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In addition to pizza and pasta, Italy's culinary symbolism is a risotto with mushrooms. The origin of this dish is due to the scattered cook. Preparation began with rice soup, which was left unattended. When the culinary master remembered his masterpiece, the broth had long since boiled out. At the bottom of the pot remained a viscous rice in the company with meat and vegetables. But the magician did not lose his head, decorated the brew received and handed it to the table. More than 400 years have passed since that time. To date, the great cooking gurus have learned to cook this dish in the most unusual way.

Basic circuit

In the world there are thousands of interpretations of the preparation of this Italian food. However, it is worthwhile to understand that they all boil down to the same principle:

  • first you need to fry the onion with rice;
  • pour it all with chicken broth (you can use plain water, as well as a decoction of seafood);
  • all this must be stewed on a slow fire, with constant stirring;
  • for 15-20 minutes until ready, either an assortment of vegetables or toasted mushrooms is added. Indispensable ingredients are meat, game or seafood.

The final chord will be the addition of hard cheese and butter. This powder will give the cream cream texture and unsurpassed aroma.

It is at the stage of introducing other components that the imagination of many cooks starts to bubble. However, rice is quite a fastidious product, so you need to choose the right "neighbor" for it.In this regard, you can choose any recipe risotto with mushrooms, given below, understanding the basic scheme of cooking a standard dish.

Option number 1

To the basic composition of the ingredients the hostess will need half a glass of white dry wine and 100 g of Parmesan cheese. In this embodiment, the preparation is as follows:

  1. To fry on high heat mushrooms, white mushroom or chanterelles (400-500 g).
  2. Onion cut into slices, and saute in a saucepan for about 7 minutes. Preliminary in it to melt 50 g of oil.
  3. After that, add the remaining 150 g of butter. When it melts, pour 350 grams of rice into the mixture. Brew a few minutes. In doing so, it should be well stirred.
  4. To pour a glass of wine and to torment on fire no more than 3 minutes. Alcohol should evaporate and soak.
  5. Boil broth, and then portionwise (2-3 goblets) pour it into the brew. Before each new feeding it is necessary to make sure that the previous portion has been absorbed. This will take from 25 to 35 minutes.
  6. At the final stage, add mushrooms, as well as meat, mixing the contents.
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Before serving, the dish should be sprinkled with Parmesan and decorated with greens. As a decor, you can use rose petals or cherry tomatoes.

Time intervals for each hostess will be different. It depends on the technical characteristics of the plate and dishes. Therefore, readiness is better to check for taste, the so-called al-dente. This is the most reliable way.

Selection of rice

An important condition for the preparation of risotto with mushrooms is the selection of the right kind of rice. For these purposes, only:

  • "Vialone Nano" (Vialone Nano) is universal for all recipes;
  • "Arborio" (Arborio), when cooled, loses its presentability;
  • "Carnaroli" is ideal for game or fish.

The grains of these varieties are quite large and elongated. When heat treated, grains become soft enough, because starch is released from the upper layers. As a result, the consistency of the dish becomes creamy.

Rice "Arbario" contains a lot of starch. When it cools, it turns into a sticky and viscous consistency. Therefore, it is served only in a hot form, immediately removed from the fire.

Option number 2 - Elite recipe

Now you should talk about overseas spices, as well as unique ingredients. These components will give the dish a completely new note.

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First you need to make a purchase of the main ingredients. Rice and mushrooms need to take 300 g each. You can not manage without such vegetables:

  • leeks and onions (1-2 heads);
  • carrots;
  • paprika (several pinch);
  • garlic.

To fill the dish should be vegetable (olive) or butter.As the main spice, Italians use saffron (3-4 strands), which they call "the king of spices and the spiciness of kings." Salt is better to take sea (peeled). Addition to the food will be freshly ground pepper (fans can get a sharp red or chili).At the same time, one should not forget about dry white wine (100 ml) and hard cheese (Parmesan or the Grana family).

Saffron is an extremely necessary component. Since it is very expensive, you can take the usual turmeric instead. Spice is presented in the form of orange powder with orange flavor and with light notes of pepper.

When all products are washed and prepared, you can proceed to the main processes. To begin with champignons need to be cut, sorting hats and legs separately. Next, you need to follow the algorithm:

  1. Preparation of broth. B, l water put chicken wings (five pieces) and a pair of shins. When it all boils, throw a whole bulb, legs of mushrooms, large-sliced ​​carrots (2 pcs.) And pepper peas. The broth should be on fire for an hour and a half. In the end, you should add dried parsley, chili pepper flakes, bay leaf, and dill.
  2. Blanks. Cut the butter (50 grams) into cubes, each by, cm, and freeze them.Grate the cheese. Soak saffron in wine (2 tbsp. l.).
  3. Preparation of champignons. Slice the hats with plates. The thinner, the better. Fry in a hot skillet until golden. Then season the mushrooms with ground pepper and paprika. Pass on the fire for another 5 minutes. At the end, they should be salted, so they will be much juicier.
  4. Base for risotto with mushrooms. Start is with the grinding of the onion, garlic, and also the stem of the leeks (beforehand rinse and dry it).Carrots should preferably be grated on a grater or in a blender. Crush the clove of garlic using the edge of the knife.
  5. Passivation. Melt 60 g of butter, fry the chopped onion until it softens, without changing the shade. Now you can pour carrots and garlic (the tooth is removed before adding rice), adding a little mixture. Stew until seven minutes.
  6. The process of roasting rice. Fill the rump in a circular motion from the side to the center of the dishes.Fry on fire until rice absorbs all the oil. Only after this, you can pour the wine, gently stirring.
  7. Refilling with broth. After the alcohol boils, you need to pour the broth (it should boil on the next burner). It should be brought in small portions (two cooks). It is necessary to stir constantly so that it does not burn out.
  8. The final stage. During the infusion of broth (it's about 10 minutes), you need to fill in the brew mushrooms and saffron, and continue to add the boiling broth from the meat.Culinary experts believe that until he is ready, he remains only 17 minutes. Practice shows that for many it takes more time.
  9. Final touches. Remove the pan from the fire, it is worth waiting for a few minutes, and only then mix the food with chilled chicken and sprinkle with cheese. In this case, it is necessary to interfere with everything intensively.

Some cooks do not recommend rinsing croup before use. This can lead to flushing of the starch located in the upper layer of grains. Otherwise, instead of risotto mistress will get rice porridge.

Serve risotto with mushrooms in deep plates, decorating with greens. The basic rule for presentation is speed above all. To eat the food is recommended only in hot form, otherwise the whole charm of the dish will be lost.


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