roll in bacon

And here's another very original dish - a chicken roll with mushrooms and cheese baked in bacon. This is a very simple recipe, suitable for both everyday and festive menus. It is bacon that gives tenderness and juiciness to the chicken.

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To prepare chicken roll with mushrooms you will need kg of mushrooms, 1 kg chicken breast, 2 leek leeks, 2 large slices of cheese, 1 kg of bacon. In addition, you need vegetable and butter (approximately 1 tsp each), as well as salt, spices and ground pepper.

If you could not buy a leek, it can be replaced with a conventional onion turnip.

Cooking process:

  1. Rinse leek and cut into rings or cubes (in case of turnip).
  2. Heat the frying pan, pour in the vegetable oil, mixed with cream, and fry the onions. In the meantime, quickly wash the mushrooms, dry on a towel, cut into slices and send to the neighborhood to the onions. Fry the contents, stirring occasionally, pre-setting the average fire.
  3. Wash meat, dry on a towel and make a cut along, but not until the end. In the end, you should get such an open "book". Pulp lightly with a hammer.
  4. Meat a little grease with vegetable oil, sprinkle with spices, salt, pepper.
  5. After 10 minutes from the beginning of frying, increase the fire and fry until the mushrooms get golden. After the fire turn off and cool the mass.
  6. Put the breast on the food film so that a whole "canvas" is obtained.
  7. For meat, distribute evenly the onion-mushroom mass. For the juiciness of the future roll on top put pieces of bacon or fat.
  8. Top with cheese, if desired - grated.
  9. Using food film to roll meat with stuffing in a roll.
  10. Top with a meat roll with mushrooms roll in bacon. This will prevent it from drying out.
  11. On the baking tray, lay the foil or oil well, lay a chicken roll with mushrooms and bake in the oven for half an hour. After checking for readiness.
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Roll can be served to the table in hot or cold form, whole piece or cut into portions slices.


Filling for chicken rolls can be changed to your own taste, for example, add tomatoes or eggs. In addition, you can serve sour-garlic or sweet sauce. Try it! We assure you, this dish will be crowned.

Video recipe for chicken rolls in bacon

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