Refrigerator Samsung does not work

Despite the advantages of Samsung technology, after several years of work, problems begin to occur. Electronic control is very sensitive to voltage fluctuations in the network, without maintenance, parts and equipment parts quickly wear out. Therefore, if you do not have a Samsung refrigerator working, it's time to start a breakdown.

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  • 1Typical problems for the refrigerator Samsung
    • 1.1In the refrigerator "Samsung" does not work the upper chamber
    • 1.2The display does not work in the refrigerator "Samsung"
    • 1.3The refrigerator "Samsung" broke - why?
    • 1.4Refrigerator "Samsung" is constantly working

Typical problems for the refrigerator Samsung

The electronic control system displays all the faults on the display. If you notice that an indicator light is on or an icon is on the scoreboard, there may be a reason for this:

  • In the department, the temperature increased. If you downloaded products and often opened the door, then let the refrigerator stand for a couple of hours closed.
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  • The correct temperature is not set in the compartment. Adjust the temperature according to the instructions.
  • A sensor in the ice tray signals an incorrect installation. You need to change the location of the tray.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

The correct temperature in the chambers of the Samsung refrigerator is very important. The difference between compartments should not exceed, degrees, otherwise the technique will not function properly.

In the refrigerator "Samsung" does not work the upper chamber

Why does not the top camera work in the Samsung double chamber refrigerator? The causes of the problem can be the simplest:

  1. The compartment door is not closed. Maybe some tray prevents the closing of the door, then push aside all the dishes. If the door was open for a long time, snow and ice could appear on the walls of the camera. Then defrost the refrigerator, inspect the door fastener, rubber seal.
  2. The fan has frozen. In systems with No Frost, the fan is responsible for cooling the compartment: if it does not rotate, the cold air does not flow to the top. Eliminate the problem by defrosting the equipment within 10 hours, or better leave it for a day.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

Each user can solve these problems on his own. But if after the inspection it turned out that the door was closed normally, probably a breakdown occurred:

  • Motor fan. You defrosted the refrigerator, but the blades did not start spinning? Due to moisture ingress, the electric motor could be damaged, therefore the fan is replaced with a working part.
  • The refrigerating compartment compressor. While the freezer is functioning normally, the fridge does not work. Its motor starts only for a couple of seconds and immediately turns off. Diagnosis and replacement of the motor-compressor is carried out.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

  • The steel contour. It rusted due to constant moisture penetration, while on the lower chamber you can see rusty streaks. As a result of the formation of microcracks, the circuit passes a gas-freon, which serves as a coolant. Breakage requires repair of the circuit and refueling.
  • Refrigerant leaks. This is also due to damage to the chamber wall or due to problems with the evaporator.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

  • The evaporator relay. On the wall of the compartment, where the evaporator is located, a snow coat grows. It is required to replace the defective part.

The display does not work in the refrigerator "Samsung"

Does the display on the refrigeration door not work? What is the reason? If the display shows only parts of the symbols, individual segments of the screen are lit, the door electronics are checked. When reconnecting, the wiring could be broken or damaged.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

The most unpleasant failure is the failure of the control board. Due to moisture or voltage drop, the board itself or its fuse has burnt. It is necessary to carry out diagnostics, repair or replacement.

Low voltage in the network could also cause the display to turn off. To avoid further problems with the operation of the refrigerator, it is better to install a voltage regulator.

The refrigerator "Samsung" broke - why?

When the equipment does not work with the No Frost system, there can be many reasons. The defrost system itself consists of several parts and assemblies in order to accurately determine the place of failure, and a full diagnostic of the technique is carried out.

What could be out of order:

  • Motor-compressor or its relay. If the refrigerator does not work, the motor does not start, the motor and the start relay are checked. It is the relay that allows the motor to turn on and off. Therefore, if it is stuck in one position or spoiled, a replacement is made.
  • The air sensor. In operating condition, the sensor signals the control module about the temperature in the chamber. If the sensor breaks, the board does not give a command to cool the compartment. Therefore, repairs are carried out.
  • Steam heater. The heater helps defrost the frost that forms during cooling. The hoar-frost melts, turning into drops of water that drain into the drainage hole. When the heater breaks, defrost does not occur, and snow grows on the walls of the camera.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

  • There were damages, which led to the failure of the gas-freon. It is better to call the master to eliminate leaks and refueling.

We listed the main causes of breakdowns in the "No Frost" system. In fact, there can be many, and each depends on the individual case. Watch the video on the topic:

Refrigerator "Samsung" is constantly working

Normally, the refrigerator motor is periodically switched off to "rest". If the compressor works constantly, but the refrigerator does not freeze, the reasons can be different. It is possible that the camera door is not closed properly due to the leaky seal of the seal, or the case is overheated due to insufficient ventilation.

Faults requiring repair:

  • Malfunction of thermostat or thermistor. The board no longer receives data on the temperature in the chamber, so cooling does not occur.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

  • Breakdown of the control module. Since the module manages all the nodes, if it breaks, the refrigerator may not freeze, or its operation is disrupted.
  • The leakage of the cooling gas also causes the compressor to operate without stopping, but there is no cooling.

Refrigerator Samsung does not work

  • Engine wear. The compressor works loudly because of worn parts. Its power is not enough to create pressure in the tube. The temperature in the compartment does not reach the preset settings.

Determined with the breakdown, you decided to call the repairman? Then prepare the refrigerator for his arrival:

  • disconnect the equipment from the network;
  • free the cameras from the products;
  • unfrozen technique during the day;
  • Wash the compartments and let them dry out;
  • move the body away from the wall.

Remember that technology with high technology and electronic component requires a special approach and careful attitude. In addition, when replacing parts, you must buy original parts, which can be offered by a specialized store.

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