Medicinal properties of the unique pomegranate tincture on vodka or moonshine

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Pomegranate tincture is a smart alternative to alcoholic beverages, which are often indispensable on the holiday table. Moreover, this drink has unique healing properties. Pomegranate itself contains an invaluable collection of vitamins and minerals, not counting the 15 essential amino acids. All these components strengthen the human cardiovascular system and are also an excellent tool in the fight against atherosclerosis. Here are some recipes for such tinctures and recommendations for their preparation.

When working with alcohol, it is best to use glass or ceramic dishes rather than plastic.

On vodka

To prepare such a liqueur, you will need to take a few fruits: either 3 large ones, or 6 medium ones. This tincture on pomegranate and vodka can be made exclusively from the juice of berries. However, it is the bones that give the drink a sophisticated and refined taste, as well as flavor. The cooking process is as follows:

  1. Getting grains from berries. In order not to paint your kitchen in pink speck, you can use a simple cleaning method. To get started is to take the water in a bowl. Cut the fruit in half. Dip the halves in water and, pressing on the center, slowly turn it inside out.
  2. Squeeze juice. In a glass dish put a sieve filled with grains. They should be kneaded gently, but carefully.
  3. Peel the lemon, removing only the zest. You need to try to cut as thin as possible without white skin. She will make the drink bitter.
  4. The three-liter jar must be disinfected. Boiling water and steam are the eternal means of housewives.
  5. Lay on the bottom of the zest. Pour all the juice and oilcake of the eastern fruit. To add a subtle taste to the pomegranate tincture, many add cinnamon. One stick of 3 liters will be enough.
  6. The resulting essence must be supplemented with 800 ml of vodka and hermetically sealed.
  7. The infusion period lasts from 14 to 21 days. Every day you need to shake up the contents, then the liquor will turn out saturated in color and taste.
  8. After the expiration date, the infusion is filtered. The filter often serves as gauze or bandage, folded several times.
  9. Cook the syrup. Pour up to 200 ml of water to the pan. Pour sugar there( 300-350 g).Boil the contents until stirring constantly, until the sugar dissolves. After the syrup has cooled, it must be poured into the tincture bottle.
  10. Leave for a month or even more. Periodically shaking the jar.
  11. Pour into containers using a small spoon or a regular tube. As a result, the sediment will remain at the bottom.

The second method of extracting grains. It is necessary to incise the fruit horizontally and manually break it. Then put the half in the palm cut down. Now you need to hit the hemisphere with a rolling pin or a wooden object several times. Ten seconds and all the grains can be poured into a plate.


Slavs and moonshine are two complementary concepts. However, due to poor-quality yeast or sugar, “fire water” is slightly worse than usual. Sometimes it can give off an unpleasant smell. Therefore, the tincture on the pomegranate and moonshine perfectly fix the situation. In addition, this drink will be a great topic of conversation at the holiday table. Delight and delight of guests will not end. Here's what you need to make such Turkish vodka:

  1. Remove the peel from 3 pomegranates and put the peels in a glass container.
  2. Pour boiling water over the skin so that it is covered with liquid. Let insist up to 2 hours.
  3. Then add from 400 ml to 1 l of moonshine( depends on the preferences of the home sommelier), and also dissolve the dextrose / glucose( 100 g) in the infusion.
  4. Hermetically close the container and leave to infuse for up to 2 weeks. To do this, choose a dark, and most importantly, a cool place in the house.
  5. After pouring concentrated juice of pomegranate into it.
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This ancient recipe for moonshine on pomegranate has been known in the countries of the east for several centuries. However, a very popular drink called "Ruby Heart". You can prepare it like this:

  1. Peel the fruit. Separate the grain. Pour boiling water over them and squeeze the juice.
  2. Add 0.1 kg of dextrose and water to the mixture. The result should be 200 ml of the drink.
  3. Pour the contents into the pan and put on a slow fire. The mixture should not boil, so let it heat up no more than 5 minutes.
  4. Before you remove the brew from the fire, you can add there worn lemon zest.
  5. After cooling it a little, pour 400 ml of moonshine and put to infuse for 30 days. In conclusion, all you need to filter.

After the process of insisting, you must always remove the sediment. You can either strain the infusion, or pour using a straw.

The strength of such tinctures on pomegranate will be less than that of ordinary vodka. However, this drink perfectly restores the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines, which may be needed after poisoning. But the aristocrats often used it before eating to cause an appetite.

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  • typhoid and worms;
  • colitis and salmonellosis.
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For the preparation of the infusion, first of all, dry enough of the rind of the fruit. A kind of waste-free production: the fruit on the tincture, and the skin on the healing medicine. The main thing in this process is to separate it from the white layer. The procedure for preparing a drug is as follows: Pour several pieces of pomegranate peel onto the bottom of the glass with an

  • ;
  • pour boiling water over it and cover with a saucer or lid;
  • give insist half an hour.

As a medicine, it should be taken 4 times a day, every other day. In the morning you should drink the drink on an empty stomach, leaving the sediment to infuse. Concentrated infusion taken immediately before bedtime. The remaining two methods should be distributed evenly among the day.

Once( with intestinal upset), they are treated by this system: they drink half a glass at once. If after 10 minutes there is no improvement, then the next batch should be finished in 3 hours. Relief will be felt after 2 hours from the last dose.

As you can see, it is very easy to prepare a tincture of pomegranate, which will serve as an excellent addition to the celebration. Moreover, you can make a wonderful moonshine from this oriental fruit or medicinal extract of crusts.

Pomegranate tincture on alcohol - video

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