How to choose an infrared ceiling heater

Today, the choice of equipment for heating large. On the market there are three types of infrared ceiling heaters. Devices will meet the requirements of buyers. Also available is the opportunity to disguise the infrared ceiling heater. The range offers products for Armstrong ceilings series of its own brand. Before choosing and buying infrared ceiling heaters should examine the characteristics of the species.

Types of infrared ceiling heaters

Infrared heaters are called device heating like the sun in the distance. From a distance the electromagnetic wave front expands, so the heat is not so felt. There are three types of equipment:

  1. Tube.
  2. Suspended metal radiators.
  3. Film.

Devices are good when used in the recommended location and conditions. The first samples of different radiation of heat and light. This allows you to save on electricity in winter. This applies especially night-time. Dim flicker overhead infrared heaters can replace table lamps.

Infrared home heater

Ceiling lamp infrared heaters

We decided to carry on the story of descending temperature devices. Tube devices give maximum temperature. Spiral heater heated to 500 ° C temperature. As a result, light emission occurs. The red color in the spectrum below should therefore see a crimson glow. The lion's share of the radiation falls on a thermal component. The glow is not a parasitic effect, because it bears the energy share. This correlated with the sun, the ultraviolet part of the spectrum which is easy to burn leaves. In our case, there is no danger, infrared heaters are useful. Their waves penetrate a few centimeters into the skin, showing the healing effect. Quartz lamp, hanging over the bed, has a therapeutic effect in the rest period. To do this, you need to sleep without a blanket.

It is interesting! Experienced blacksmith color billet will talk about the details of the degree of readiness. Even the temperature of the call. The temperature of 500 degrees gives rise to luminescence. Further hue will be shifted to the side of high frequencies in the celestial spectrum rainbow.

Side effects of prolonged exposure is not fixed. It should be careful people who have contraindications. The positive side of infrared heaters is selective distribution of energy. After a 500 ° C metal gives red glow. They help to focus the transducer to the required area. In the case of a single person it seems like overkill. uniform distribution of the impact to be achieved in order to achieve heat efficiency. It is possible to feel the skin and correct the error. The installation of red light to make a snap.

Tube infrared ceiling heater

How does infrared ceiling heater:

  1. On a piece of pottery wound spiral. The device can be in the air. This saves materials and reduces cost.
  2. So that the metal is not burned off, burned high temperature coil is placed in an inert environment. Sometimes filling lamps introduced halogens. They have a surprising effect: when leaving atom spiral Nichrome, he settles on the glass bulb. Halogens do not allow to do so. As a result, the metal molecules are gradually finding their way home. This prolongs the life of the material.
  3. The edges of the bulb is hermetically sealed through ceramic insulators are led out contacts. Unlike fluorescent lamps, quartz do not need the power supply due to a principle of action. Spiral is heated by alternating current. Gas discharge is not needed and there is no place.

Specifications Lamp type infrared heaters are excellent. This lightweight unit with excellent efficiency. They heaters, durable, with excellent directional effect. The lack of a single - fragility. Lamp bulb beats and rough handling. This also applies to the quartz elements.

In order to avoid such situations need to carefully handle the product. Fluorescent light is switched off in the fall, and the infrared heater will continue to operate. Imagine bare wire, lying on the floor, having a higher temperature. It looks like a crashed infrared heater lamp type. Protective grating element counteracts direct contact with a surface if dropped. Infrared ceiling heaters have several drawbacks. In the case of falling debris fall in different places. You need to select the correct placement of such devices.

Infrared ceiling heaters with steel radiator

Infrared ceiling heaters with steel radiator made in the likeness of a fluorescent lamp. Instead of glass are installed steel plate. From inside the tightly adjacent to the metal heater that transmits heat. Steels coated with ceramics, improving emission properties. This achieves the desired effect. On the reverse side infrared ceiling heater insulated with polyurethane foam. Tube models have a reflector does not further processed. Infrared ceiling heaters with steel radiator heavier than quartz devices.

IR heater with a steel ceiling emitter

In this case, there is an advantage that is absent from the lamps. This positive feature is a strength. When exposed to small shocks nothing bad will happen. Steel heating element, the cable is not afraid of bumps and jolts. There is another positive aspect of these models. Temperature of steel radiators does not exceed 200 ° C. This compares with the sole plate. In this sense, the device has a fire properties. They are provided by the presence in the product design of the internal thermal fuse or other protection against overheating. Evaluate critical measures. Fuse, standing only on one edge, does not have full protection against possible emergencies. Should seriously consider the place of installation with the possible consequences. This will allow to operate the device safely.

Not all models have radiating plates of steel. They can be used as any metal. The better conductor of heat, the better it turns out the device. Keep in mind this figure when selecting a heater.

Ceiling film infrared heaters

Ceiling film infrared heater

If you can not choose a ceiling infrared heater in the living room when the tone is planning to repair, it is permissible to equip the room film version. The basis for the heating elements is polyethylene. Lack of options is to require sufficient thermal conductivity of the tile. There is no reflector, so you have to make the outer insulation. Ceiling shielded from moisture by applying appropriate primers or mixtures thereof. Then glued insulation. After that, the installation begins. Do not use plugs to avoid damaging the coating. On the problems do not end there. Standard paper a good heat insulator. Polyurethane foam tiles and does apply sometimes for this purpose. This requires the transfer film wall temperature, the surface should emit heat.

It's hard to do. Will have to choose from an aluminum tile desired option. Otherwise, a lot of energy is spent on the breakdown barriers. In this case, there is no fire hazard. Low film infrared ceiling heaters rarely rises above 50 ° C. Otherwise, the power flow is critical parameters. It is dangerous and unhealthy. In this case, you may experience heat stroke. Safe operation requires balanced performance characteristics. High efficiency, low inertia - is good when properly designing.

The disadvantages of some users complete isolation of the ceiling. Exchange fumes with neighbors do not have a positive effect. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment requires good ventilation. Manufacturers of infrared ceiling heaters are constantly upgrading their models. This allows you to select a device that satisfies the requirements of a particular home. Please note holders Armstrong ceilings for the presence in the store ready-made sections, officials sources of heat. Turning on devices in the project possible in the development phase and the subsequent repair. This removes the problem of installation and matching interior. Aspects will help you choose a good infrared ceiling heater. People are often interested in the power of the instrument, but is recommended to pay more attention to the adjustment functions.

During operation there is no need for continuous operation of the infrared heater. In order to save energy it is important to learn how to implement the correct instrument settings. The challenge is to set the correct settings. Sensors responsive to temperature of the air, it is not related to the temperature of surfaces. Suppose obogreem bed. For efficient operation of the need to use a voltage regulator. It's unpleasant, if the quartz lamp will flash through the night.

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