Errors of refrigerators Beko (Beko), repair by their own hands

Refrigerating equipment "Beko" is equipped with a self-diagnostic system. It allows the user to quickly determine the cause of the failure. How it works? On the display of the Beko refrigerator, an error code is displayed: the temperature data is changing. If you notice similar values ​​on the screen, you need to look at the decoding in the instruction or in our table.

Faulty refrigerator Veko

When the icons appear on the display, restart the equipment - perhaps this is a system failure. For this:

  • Disconnect the machine from the mains.
  • Wait for 10-15 minutes.
  • Please reconnect.

If the error appears again, then you need to start diagnostics and repair. The meaning of the faults is shown in the table below.

Flashing temperature indicator Code Value Causes of appearance How to fix the problem
+2 There were problems with cooling.
  • Damaged circuit, there is a leak of gas-freon.
  • The compressor broke down.
  • The fan in the camera does not function.
  • The thermostat has failed.
  • The door is not closed properly.
Your actions:
  • Inspection of the contour, identification of the site of damage. Repair and refueling of the system with refrigerant.
  • Diagnosis and replacement of the motor.
  • Checking the contacts and motor of the fan. Replacement of defective parts.
  • Installation of a new temperature controller in the compartment.
  • Replacement of door seal, tightening of fasteners.
+3 The heating element has failed. Why did this happen:
  • Burned TEN.
  • Contacts were broken.
  • The wiring is broken.
You must check the items and replace them if they are faulty.
+4 There is no contact with the sensor. Causes:
  • The sensor contacts have departed.
  • The wiring burned out.
  • Incorrect connection.
What should be done:
  • Retighten the contacts.
  • Check the loop and install new wires in place of burned.
  • Check the connection.
+5 The sensor is closed. Why:
  • The contacts between the sensor and the electronic module are broken.
  • The sensor is faulty.
Your actions:
  • Diagnostics of connections. Repair of defective items.
  • Replace the part.
+6 The key on the control panel is activated. Filled or fused button. The item may have worn out or liquid has been spilled onto the panel. You need to disassemble the panel and fix or change the broken key.
+7 There were problems with the compressor. What could be the reason:
  • There was clogging in the system. The refrigerant can not circulate normally.
  • The contour is damaged. The gas flows out.
  • The motor-compressor is faulty.
How to fix the situation:
  • Identify the site of the clog and remove its causes. Often, the tubes are clogged with burnt oil particles in the engine. In addition, you need to check the oil. If necessary, fill in a new one.
  • Eliminate cause of leakage. Refuel the system with gas-freon.
  • Carry out engine diagnostics. Repair or replace.
-12 The switch does not work. Bad connection of wires between the main module and the switch.

Your task: check wiring, tighten pins. Replacement of burnt parts.

There may be other problems in which the temperature on the display fluctuates.

  • The door of the office is often opened.
  • Damaged seal, which leads to penetration of warm air into the chamber. It is necessary to clean it with a blockage or install a new one.
  • Many warm products are downloaded. As a result, the temperature in the chamber rises, which causes the sensor to trip. Start the "Super Cooling" mode, if it is provided in the model. Or wait 20-30 minutes until the climate is normal.

Some malfunctions of the refrigerator "Beko" can be eliminated by yourself. But there are such breakages that require the intervention of an experienced craftsman and the availability of special equipment. If you are not sure that you can solve the problem, contact the service center.

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