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For potato harvesting on smallIn the middle and middle sections, a walker is used. A potato digger for a motoblock is an indispensable equipment in this case, because agricultural work is inconceivable without special tools, appliances and equipment. Hard times of manual labor are in the past.

Any model of potato digger has the same type of operation. Its principle should be described as follows: the teeth or twigs, plunging into the ground, reach the tuber after tuber on the surface. Each potato rises from the nest, which is hand-picked very quickly.

Types of potato diggers

There are several dozen device models on the market, but there are only two of them:

  1. A simple potato digger. Conventional attachments of the type of shovel or plow with welded rods or teeth. Plow - shovel cut into the soil, lifting the ripe fruit out on the teeth. It turns out that the excess earth is sifted out from the root crops in the process of loosening and lifting the soil. Upstairs are all the tubers from the nest. The peculiarity of a simple potato digger is that a motoblock or a small tractor is installed on any power.
  1. Vibration potato digger. This is a transporter potato for a motoblock. Equipped with a sifter grid or grids that are placed on the support wheels. Also in the design provides plowshare. During the processing of the plowshare soil is cut, then rises along with the roots on the grid. Potatoes are sifted out from the ground and tops on the grid. Further roots on the lattice fall to the surface of the site. At the end it is easy to harvest the bags into potato sacks.
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Agricultural equipment of this type is produced under different brands, it has several types of fasteners. Before purchasing, make sure that the device is suitable for your model of a cultivator.

Several main popular models for cultivators:

  1. Regular "KKM-1".
  2. Regular "KVM-3".
  3. Ordinary "Garden Scout".
  4. Vibration "Neva".
  5. Vibration "Poltava".

The price of a potato for a motoblock from this list varies from 7,000 to 12,500 rubles. In the summer season prices, of course, may increase.

It is important that the models of potato chops listed are exactly the same as the attachment to the motor blocks:

  1. Salut.
  2. Neva.
  3. "MTZ".

Home-made potato digger for the

motoblock To make a manual potato digger stands for compact areas. Industrial types of equipment for large areas are better to buy from manufacturers.

Simple vibration equipment is easy to make from the following materials:

  1. Iron channel.
  2. A piece of steel no thinner than 5 millimeters. Strong steel is required for the plowshare. The fulfilled cloth from a circular or any other high-speed steel perfectly will approach.
  3. Iron corners from metal.
  4. Steel or iron rods. Better to use and fittings of small diameter.

Vibration model to do with the base or frame. The design must include:

  • base( above frame);
  • suspension system;
  • thrust for adjustment;
  • moving parts( wheels or lugs).

Drawing vibrating potato digger for motoblock:

Required tools in work

Do not do without:

  • grinders;
  • welding machine;
  • engraver or drill;
  • square and level;
  • mounting plates;
  • steel bolts with nuts.

Works on the creation of a vibration model

The rules for manufacturing each part separately and assembling the entire mechanism.

The basis of

Optimal use of square shaped tube 40 to 40 mm. It is better to take the billet in the metal 4 meters and divide it into segments of 120 and 80 centimeters. We get four support beams.

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Fastening for

. It is necessary to weld jumpers not on the middle of the frame( rectangle), but on a quarter of its length.

From the reverse side of the base, we fix square tubes in a vertical position by welding. They are placed outside the base to install the axis. On the axle in the future install the wheels.

Drill or engraver make a hole in 1 centimeter in a convenient place for mounting.

Vertical pillars

We retreat 5 centimeters from the edge of the frame and fix the square profile by welding. Its length is not more than 50 centimeters. After 15-20 cm. We also fix by welding a square profile, but already 40 centimeters long. After the second pillar, we measure 40 centimeters already and fix the profile of 30 centimeters by welding.

As a result, the design is similar to a metal steam bath descending ladder.

Stiffness for racks

It is necessary to fix the racks at the bottom of the structure. For this, a metal band of 0.4-0.5 mm is used. Connect the rack by welding should be at 45 degrees, additionally welding the strip together.

Plowshare or plow

Creating a working part of the potato-digger. Homemade ploughshare should dive into the soil, digging potato rows for harvest.

To make ralo, you need metal from 0.3 mm thick. Cut two “working” blades according to the drawing and weld a homemade plow. To give a volumetric shape, convenient for gripping the soil, you need to tap the center of the blades with a hammer, having previously secured the entire structure with a fixing rod.

Read also: How to choose a walk-behind tractor for work at the cottageThe easiest way to use reinforcing bars with diameters not exceeding 10 mm, up to 120 centimeters long. Every 4-5 centimeters you need to weld the reinforcement, as shown in the photo.

Traction for adjustment

Optional element, because adjustment is needed only on problematic( watery) soil.

Traction easily adjust the desired angle to tilt the reinforcement( pitched) board. The easiest way to make a movable structure in the form of a frame, on which the pitched board is located. The frame is tightened with ordinary bolts.

Support wheels

The design of the digger for the self-propelled motor-block is equipped with movable wheels for easy operation and handling.

It is most profitable to equip the digger with wheels from a garden wheelbarrow with a wide tire. We purchase axles, fix them to the frame and install the wheels. It is easier to fix the wheels with a pin( as in a garden wheelbarrow).

The simplest potato digger for motoblock do it yourself

Lancet type potato digger - the simplest type of attachments for a cultivator. For the manufacture does not need special materials, complex drawings and measurements.

You will need a bipod, but it is easy to cut it, for example, from an old shovel. The bars should be made of reinforcement or adapted from the old forks. Thrifty owner will always find use even for old broken garden tools.

For the successful use of homemade equipment you need to know the degree of density of the soil on the site. Otherwise the use of such a potato digger will become inconvenient.

Simply attach to any model of a cultivator or mini tractor. There are no moving parts in the structure, therefore there is nothing to break.

Screening Potato for the Motoblock - Video

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