Malfunctions of washing machines Panasonic (Panasonic)

Japanese washing machines Panasonic (Panasonic), despite the quality, are also susceptible to breakage. How to troubleshoot the problem yourself, read below.

If desired, the user can perform self-repair of the washing machine. Especially the self-diagnosis system will help you troubleshoot.

Content of the material:

  • 1Typical breakdowns of the SMA Panasonic
  • 2Panasonic CMA trouble codes
  • 3Fault repair
    • 3.1Eliminate blockages in the system
    • 3.2Solving the problem with squeezing
    • 3.3Restore the heating of water
    • 3.4We replace the door lock

Typical breakdowns of the SMA Panasonic

Despite the widespread opinion, malfunctions in Panasonic washing machines do not occur due to poor quality parts. Often the cause of the malfunction are such factors:

  • Power surges in the network. Due to sudden voltage drops, electronic components of the stylalk often fail. The contacts, wiring, are burned, if the mains filter is defective, the elements of the control board are broken.
  • Incorrect operation of AGR. Neglect of the instruction leads to frequent overloads of the machine, use of a large number of detergents, damage to the drum with small items.

  • Poor-quality, hard water affects the internal parts of the Panasonic washing machine. Its elements build up with scum, which leads to breakage.

What problems can the user encounter during operation:

  1. Blockage of the drainage and intake system. If your machine does not drain or get enough water - the reason is the clogged elements of the system. It can be filters, hoses, nipples. The pump is also likely to malfunction.
  2. Problems with pressing. Is the linen pressed poorly? There were problems with such details: pump, pressure switch, engine, tachogenerator. In case of a malfunction of one of the components, the pressing is either not started at all, or passes very poorly.
  3. Washing in cold water says he has malfunctioning with TEN, which is responsible for heating the water.
  4. If there is a problem with the drive belt, the drum of the stylus stops rotating. Probably, the belt worn out, burst or stretched out.
  5. In the case of water self-supply, the cause may be in the incorrect connection of the AGR or the failure of the electronic module.
  6. Water leakage occurs when depressurizing the connections or malfunctioning with the parts.
  7. The door of the hatch does not close or it does not open after the end of the program. This happens as a result of wear of mechanical elements, a malfunction of the locker or the lock.

Panasonic CMA trouble codes

Knowing the error codes allows you to repair the washing machines Panasonic with their own hands. The error codes are typical for the Panasonic NA-16VX1, Panasonic NA-14VX1 and other models:

Error Codes Value
U11 The wash program does not end.
U12 An error occurred while executing the program.
U13 There was a failure in the control board.
U14 The voltage in the mains does not correspond to the set parameters in the AGR.
U18 Incorrect sensor signals.
H01 Sensor malfunction.
H04 The program failed. The main module has failed.
H05 The control board receives incorrect signals.
H07, H17 Sensors send incorrect data.
H09 A bus error occurred during data transfer.
H18 Overload CM.
H21 Error modes.
H27, H53 The program does not start.
H23, H25, H29, H41, H52 Malfunction of the main module or sensors.
H43, H46, H51, H55 Emergency situation.

Fault repair

In order to perform self-repair, follow our recommendations.

Eliminate blockages in the system

If you notice that water does not enter the tank, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the shut-off valve, it may be blocked.
  2. Check for water in the water supply.
  3. Inspect the inlet hose. Maybe it's twisted, it's bent, which interferes with the passage of water. Unscrew the hose and rinse it under the tap water.
  4. At the junction of the hose with the washer there is a filter mesh. Get it out and clean it.

If the waste water does not drain after washing, it is necessary to check the components of the Panasonic washing machine:

  • Unscrew and clean the drain filter. It is located at the bottom of the front panel, behind the hatch. Be careful, it can pour water out.
  • Also check that the nozzle is not clogged from the tank to the pump and pump.

Solving the problem with squeezing

If the washing machine does not refuse to press the laundry, do not panic, take the available measures:

  • Check that the mode is selected correctly. Perhaps the program "No spin" is installed by mistake. Move the mode to the desired position. The same applies to the number of revolutions during spinning: if they are too low, the laundry at the outlet remains wet.
  • Spin can also not work because of blockage, because the water does not go anywhere. The drain pump is checked.

The cause of the malfunction may be a breakdown of the motor or its tachogenerator.

  • Having disconnected the machine from a network, remove the back panel, having unscrewed screws of fastening.
  • Below, below the tank there is a propulsion engine.
  • Disconnect the connectors leading to the motor.
  • Remove the fastening screws.

Bring the motor, examine it. Check the adapter. In case of malfunction, replace the element - the installation of the new motor is in the reverse order.

After removing the rear cover, also check the drive belt. If it is damaged or worn, it is better to replace it immediately.

The drive belt is replaced in the following sequence:

  1. Immediately put the belt on the motor pulley.
  2. Then gradually move to the pulley of the drum, rotating it at the same time.

As you can see, you can repair the malfunction yourself.

Restore the heating of water

When washing is done in cold water, it is noticeable by the unpleasant smell from the things left on the stains. How to check the lack of heating at home:

  • Start the washing.
  • After 15-20 minutes after the start of the cycle, attach the palm to the glass hatch.
  • When the water is heated, the glass will be warm.

If the glass is cold, the TEN is probably out of order. To replace the heater, you need to remove the front casing of the Panasonic washing machine. In this work there is nothing difficult, you can do everything yourself:

  1. Disconnect the AGR from the network and communications.
  2. Remove the top panel by unscrewing the bolts from the rear.
  3. Remove the dispensing tray.
  4. Unscrew the screws securing the control panel, remove it.
  5. Open the hatch door by bending off the rubber cuff, remove the metal clamp.
  6. Fill the cuff inside the tank.
  7. Disconnect the interlocking wires.
  8. Remove the bottom cover.
  9. Remove all screws that fix the front panel.
  10. After removing the panel, under the tank you will see the heater.
  11. Disconnect all wires immediately.
  12. After loosening the central nut, push the bolt inside.
  13. Remove the heater.

Replace the element in the reverse order. You will be helped by video on the topic:


We replace the door lock

Sometimes users are faced with the problem of a loosely-closed door, sometimes the hatch is completely impossible to close. Washing does not start in this case.

What to do? Carry out repairs yourself:

  • To replace the lock (UBL) doors open the hatch.
  • Remove the locking screws.
  • Having unbent the cuff, pry the outer yoke and remove it from the machine.
  • Push the cuff aside, remove the locking device.
  • Unclip the wiring harnesses. You can immediately rearrange the wires to a new device.

Also check the condition of the door handle, stability of the side hinges. All this can lead to problems with locking the hatch.

How to replace the mechanical elements of the door, see the video:

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